• WARNING: Spoilers

    The film starts when Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) has probably the worst day of her life. She works as an assistant in a medical facility where her patient dies, then someone notices what she's reading and tells her what is about to happen, she comes home to find dog poop in her yard and someone has burgled her house. All of these bad things drive her crazy. Crazy enough to turn her into a 'poop vigilante'. She confronts the owner of the dog who pooped in her yard: Tony (Elijah Wood). The two of them track down and chase the person who burgled Ruth's house. This black comedy includes encounters with eccentric character after eccentric character as they try to reclaim her stolen computer and her mother's silver dinnerware. Several times during their hunt Ruth tries to give the evidence she found to the police who treat her as a nuisance. So Ruth and Tony set off to catch the robbers on their own. More weird characters are introduced along the way, each odder than the one before. In the end Ruth catches the robbers and returns to her job as a medical assistant. The life Ruth found so boring returns to its boringness but now she and Tony are together.