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  • I'm surprised at all the one star reviews - it is definitely not nearly that bad.

    I thought this was a good thriller, and I loved the 'twist'. I really enjoyed the conclusion. It was a little hard to follow at times, and I could have done without the short start, re-do, and ending format. However, I don't feel like that ruined the movie.

    I would recommend giving it a try - it's not perfect, but it's also not the worst movie ever as many reviews would have you believe.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is middle of the road for me. I did not think it was an exceptional thriller by any means but the story made sense in the end. ***SPOILERS****

    Basically, the sons are from 2 different dads. The current dad is a hard butted shady dad, the previous dad was a wife beating jerk. 4 sons, 2 sons per whack job dad from the current timeline/past abusiveness hubby.

    The mother is suffering so the church spokesman/doctor comes to drop off a mysterious kit to "aid", "painlessly kill", the mother? We do not know..yet.

    Meanwhile, the brothers argue and all of a sudden, a home invasion. After about 1/4 of the movie finishes, the events are all recounted with a sloppy explanation as to what "really" went down.

    What went down was...the mother's old church group exacted vengeance in the form of baiting the brothers to give the mother the "kit"..what is the kit? Still don't know...yet. This is where the writing becomes super sloppy. Why all the hoo ha? Why not just take a bro hostage if instead of killing an entire family? Or, do the kit on the mother yourselves...or...wait for the family to leave, or...this is a big one, make your move BEFORE the family gets together. Frustrating story.

    We see a quick scene of conspiring via a cell phone with the church doctor. "Meet me at sundown". Hmm...that's a little hammy.

    Let me finish this up.

    The church completely guts the household just so one last remaining brother gives the mother the "kit" remedy?

    Yes, it is a remedy. It seems this entire time, the reluctance to give the mother the kit offered by the church DR. was because the family wanted her to die to get the inheritance.

    OK, so it wasn't pain meds, the mother wasn't some sort of Christian Scientist that was against the use of drugs, that wasn't the reason they might have honored her wishes. The mystery is solved...she would have LOVED to get some pain meds or, as we find out in the last moments, an experimental cure.

    But the family wasn't having it. It was payday. Everyone was dirty including the father who, very early on in the film, resented the offering of the kit by the church doctor.

    The church gets revenge against the mother's abusive husband years earlier by staging an accidental death and then years later, wipes out the whole fam in hopes someone will feed her the drug to make her all rid the mom of vulture like family, just waiting for her money.

    OK. Fine. Whatever. I got it. I think?

    Who cares? The more I think about this story by actually writing it out, the lower my rating goes and now, at the end of this final paragraph, this film goes from the middle of the road to the bottom of the stack for me. Whoops! I shouldn't have tried so hard to think about it!
  • Mercy wasn't necessarily a bad film, indeed the opening twenty minutes or so were rather intriguing, a nice build up, good motives for family feud, but once it started unravelling it transformed into nonsense. At times I was reminded of You're Next, but at no stage did it reach those levels of gripping excitement.

    It wasn't difficult to follow, but the realisation of who was behind the home invasion was dealt with in a way that you can only describe as heavy handed, the reveal three quarters of the way through was very silly, I couldn't take it seriously. Too many unanswered questions at the end, were all brothers aware of what was going on? Never fully answered.

    Quite well acted, with decent production values, the masks were very effective, but with those, as with the rest of the film, there's nothing new here. A little flat, 5/10
  • Not well written or executed. The acting was fine, but the characters were not well developed. For example, we just get bits and pieces of conversation. Nothing is ever hashed out, which is frustrating due to the presentation of tension between the characters. Other things just don't make sense. Why plot a home invasion at the rare evening when the entire family (6 and a guest) all happen to be there? Victim one in the woods stabs his perpetrator with a knife then leaves the knife in the body rather than cutting the ropes around his wrists. Another brother uncovers a motorcycle from the shed, and oh my, there happens to also be a loaded gun there as well. One step brother reveals to the other that he and his real brother are cut out of the inheritance-why? what's the purpose? That would completely work against the final twist of the plot. There's more, but hopefully I've said enough to keep you from wasting your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two pairs of brothers from different fathers convene at the family house to attend to their dying mother. Discussions on inheritance and euthanasia follow (or is it really euthanasia?), but we see little actual attending, as if the bed-ridden, half-conscious patient required no attention whatsoever. Hence, later in the movie, we share in the surprise of a home-invader, who finds out that the husband sleeps in the same room as his wife.

    So little is explained about the conflict between the brothers, that it barely sets us up for one of the "surprise reveals" that riddle the script. A more confident story-teller would have let us figure that out solely on the basis of the fact that the men differ in the amount of facial hair. One of the brothers brings along a girlfriend so timid, I believed she's just an infatuated co-worker, who hoped to moved the relationship forward by tagging along. She's told to mind her own business and that's mostly what she does.

    Home invasion follows. Gripping in its abruptness and competent in execution, it provides a respite from the shallow drama tedium. Unexpectedness of the times of death and their mundane quality is welcome. A two-perspective retelling of the events adds to the drama and the jump scares are earned.

    Alas, with so much time spent on cryptic, intentionally obfuscated dialogue and so little on actual storytelling (flashbacks might have helped), the deaths lack an emotional impact. A great comedic potential stemming from the fact that a bunch of amateurs invade a house filled with grown men, remains sadly untapped as well, especially considering some scenes later in the movie sent the audience laughing. The duality of the cult as a second family and a competition to the actual, dysfunctional family is never explored either.

    The sun sets and raises over an area so anonymous, it could be anywhere. This is in stark contrast to the house that feels surprisingly lived-in, almost to the point of telling more of the story than the dialogues. The cinematography is functional and the camera is (usually) in focus.

    Credit-roll, trailer-bait burning grass that spells 'Mercy' recalls the hilarious hijinks of 'The Purge' invaders. It complements the main theme of the movie which seems to be 'avoiding direct communication' (especially with the audience). Incidentally, mercy is what you might need to enjoy this movie. Too bad no one would be invading your cinema to administer it to you.
  • A deathbed-drama turns into a home-invasion thriller, and dark secrets are revealed -- all to little effect -- in the clumsy and not-quite- worthwhile "Mercy."

    The plot involves four brothers who convene upon the family homestead as their mother nears death. The patriarch fathered only two of the boys. The other two are children from the dying woman's previous marriage; their father died under mysterious circumstances, leaving her a sizeable sum of money. There's a rift between both pairs of half-brothers, a rift which is aggravated by the living patriarch, who wishes to keep the inheritance to himself and his biological children.

    The drama plays-out with quiet tension, leaving us with a few too many questions -- like: The four of them have been provided with what appears to be a DIY euthanasia-kit by a local doctor. It's established that they all believe their mother is suffering. And yet, they unanimously object to the use of euthanasia. It seems this may stem from religious belief. And yet, the way they suspiciously eye one another about it, and the way the DIY kit keeps getting thrown away and then "significantly" re-appearing, it seems like all isn't what it appears to be.

    Well, and it's not, quite frankly. There are a few twists to this tale. The first is a home-invasion, which happens quite abruptly and changes the feel of the film. The second is the reveal of the identity of the invaders, which is more surprising than I had guessed. The third concerns the true nature of that euthanasia kit.

    Ultimately, having seen the full scope of the plot, I can see what someone may have seen in this material. It's a crafty setup. But it's terribly underserved by both the writing and the execution.

    A better version of this film would have had sharper dialogue and more closely-observed characters. The four brothers presented by this film are fairly generic guys; each is given a defining trait or two, but no meaningful dialogue is exchanged between them, other than whatever is necessary to advance the plot. A better film would have traced the deep rift between these siblings; it might have referenced a specific event in the past which touched them all in different ways; it might have said something about the nature of familial division. Instead, we're given four brothers who talk like crooks getting ready to pull a heist, each one suspicious of the others. We're given no insight into their personal lives.

    A better version of this film would also have played a bit more with the religious themes. There is a definite ironic comparison to be made between the dad's sternness, his presumed moralistic idealism, and the kind of faith which becomes part of the film's final act.

    A better film would also have made those final-act twists work better. These twists should be quite shocking -- but as delivered by this film, they just leave us feeling a little puzzled and unsatisfied. We need to feel, more strongly, the ironic nature of what happens at the end in the mother's room. A better film might have done this by setting-up certain signifiers earlier in the film, certain things which might have raised questions or doubts, so that when the final act pulls these sudden reversals, we can better appreciate what's happening and it doesn't feel so... well, kind of arbitrary.

    A better film would also have utilized the cinematography and the editing better. "Mercy" isn't exactly an ugly film, but it's a film without a strong sense of visual direction. This is a story which involves things both spoken and unspoken, secrets, and misdirection. Some clever camera-work and thoughtful editing could have helped to tell the story, could have "said" the things that the characters themselves aren't saying. Instead, "Mercy" gives us the flat, affectless, somewhat-shaky look which has become the hallmark of the generic, low- budget home-invasion thriller.

    Overall, it's not great film. It's barely a good one. There were certainly some promising elements here, but those are quite underserved by this film's thoughtless, generic execution.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the beginning of the film, we are kept in the dark of what is really going on. As the story stumbles forwards, the rivalry, discord and differences among the family is apparent. Although I find that not uncommon when family meet after a long time. It soon becomes clear that the issue at hand is to euthanize the very ill mother. She seems to be in great pain, hence the title 'Mercy'. There is also the large sum of money from the mother's inheritance involved. So far not so very different than the average Christmas dinner with the whole family present... The twist however comes at the very end, when masked men enter the house. The euthanasia-machine is connected and activated and we expect mother to die. The only other woman in the film is the girlfriend of one of the sons. It seems to me that her only role in the movie is to scream, knock over a glass (where she steps into) and leave her mobile phone for the intruders. We do not get an explanation what or why the fuss was all about of getting the mother the drugs or who the men are who are taking her away. All in all a very vague movie.
  • jhr201223 November 2016
    I caught this on Netflix and as is usually the case, it's another pile of crap movie that only Netflix can offer up. You would think a service that you pay for could actually offer some decent movies, but instead they give us B movie crap like this.

    I was totally frustrated by this movie as I never understood what was going on, and there was no explanation at the end. It had potential, and had they given the viewer some idea as to what was going on, it might have worked.

    If you run across this one on Netflix, save yourself some time. Pass on this mess. You'll thank me.
  • I.. I really don't know what to say. The movie was okay, but just okay and a tad on the more negative side. I would've probably given 6/10 if the movie hadn't been so freaking dark and the actors didn't look so alike, especially in the dark. The plot was actually really surprising. I wish there was more of a back story, but you can do just so much in 87 minutes. I cannot say I feel like I wasted my time, the movie was watchable but I cannot give a better grade.
  • I am told that American Netflix has a far better selection of movies; good movies, i.e. ones with a coherent plot, good acting and a sense of dramatic timing. However I have seen enough of Canadian Netflix to assert that many movies on the service are simply filler that must have been made by wealthy "wanna-be" film producers or charming con artists who managed to cajole wealthy friends to part with their money and finance a film. All the imagination and timing went into the making of the trailer for this. Do not be fooled. You have been warned. I'll give a nod to Mercy's maker for the first 20 minutes or so: he did a capable, if pedestrian, job of setting up the dramatic contours for a conflict of some kind that does not end well. Had the remainder of the movie followed this arc (without resorting to a clumsy back-in-time approach to explain what just happened which left me confused at various points) then I would have rated this a 6 (for mildly diverting, at times intense, but I am glad I didn't drop $12 to see this at a theatre).
  • I highly enjoyed this film because of it's good cinematography, tension and suspense however the majority of the reviewers here haven't. At first I was turned off by the low IMDb rating, but I watched the film because of it's interesting "home-invasion" plot line anyway and ended up enjoying myself and questioning the cause for the low rating. So I went back onto IMDb to read some of the reviews to see why people didn't like it and the main complaints seem to be that the movie was "confusing" and that "it made no sense," with also the classic "pile of crap" compliments for it being thrown in. Personally some of the greatest movies are so good simply because there is no explanation for them and if you especially go looking through the artsy circuit you find a lot of gems that are good because they don't solve themselves. Think Under The Skin, Dune and Hour Of The Wolf...although Mercy doesn't completely figure itself into a bizarre weirdness of those type of films they are great examples of movies that are good because they have no answers. Under The Skin never explains why Laura is abducting people into her body, Dune never explains what the hell is happening and Hour Of The Wolf leaves the insanity of the characters to our own imagination. This film is a home-invasion movie that achieves the technique of not solving the questions and instead fulfilling us with a good, interesting and satisfying experience that also expects us to do some work as well to solve the questions ourselves. Overall if this sounds good to you give this a watch and you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Not the literal one that is. But the question that I reckon some have raised is not to be taken lightly. Can you enjoy/watch a movie where it's hard to root for the "good" guys? If you'd actually call them that. There is quite a bit going on and you probably have read what this is about, I'll still keep it as if you haven't.

    Not every movie is meant to be simple. That doesn't mean you have to accept the road it takes and see that it is good. But if you are willing to accept certain things and take this as life, but also larger than life, with a really crazy twist and some despicable human beings, and a movie that will try to confuse you in the end ... you may be able to call it a satisfying movie watching experience. I know I can
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *** Spoilers

    This movie appears like it was written as better then what was on screen. Watched this on Netflix. I wonder how much was cut in the editing process because it feels like there is another 30 minutes missing from this move. There are conversations in this move that make no sense and the ending makes absolutely no sense. There are a few hints to the ending but it still makes no sense.

    I found this movie interesting to watch and did not hate it as much as The Good Neighbor but again it feels as if this movie is missing 30 minutes that was left on the editing room floor.
  • Absolutely Positively One Of The Worst Movies Ever

    One Star - Awful

    This movie repeats scenes over and over again.

    The acting is horrible.

    Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT waste your time watching this movie. Netflix should be ashamed of themselves to even offer this movie to the public. No name actors should have skipped this one as I am sure it was NOT helpful to their careers.

    Again, don't waste your time with this GARBAGE.

    It is almost criminal that this movie was made for public consumption.


    I repeat - AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL...!!!

    Do NOT bother.
  • If you have absolutely nothing to do, watch it. If however you feel the urge to pull your fingernails out with a pair of pliers then I suggest you will have more satisfaction with the latter. Wasted a Sunday afternoon with this movie. Good on ya Netflix. It could always be worse though. I might have taken my lady to the cinema and spent money for the two of us to be disappointed beyond belief. 90 percent of the movie was filmed in dark conditions and it was very hard to follow the story as the characters were unrecognizable most of the time and you didn't know if the masked guys were getting on top or the brothers actually got a win. Sad to see that in our day and age with all the technology available that someone can get a movie so wrong with camera work alone. Then there was the acting. At least everything about the movie was consistent.

    Disappointed Disappointed Disappointed. If you read my review and still go ahead and watch this rubbish then you cant say you haven't been warned. Hey look.... golf is on channel 2. At least it will be better than what I've just put myself through.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not going to summarize because it looks like everyone already did, so I'll just say what they could have done to make the movie better for me, and what was done well. The first half of the movie was executed very well, they leave the audience in the dark and throw in a surprising twist, and really drew me in. But what they did with that twist was fairly underwhelming. They failed to really explain the motives and characters of the intruders, which they could have done more , which would have given more meaning to the movie. They also showed some of the intruders reactions to killing people, or witnessing murder, and that should have been dove into on more heavily, human emotion is some interesting stuff, and with the limited exposure the intruders get, they don't seem all that human. This one I've seen on other peoples reviews, but to reiterate, they should have went more into the background of the church and their connection to Grace; there is a lot of mystery left there that leaves me more frustrated than fascinated. Lastly on the intruders, it would have been nice to see more from their side, there just isn't enough dramatic irony to build the suspense. Chris Sparing did do a very good job in killing people off, I liked the way it came off as arbitrary, and wasn't drawn out, it just happens like I think it would in reality, instead of the usual over dramatic fights in shows and movies. The twist I mentioned earlier also deserves another praise, if it weren't for that I don't think I would have liked this movie nearly as much.
  • Judging by (most of) the other reviews I watched a different movie.

    The pictures, the atmosphere, the soundtrack are top-notch. The characters might be a little flat, stereotyped.

    The movie is categorized as drama, mystery, thriller. I'd rather omit the category "mystery". It's not really a mystery.

    The concept of the movie is interesting; sometimes it doesn't seem to be thoroughly thought through.

    The story, though, is thought-provoking.

    I will definitely watch it again!
  • mzefabulous1 September 2019
    The movie started off ok, but was confusing as heck after that. Two brothers was fighting other men, making tons of noise but the father and the other 2 brothers heard nothing. I couldn't tell which of the brothers was fighting because it was filmed in almost complete darkness. Can I get my time back?
  • scythertitus1 February 2019
    This film seems to be trying to do something different with the home invasion plot and tell it from multiple points. This could have been a great idea and made the film stand out if it had just been made a lot clearer.

    The film is generally split up into two parts, but it is not clear as to why. If they had wanted to do this they should have picked certain characters to stick with in one half and others in the second, instead it is all just one big mess that resets half way through. Also it suffers from an abundance of characters who we are never made to care about.

    Overall this movie could have been done much much better, it comes across as a knockoff You're Next but with none of the wit and pacing.
  • My family and I wasted the last couple of hours of our weekend watching this waste of film and resources. I'm sure the premise seemed cool at the time, but DAYUM, talk about futile, futile, futile.

    There's a difference between bad and deliciously bad. Some movies are so bad, they're good. Those movies are gloriously, deliciously bad, and can be an absolute delight to watch (Case in point, the terrifically terrible "Satanic" just viewed a couple of days ago). Other movies are, well, just bad. I'm talking they should be taken out back and shot, bad. This movie is one of the latter.

    There is no discernible resolution of anything in the plot. No need to warn about spoilers here, because to indicate that there are spoilers would be to imply there is actually a plot twist to spoil. We watched and re-watched the ending a couple of times and still couldn't tell what the blazes they were trying to do here.

    Please, save yourself. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME watching this sad use of otherwise perfectly good cinematographic equipment and, presumably, talent. The only reason you *might* want to keep watching is the fascinating resemblance between Tom Lipinski (the actor who portrays Travis) and Josh Brolin. Now, I do admit THAT was cute. I mean, cool.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why they have to kill entire family just so that ill mother get an experimental medicine? SO MANY WRONG IDEA
  • yonghanntan28 March 2020
    Big inheritance if mummy dies, but goes straight to daddy first who's looking all hale and healthy, he tells his 2 (preferred) sons that they'll get the loot, and that he doesn't intend to leave any to 1 of his son who's incarcerated. That starts the elimination process while the mum vegetate on the bed listens on in comatose.

    Quick pace. Not bad.
  • tonyawesome21 March 2020
    Ok, this is my first review. The reason for me reviewing this movie first is because I felt I had to. I thought this movie was downright awesome. I didn't expect much and got a whole lot. I know the acting wasn't top notch, but the twist at the end made up for everything. I'm surprised this movie wasn't picked up by one of the big boys. Please watch this movie, leave your review and pass it on.

    Great job.

    Loved it, and can't stop talking about it.
  • One of the baddest movies I've ever seen, the movie was so boring that I fall in sleep after 1 hour
  • Not great but the acting was OK, the storyline does the back and forth rerun thing but eventually makes sense. A little suspense/excitement but not much. Bon Appetit
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