• Steel Trap Mind19 February 2018
    Black Mirror wannabe
    From the first episode, it became apparent that they were trying to create their own version of Black Mirror (and maybe the success of Black Mirror).

    Electric Dreams is just a bargain bin Black Mirror. It's very 2D story telling, whereas Black Mirror is very 3D (or even 4D).

    The WAY a story is told is just as important as the plot of the story and Black Mirror just does it better than Electric Dreams.

    It just feels like Electric Dreams is trying too hard.

    As a stand alone, it's probably fine, but once you've had better, it's hard to be satisfied with less.
  • judy11 February 2018
    Very interesting set of stories
    I really enjoyed this series of stories. I particularly enjoyed the first and last episodes.
  • phpmer10 February 2018
    Production was OK - stories have no definitive ending
    Watched 2 episodes. The first one the production was poor as people have previously noticed (notable sound issues--that + Scottish accents made it difficult to understand to this yankee). Yet both the first two epi really did not have endings. "self contained" epi should have actual endings.

    I don't think I am continuing on with this series. I liked the plots but the lack of an ending with episodes I saw = wasting my time with this series when other series are out there that I can waste my time on.
  • ropdblue029 February 2018
    Weak Writing
    What is it about the F word that it can't be omitted or at least use a less obnoxious substitute. It adds nothing to the story. Show some language skills and some class. This goes for the whole series.
  • marceloegypto-914077 February 2018
    Melhor que Black Mirror 2
  • sfinancing7 February 2018
    An above average anthology...
    ...with some very interesting stories, though a bit of a mixed bag for me.

    Not quite so much of a dark twist as Black Mirrors, a bit more Outer Limits than Twilight Zone, I actually found this a rather enjoyable season. Some of the episodes delve a bit too deeply into socio-political issues for me to find enjoyable(call me shallow if you want, I prefer my entertainment interesting and...well...entertaining, and some of these episodes push a bit too far into preachy for my taste) which is the reason this is a 7 rather than a 10.

    Acting: Whether the faces are newcomers or one of the plethora of familiar faces the acting in this series has been top shelf in my opinion.

    Writing: Smart and well done. Occasionally too focussed on making their statement at the cost of story. While there are numerous familiar plots, they are well presented with some interesting twists.

    Special effects, CGI and production values outstanding in context.

    Overall, well done and well worth the price of admission. Looking forward to season 2.
  • qwerty797892 February 2018
    Pretty much a fraud, little relation to Philip K. Dick material.
    I love PKD. I've read almost everything he wrote multiple times. Without the name "Philip K. Dick" in the title, I doubt I would have paid any attention to this show, and I guess that was the point of calling it that. In reality, the show has very little to do with PKD. It's just another generic Twilight Zone knock off with a souped up name. The first episode, "Real Life," has nothing to do with the PKD story it is supposedly based on. "Exhibit Piece.". Nothing. "Exhibit Piece" is not a good story really, but if you are supposedly making a TV episode of it, why go off and make a mediocre separate story having nothing to do with the claimed source?

    The second episode, "Autofac," is supposedly based on the story of the same name. At least this one retains some of the basic setup of the PKD story, but then goes off in a completely different and much less interesting direction. Who are these TV writing bozos who think they need to ditch superior source material written by someone far, far their better to do their own thing? Autofac the TV episode is only really memorable for having one of the most ridiculous and pointless sex scenes I can remember seeing.
  • greg-311531 February 2018
    This had such great potential and truly a great cast. I suffered through episode one and thought things were looking up with episode two. Then episodes three and four came along and it got downright bad. I quit after that. The plots were actually decent, but the execution is awful. They're trying to fit a movie into less than an hour and surprisingly it appears as though they are trying to fill space in some episodes with dramatic long camera shots that lend nothing to the story. It became so ridiculous, I had to watch to the end just to make sure there wasn't a subtle joke somewhere about how bad it was. Unfortunately, nothing. Please don't waste your time on this series. No idea how its averaging a 7/10.
  • jabberwocc1 February 2018
    Improves from ep4 onwards. Stick with it.
    First 3 episodes are a bit average, then, it improves from ep4 onward. 4,5,6 are good. 7 (Kill All Others) is an *excellent* episode. 8 (Autofac) is good. Haven't seen 9 & 10 yet.

    Don't let the first 3 episodes put you off. Keep watching.
  • gattonemichael27 January 2018
    Fantastic Sci-Fi but don't expect Black Mirror-esque twists...
    Each episode is it's own sci-fi feature, and they are all acted and shot consistently and incredibly. Out of the 10 episodes, four of them for me are remembered as average plots with interesting premises (2,3,4,10), still great television but not incredibly memorable. Each of the other 6 episodes was grade A television. So good that I went to see what people had to say about it on IMDb, and then had to write a review because this show is not getting anywhere near enough credit. I think because Black Mirror, which actually got me to watch this show, has spoiled us with fantastically creative twist endings and foreshadowing. Electric Dreams is not about twist endings, its about the story itself. DON'T EXPECT TWIST ENDINGS. Just enjoy the ride through some excellent adaptations of ingenious short stories.

    The episodes do not take place in the same universe and aren't all set in our own reality, and so aren't always as relatable as Black Mirror. If your'e looking to dip your toe in try episode 5 (Real Life, an action packed story of VR and dealing with grief) or episode 7 (Kill All Others, fantastically tense political tale about an everyday guy who notices something).
  • jwrdavis25 January 2018
    Excellent series for grown ups, not infantile sci fi types.
    Given the low standards of TV sci fi in recent years, a new series gives us hope and Electric Dreams gives us that in bucket loads. I loved it, ignore the people that didn't get it, they are great one piece sci fi dramas, I suspect the reason some disliked it was the lack of American accents. Comparing to Black Mirror is just silly, BM being of such a high standard, but compare to any other sci fi series you can name and this is well aboce all of those star trek spin offs. This is Sci Fi for grown ups, kids stay away, and adults who prefer kids TV likewise.
  • jwrdavis25 January 2018
    A brilliant surprise
    Warning: Spoilers
    Given the low standards of TV sci fi in recent years, a new series gives us hope and Electric Dreams gives us that in bucket loads. I loved it, ignore the people that didn't get it, they are great one piece sci fi dramas, I suspect the reason some disliked it was the lack of American accents. Comparing to Black Mirror is just silly, BM being of such a high standard, but compare to any other sci fi series you can name and this is well aboce all of those star trek spin offs. This is Sci Fi for grown ups, kids stay away, and adults who prefer kids TV likewise.
  • Zoreilol24 January 2018
    Unfortunately it's just below average
    So much expectation in this new show. Many great performers, great directors and descent special effects. But except maybe for Real Life, each episode is a disappointment. And for each of them I wonder how the script could go so wrong. It's almost if they had to rush everything to come up with a new show. I really wonder if this was not a way for Amazon to compete with "not perfect" but great Netflix show Black Mirror. I'm not saying you should not watch it. But maybe don't give it too much hope ;)
  • sasquach124 January 2018
    it's ok and thats about it
    I've watched 5 episodes and don't really feel there is much to them. Great cast, just seems not all that well thought out.Story lines seem confusing, it's as if they thought of the conclusion and or theme but didn't know how to cohesively tell it in an hour
  • dinko920 January 2018
    Much better Black Mirror than 4th season of Black Mirror
    I'm not familiar with Philip K Dick stories so I can't comment on that. But if I compare this series to awful dark 4th season od Black mirror I can say that I'm enjoying myself much more watching PKD Electric Dreams. It's futuristic and diverse. Maybe a bit more drama then BM. Can't complain with casting Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston or Anna Paquin.
  • Hitchcoc19 January 2018
    The Mind of a Child
    The reason this didn't work all that well is that the prefrontal cortex of a fifteen year old is undeveloped. So whatever this society is is playing on the same peer pressure stuff you would find in any high school i America. So when Foster gives in after one day of being shunned, we know things are going south really fast. Obviously, this government already has virtually everyone in their control, so why is it so important to nail a few kids. That mother in her caustic efforts to defy Big Brother is truly lost from the start. When a story has no possibilities for the protagonist, it dies.
  • stegokitty17 January 2018
    Gratuitous Sex Scenes Ruin Otherwise Decent Science Fiction Stories
    I love science fiction. I like to read it, and I love it when a decent adaptation is made for motion picture. I've read a few PKD stories and enjoyed them, and have immensely enjoyed cinematic adaptations based upon PKD stories.

    So far the stories in this series have been pretty good -- not great, but not bad either. I've only finished watching episode 4 "Crazy Diamond" which is the first (so far) episode that didn't have a gratuitous graphic sex scene, the likes of which does nothing whatsoever to move the story forward, but is there only to arouse the libidos of the audience. To what end?

    Conventions have been used since the beginning of cinema to let the audience know that hanky panky was afoot in yon bedroom, or that it had already taken place. Utterly no GOOD reason to show that stuff in the story.

    And so I'm happy that my Amazon Fire remote control has that little button that I can press a few times and move forward, past the filth, 10 seconds at a time. Usually 3-4 presses and I'm out of the thick of it fairly well, without having stuff that I can't un-see stuck in my mind. I've seen enough pornography in my life, I'd like to remain faithful to my wife in thought, word, and deed, and not have visions of other women's bodies in my mind during intimacy.

    So basically I'm glad the series was a flop, and that perhaps, perhaps, the next group of producers who wish to create a Sci-Fi series will forgo the mid-story hump and get on with character and plot development.
  • korereviews17 January 2018
    A poor man's Black Mirror
    Season 1 of Electric Dreams is extremely uneven, so actually there are some episodes that are pretty good, worth about a 7/10. But there are also a number that are so bad it's hard to believe they aired them. And almost every episode has one or two parts so bad it will leave you shaking your head in bewilderment. So, all things balanced out, the season merits about a 5/10.

    I do applaud the effort, and was looking forward to this show, which managed to look much better in the trailers. It also has a lot going for it, with many high-quality actors on board (who are often wasted, unfortunately). Where the show seems to fall apart is in writing and direction. Some episodes are so amateurish they look like they were made by high-school students. The low budget also really shows, especially in the earlier episodes. (For some strange reason, the last four episodes are much better overall - not sure why. It's almost like a different series.)

    The best episodes are 8 ("Autofac" - with the exception of the cringe inducing shower scene), 9 ("Safe and Sound"), 7 ("Kill all Others"), and 5 ("Real Life"). The worst are 4 ("Crazy Diamond") and 3 ("The Commuter"). The rest are either so-so or have good parts but also bits so awful that it ruins them.

    Another problem with the show is that it is so blatantly derivative: it's supposed to be based on Phillip K. Dyck stories, but in reality they're mostly just trying to copy the look and feel of Black Mirror (but without anywhere near the same quality of execution). I should also mention that the final episode, "Father", is an obvious "Stranger Things" knock-off. If this show is going to have a future, they need to carve out their own niche and stop copying other shows. They are also going to have to find better writers/directors.

    In sum, very uneven, but worth checking out the best episodes listed above. At least watch those ones first, because if you start from episode 1, you might well give up before you get to them.
  • lauramfoleydesign16 January 2018
    Don't watch this with the kiddos
    I really enjoy Philip K. Dick's work and was very excited to hear about this series. Since my family all like science fiction, I thought that this might be a show I could watch with my 15- and 12-year-old boys. I gave up on that idea after the first three episodes I viewed: "Real Life," "Autofac" and "Human Is."

    Each of these stories featured sex scenes that left very little to the imagination. From lesbian sex to fellatio to threesomes, each episode explored a facet of human sexuality I'd rather not share with the kids just yet.

    Then there was the swearing.

    I was very disappointed that the author's work was elaborated upon in this way to suit modern audiences. I think that the merits of the work speak for themselves and there was no need to create mini R-movies for this series.
  • eviltimes16 January 2018
    Real PKD.
    This is exactly the way PKD wrote - his style, his characters, his words. If anything they are a bit too long (if you've read his short short fiction, you know what I mean). Aside from some banal special effects, these are great film tales as created by the master. Loved all 10 in a binge watch today!
  • pmoreino714 January 2018
    Worth it
    I've read several critics' reviews comparing this show to Black Mirror as if it fails in comparison. I don't think that's accurate. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams is visually, thematically and, most importantly, narratively interesting. What is real or normal? What makes a human? Meanwhile, there are at least 2 episodes from S4 of Black Mirror that don't measure up to what I've seen so far in Electric Dreams, and apparently I've been watching the dud episodes, per critics' reviews.

    Does everything need to have some heightened level of abstraction to be interesting? I don't think so; straightforward storytelling with very good actors set in a world that's different than my own that makes me think is good enough for me.

    Worth your time.
  • w-9579413 January 2018
    Had HBO showtime produced this series I'm sure it would have been better,but still the stories are quite weak, some are OK but cheap British production values reared their ugly head ,great line up of American actors that improve things slightly ,but ultimately a flop and not engaging enough, black mirror is much much better and holds my attention at least,Stans original productions I'm sorry to say are just not there and none as of yet have impressed me at all, just stick to acquiring proven quality material like Ray Donovan,black Sails, Billions, preacher,better call Saul ect this is what people want, not romper stomper, wolf creek spin offs that are just rubbish and insults to the movies, spend your money better Stan.
  • sergeantmajorh13 January 2018
    Gay, homo, bi, trans?
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have read a LOT of Dicks writings. The subject was not a major theme in his stories. So why is it the central item or point in the first story? I had to stop watching. Enough already. I don't want that behavior forced on me. Period! Keep your terribly written, leftist PC show. What a bunch of garbage!
  • Jeffery Massey13 January 2018
    At last, A Worthy Speculative Fiction-Scifi Anthology Contender
    There's been a surge of Speculative Fiction-Scifi Anthology productions as of late... Between Amazon's "Electric Dreams", Netflix's "Black Mirror", "The Man in the High Castle," "The Zero Hour," "Dark" and others there has been a broad range of opinions as to the quality of these latest additions to the genre lorded over by revered kings like TWILIGHT ZONE AND OUTER LIMITS...Some examples offer simplistic and raunchy popcorn copies of the genre kings that too often fail miserably to engage the intelligence of cult followers of Speculative Fiction. A prime example of a series being wildly erratic in this guilt is The BLACK MIRROR...As such, I find Electric Dreams the most satisfactory and intellectually engaging production presently...It absolutely reeks of substantial adherence to the original credos prevalent in both the highest traditions of the genre and its legendary SciFi Author Phillip K. Dick.

    WELL DONE AMAZON...I am BingeWatching every episode now...I did the same with Black Mirrorverse and it became a bit painful due to the show's often blatant attempts to hook it's audience with sophomoric meta-themes, bad editing, non-existent character development and self-engrandising piety of the show's front-runners.
  • youwishyouwerefunny13 January 2018
    Interesting stories, very well shot, great cast
    I'm going into this without much knowledge of Philip K Dick and the whole Black Mirrors series (and really enjoying it). I have to say I really like this show. It has interesting stories, some could probably use a little more than 50 minutes to get a better grasp at the characters and the story to really make an impact. But with how they are, they are well done. The cast is amazing, full of well known actors and actresses. The episodes were beautifully shot, so from an aesthetic stand point, it was nice to watch. The stores are interesting sci-fi, leaving me with something to think about, rather than just thinking "well that's pretty cool." I think if you go into this not comparing it to Black Mirrors, you will enjoy it. If you compare, you will more than likely be disappointed, well, because it's not Black Mirrors. Both shows, in my opinion, are very well done, so I won't say one is better than the other. If you love sci-fi and the Twilight Zone feel, you will like this.
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