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  • kevinbarry8926 February 2017
    No matter what the genre line says, this is a black comedy and a good one at that.The acting is spot on and sometimes especially in the later parts of the film a little over the top but it does add to where the story is going at the time and fits very well.

    I think I can count on one hand the amount of movies lately that have made me laugh out loud, thankfully this one had me on more than one occasion.

    Obviously the director is a Coen bros fan, it has touches of Fargoish mundane reality mixed with comedic gore filled violence.

    The soundtrack was effortless and complimented the mood of each particular part of the movie.

    Overall a good watch and not overly long or drawn out so 9/10.
  • Loved this film! Melanie Lynskey does a great job as depressed nurse with a penchant for justice who unwillingly becomes a vigilante. Elijah Wood is hilarious as her sidekick. The story is absurd and fast-paced. Cinematography is spot-on, with camera-work and colors that create a moody, slightly surreal atmosphere. And all throughout the movie breathes with life and love for its wonderful characters.

    You gotta be able to withstand some violence though—there definitely is some in here. To me, the violence felt natural and was still humorous enough not to be overly shocking, reminiscent of movies such as Super and Kick Ass. So, go and watch this cute little gem!
  • 25WR24 February 2017
    Started a bit slow, and it seemed like it was trying too hard with the so-called cringe humor. I still enjoyed the photography, editing and music even though I wasn't impressed with the plot. Then things changed dramatically for the better. One thing I noticed towards the ending was the similarities with "The Shining" (1980) both in set and music. Might have been wishful thinking but my I'm pretty sure there's a bit of a reference there.

    Fantastic acting, I didn't realise the main character was played by the "Heavenly Creatures" (1994) actress. Never really seen her "black, beautiful little eyes" since then, but her average mid-thirties woman looks were very refreshing for a leading character in a motion picture. Elijah Wood always delivers of course, he was hilarious as a very specific loser type.

    Overall a very, very good dark comedy with existential overtones, nice plot turns and a great atmosphere. Loved it.
  • From the first lines spoken in this deeply, darkly black comedy you feel you are in for a treat and you most certainly are. Pathos, farce, black comedy at it best but with an undeniably astute message underpinning an excellent script sprinkled with the occasional clever little cinematic trick. The acting is supreme right across the board. The direction and detail (watch a cyclist zig-zag down a road) bringing out the detail and meaning of what unfolds before us. In every way this is a real gem of a film. And time moves so incredibly fast watching this movie so well paced is all the action.

    Certainly a movie deserving of as wide an audience as it can possibly get.

    Nine out of ten.
  • I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore - mouthful of a title masks a nifty little blackly comic thriller about a woman turning to vigilantism after a burglary. Melanie Lynskey is perfect in the main role and is well supported by Elijah Wood and by a quirky cast of side characters. The plot goes in one or two unexpected directions and the film doesn't outstay its welcome. Writer/Director Macon Blair - who starred in the thematically similar but more po-faced Blue Ruin - has made a most enjoyable debut here.
  • Another good outing for Elijah Wood ...he's really getting out some good independent smaller films. The lead actress is fantastic in her role as well. Everybody does a great job ...even if some of the situations are a bit over the top. It is a black comedy after all. Good cinematography, editing, and directing. Definitely worth a look.
  • The first thing that drew my eye to this film was the involvement of Macon Blair and Elijah Wood. I have seen Melanie Lynskey in other films but not lead roles and she did not disappoint. The acting across the board was fantastic from the lead characters, to the smallest extras. I expect as much from Macon after watching his work with his friend Jeremy Saulnier. They both worked on Blue Ruin and Green Room together which were both very raw films with stories and characters that you can actually believe exist. So when I saw Blair was writing and directing his own film, I expected much of the same believable vibes, and I got it.

    The film would not be the same if it were backed by a large film company and I think that's why these indie films shown at Sundance are so good. When I heard Netflix bought this film I was a little too excited. It will hopefully, collectively, with other great indie films, bring better standards for the average box office garbage.

    The best quality about the film, in my opinion, is the acting and the characters. I wont go into detail because it's too much fun watching them unravel on screen; especially Elijah Wood's character. The film is listed as crime, drama, and a thriller. But it honestly has a bit of a dark humor vibe to it brought out by the story and sincere acting.

    I can't wait to see Macon Blair's next project, along with Elijah Wood. This film is incredibly entertaining from start to finish and is just one of those films you can watch over and over. Definitely check it out and you will not be disappointed.
  • Macon Blair's feature film debut is a wicked blend of violence & hilarity that balances the elements of crime & comedy with flair, offers an interesting insight into the norms of lower-class American society, and is wonderfully uplifted by quirky inputs from its cast to succeed as an indie that's as amusing as it is rueful.

    I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore tells the story of a lonely woman who's sick of people being indecent all around her and is pushed to the limit when her home gets robbed. Enlisting the help of a neighbour, the two decide to go after the ones who burglarized her house but soon find themselves out of their depths.

    Written & directed by Macon Blair in what's his directional debut, the film exhibits a shade or two of Jeremy Saulnier's thrillers when it comes to depicting violence but most of it is pierced by well- dosed humour that serves as a counterpoint. The plot takes a while to get going but once it gains the momentum, it is expertly maintained till the end.

    Featuring an idiosyncratic list of characters whose arcs are embedded with serviceable depths, the first act attempts to establish our protagonist's lonely state & morals before bringing more people into the play. Melanie Lynskey plays her leading part brilliantly and supporting her throughout is Elijah Wood who delivers a downright hilarious performance as her neighbour.

    On an overall scale, I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore is a confidently crafted beginning of Macon Blair's directional career and is a morality play that's quite timely but there was still room for improvement, for few segments are drawn out, narrative flow is inconsistent at times, and it settles for a safe conclusion. Nevertheless, for a debut feature, it is as good a start as any. Worth a shot.
  • Truly enjoyable hidden gem on Netflix. An unassuming lead who represents everyone of us in a way that no Hollywood regulars ever could, in a great performance. Elijah Wood in a messed up artsy role. Unique, DARK but often hilarious film. A weirdly entertaining and familiar tale. Entertaining from beginning to end, with no breaks, in my opinion. Excellent film that performs way beyond the statistics!
  • With a simple but solid story line, interesting characters , good dialogue and good acting, we have a very decent movie here. The plot is woven so as to move at a healthy pace and this further helps the movie.

    In one sense it can be called a back to basics to thriller-drama with the necessary ingredients. And that is why, perhaps, it is quite unconventional for this day and age.

    The entire cast acts well. The movie is not pretentious , which is such a huge relief. There are elements of some dark humour, that sit well.

    There is violence in the movie, and you may refer to the Parents Guide section of this site for more details.

    On the whole it is pretty good . Unexpectedly so.
  • There's definitely something to be said about a film that seems to be as demented and as outrageous as this one. I say that as a very high compliment. The passion driving the filmmakers is clearly visible on screen and there is a lot to be said about a film that you watch that doesn't let you have any idea of where it will go. The two leads are also very strong, especially Melanie Lynskey who has proved herself to be more than capable of leading roles time and time again. She deserves more attention in general. I do think the film suffers from mixing genres a little too much and a little too often, sometimes to the point that I was not sure how to take certain scenes and what their intention was. Still, a very interesting and entertaining film and one that will hopefully gain a large audience.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The fact that her revenge was only gonna be to be able to talk to the perpetrator is so freaking cool. I loved it. It's exactly what I think to do when I hear horrible things that happen, I always wish I could just talk to people and ask why they did such things, to find some reason. Even though this concept might be common in real life, meaning you questioning yourself why everyone is asshole, it's not something usually portrayed in movies, in movies people take horrible revenge against each other, look at 7 psychopaths, similar genre, horrible revenge.

    I loved her, I loved Elijah and the whole cast actually. The step mother was great and the father, wow great voice. I loved the quirkiness of it all and the fact that even at the end she's still depressed, she's still confused and hasn't understood a bunch of stuff about her surroundings, compared to her sister that seems to get it all. "you have all the time of the world" the sister says and she answers "but I don't know what it means" gosh. that's exactly how I feel. The funniest part is when she can't stop throwing up. I was crying of laughter, she's so sweet. This film has some gore stuff going on but it's delivered in a way that it's not scary. Trust me, I get shocked easily, this was almost funny.

    I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to something else of this kind soon.

    Indie movies are getting so good damn I am so happy to see this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Best indie film I've seen in a while. It demonstrates that Netflix is producing quality films and series plus supporting talented, young film producers at the same time.

    Macon Blair demonstrates that he is capable of creating a very clever script filled with intelligent black humor, plenty of thrilling sequences and suspense, as well as dramatic situations that may appeal to some people that might be living "something" similar to Ruth. And that is precisely where Blair becomes brilliant: He makes something really interesting out of ordinary people and completes it with extraordinary atmosphere that makes you feel you are dealing with someone that you know.

    Now, I'm not "New" to Macon Blair's work; he starred in Saulnier's magnificent "Blue Ruin", a title that makes honor to the film, and coincidentally enough, perfectly fits to "I Don't..."., because I truly believe it is the "female" version of "Blue Ruin".

    Imagine watching a mix between Tarantino and the Coen's brothers with slight references to Horror movies. That's how good this movie is, with Macon Blair's personal touch.

    The cast is simply amazing. Melanie Linskey perfectly displays her abilities in comedy and drama. She made me laugh out hard and reminded me in her role as Charlie Sheen's stalker in "Two and a Half Men"; but at the same time made me feel her social suffering and discourse regarding inequity and people "acting like assholes". Her character development is astounding because she becomes more aggressive (in a positive way) and decisive when taking important decisions in daily life.

    Elijah Wood played perfectly the post "Anton Yelchin" era character (although I believe Mr. Yelchin was slightly more talented, may he Rest in Peace).

    Jave Levy consolidates herself as one of the best indie actresses of her generation and a Scream Queen favorite. I just love how cute she is even when she plays evil.

    The Cineatography is beautiful and the soundtrack is simply amazing because it fits perfectly in the movie's actions.

    To be honest with you, recently I experienced something similar to Ruthie's character when my car was stolen and I had to start my own private investigation which ended in similar fashion, plus, I also live under the rules of Murphy's Law so, I feel you Mr. Blair!.

    Young filmmakers should be inspired by this fantastic piece of celluloid.
  • Let's start with the female lead, the normal sized, normal looking, above and beyond beautiful and fabulous Melanie Lynskey. The movie begins with a tone of anguish and frustration with the world. Many reviews have said "depressed", I disagree, there is nothing depressed about this character. She's realistic. People act like assholes. Quickly, with a direction changing event, Ruth becomes empowered, not to add herself to the list of people acting like assholes, but to challenge them, and demonstrate the not OK-ness of disregarding people, and their value. Music is wonderful, the movie is shot often from behind Ruth, as she's walking deliberate and directed. She's solemn in her style, and purpose. Her deadpan delivery, and focus, make this a wonderful movie.
  • First off, let me just put this out there, Melanie Lynsky is my "super secret girlfriend". In other words she's my celbrity crush. That having been said this starts out as a sort of quirky revenge comedy then goes dark, very dark. Elijah Woods is great as Lynsky's annoying but ultimately likeable neighbor. There is a very funny and satifying scene but I won't give anymore away.

    I actually think the movie rate a 7 or 8 but you know some jerks out there are giving movies a bad ratings because they have miserable lives and want to project their damage off on someone else.

    It isma worthy movie.
  • It had a good and promising start and I liked its dark and sometimes crude humor but it just went too much over the top after a while and I stopped caring half way through. Acting wise it was very tolerable and that is probably the most positive thing you can say about it. Melanie Lynskey was great and its always good to see her. Glad she had another opportunity for a lead role and she perfectly fitted that role and her humor was right on point. Good performance. Also Elijah Wood was hilarious and perfect for the kind of character he played. Yes those roles were very well written and had a great sense of self irony. I just felt towards the idea the writer went out of ideas and just tried to be gory and bloody whenever he found an opportunity. Cute story for sure, but also nothing too new and not always too believable. I think it tries to be a cult film but fails at that.
  • This movie started off pretty strong imo, had an interesting premise and fun characters. I love that Elijah Woods character is always drinking Big Red soda and by the end of the movie the main character is too.. Anyways that's beside the point.. I feel towards the middle of the movie the story took a sharp turn into something different and the whole feel of the movie changed. It was honestly difficult to finish. You know when a movie starts to feel like work, more than relaxing, something's wrong.. Still it had its moments and maybe worth checking out if you're bored. Or just watch until it gets bad.
  • Ruth lives an unhappy life and when she realizes her home is robbed, Ruth gets frustrated. With the lazy attitude of the police to solve the crime, Ruth teams up with her oddball neighbor Tony, heavy-metal-loving neighbor to track down the criminals who stole Ruth's stuff. Melanie Lynskey provides a genuine performance of a normal nurse who later turns into a vigilante. Elijah was likable as Tony, a comic character. The combination of comedy and brutality makes it interesting sometimes. Overall, it's an entertaining movie with occasional comic scenes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really enjoyed this movie. The personalities were opposites but they shared one universal trait, loneliness. Seems cliche, but the acting is great, especially Elijah Wood's character Tony (he's versatile). It goes where it goes because Bad People Are Bad People. It's really that simple. Melanie Lynskey's character Ruth is simple but true and honest. It doesn't take a diatribe to explain that some people can be jerks, and will never change. Overcoming loneliness boosts confidence and some form of peace. Ruth finds this with Tony. A bit dark, some funny spots, and definitely bloody violence if you are averse to that type of thing. I liked the pace. What I found lacking was more examples of how people can be *_______* (expletive that Ruth's character uses throughout). It wasn't as convincing as it could have been, no matter how small the act. The world has always had these type of people, but lately it feels worse, no matter where one lives. Old-fashioned respect for oneself and others and the planet seem to have gone by the wayside. Maybe this movie will cause a few light bulbs to go off.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had high hopes for this movie. For most of its running time it was an original, subtle, quirky story with believable characters. But (SPOILER) 4/5ths of the way through it enters Tarantino land. In other words, the gentle quirkiness is traded for gratuitous violence. And that's not even the bakery. The bad part is that its a lazy, derivative, stupid violent ending. It's like when young filmmakers can't figure out how to end a film they automatically resort to blowing everything up or big shootouts. It is lazy and boring.
  • Went into this expecting the same old Netflix mid range bland mediocrity and was met by a surprisingly witty and dark comedy with multiple layers. Elijah wood excels in another kooky role and the whole film flows nicely. It's not quite perfect but a job more than well done for once by Netflix who tend to be better at tv series but show they can get their films right occasionally also.
  • It's no secret that Netflix makes some very quality TV shows. Their movies are arguably far, far behind the quality of their TV shows with such horrible movies like "Bird Box" (which was the most overrated movie I've EVER seen and atrocious, flat acting) and most recently "The Silence." After seeing "I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore", I'm starting to think that they are heading in the right direction. With the amount of money Netflix has it makes no sense for them not to also make good movies.

    This movie had a couple issues to me all in all but the quirkiness, acting of some of the actors and original vibe it has (the mix of comedy, drama and crime flick was very well mixed) more than made up for any minor shortcomings. Elijah Wood played a fantastic character in this.

    This is a great step for Netflix and I hope they start to make strides towards more good movies in the future, even though this film is around 2 years old now.

  • The movie titles:I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore basically sum up the whole experience of my about this movie.After watching it i very surprise because it actually make me think more than i imagine.Speaking of the first time director Macon Blair who previously has work with another favorite director of mine Jeremy Saulnier did a fantastic job on directing this movie when it not only a very good crime comedy but also a great social commentary in general which is very hard to do.Talk about the main character Ruth played by Melanie Lynskey for the very first time i ever see her on screen and she nail the heck out of it.Ruth is a very likable character,she sensitive she naive and fed up with her life just like a normal and it will keep going like that until someone broke into her house stealing her laptop with her grandmother silver.In that particular moment she start to question about how can our society became that much corrupted and emotionless when even now the police nor the people can't help her.Decided seeking justice for herself with the help of a wacky but righteous man Tony played by Elijah Wood they encounter many weird and strange situations while try to connect with each others leaving to a super crazy and intense scene near the end that really reminded me of Jeremy Saulnier.Probably the freshest and best Netflix movie i see till day (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)
  • I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore is how every single person I've told this movie about feels apparently. It follows a woman who is tired of interacting with mean people, and when she gets robbed and the police do very little, decides to take matters into her own hands, aided by her weird neighbor.

    Everything about this movie is great. Melanie Lynskey is great. Her character is funny and innocent, yet well-written and realistic. Elijah Wood was my favorite performance here though. His character is hilarious and save for one scene, he's perfect for the entirety of this film. His character is a lot of fun and yet he too is realistic.

    The comedy is exactly where I wanted it to be. It's circumstantial, so it really doesn't end up being forced in, and it's just hilarious. I found myself in stitches far too many times, and even had to rewind the movie to actually hear some of the dialogue that I missed while laughing.

    The writing is done in such a way where most everything feels natural, yet still with a sense of both quirkiness and realism. This is a movie that I could honestly see being based off a true story. I'm quite sure it isn't, but it wouldn't surprise me at all either. And even though the movie makes a transition from quirky and comedic to dark and tense very quickly at some points, it still feels natural.

    Oh and the soundtrack is really good. It suits the movie perfectly, and I'll probably go back and listen to it again soon.

    Overall I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore is a fantastic movie, with great performances, writing, comedy, music, characters, etc. Everything is great. Despite how we and every single person I say the title to feels, this movie is perfectly at home in this world. In the end I would absolutely recommend it.
  • gspencley25 February 2017
    Ruth our protagonist (played by Melanie Lynskey) wants people to "not be jerks*" That is what this movie is about.

    I watched the entire film from beginning to end, and I kept hoping that it would get better. It constantly gave me the sense that something was about to pick up in the next scene, but alas the credits rolled and I sat there wondering: "why did I dislike like this movie so much?"

    It was not the cast or the acting, which was superb. The cinematography and atmosphere was excellent. It was the lack of direction that I had a problem with. It felt random, pointless and all over the place.

    I believe that the reason it lacked direction is because if, as our protagonist states, the goal is for people to "not be jerks" then what the movie needs is a strong "anti-jerk" hero to contrast. But I didn't like any of the characters. Ruth herself was certainly not an example of "good person." She wasn't bad, but she wasn't fit to demonstrate what "not being a jerk" entails. She could have learned that throughout the movie. If that was intentionally (an "unlikely hero" perhaps?) then she could have had an epiphany along her journey and realized "whoa, it turns out that I'm actually a jerk too? So what does not being one look like and how can I achieve that?" Instead she was just a bumbling idiot that experienced a series of unfortunate events and never really developed all that much. She was never given that crucial moment (usually placed towards the beginning of a story) that wins the viewer, gets them on her side and has them rooting for her the rest of the movie. I found myself not caring one way or the other whether she succeeded.

    The bad guys didn't seem particularly menacing to me either, probably because of how stupid they were. Rather than being sinister "jerks" for the hero to fight, they were idiotic drugged out addicts. Again not supporting the movie's stated theme.

    Elijah Wood's character was interesting, and perhaps the most likable for me ... but he didn't seem to serve much of a purpose other than to be a plot device.

    In the end I found the movie rather boring and pointless. 3 stars for acting and cinematography. -7 for not knowing how to stay on point and effectively tell a story with a strong central theme.

    * (Ruth's actual wording was slightly different, but IMDb's guidelines request that we refrain from profanity so I'm erring on the side of caution).
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