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  • The Worst Witch. The book series by Jill Murphy was first published in 1974 and continues through to 2013 at least.

    Harry Potter. The book series by JK Rowling was first published by 1997 and continued through to 2007, with more stories rumored on their way.

    The Worst Witch. The first film adaptation came out in 1986 starring Fairuza Balk and Tim Curry. A television series then ran from 1998 to 2001.

    Harry Potter. The first film adaptation came out in 2001 starring everyone you could ever want and more, and the series culminated in 2011. A prequel film then was released in 2016.

    I love Harry Potter, but I'm old enough to have watched the Worst Witch and remembered it. The overlap and obvious repetitions between the two stories kept me from enjoying HP until much later, but today I have a healthy love for both stories, as they really do tell two different stories despite all the similarities.

    British boarding schools, especially to American viewers who are by and large unfamiliar with boarding schools as a concept, may mistake normal behaviors for particularities unique to one universe or the other.

    Now that we have THAT out of the way, this is a fun version of the misadventures of Mildred, the Worst Witch. Magic takes a backseat to telling a rather mundane, but poignant story about friendship, fitting in, and hard decisions.

    It is perhaps a simpler story than Rowling's work, leaving out so much of the backdrop of the past that conveyed the breathing magical world of Harry Potter. The Worst Witch instead skips over the hidden world and takes on perhaps a more mythical sense. The cheaper effects are highly charming, and the children give solid performances.

    This is a great series for kids perhaps not quite old enough for the darker Harry Potter world, but ready to embrace a magical school.
  • As has been said in other intelligent reviews, The Worst Witch book series significantly pre-dates Harry Potter.

    Since JK Rowling was 9 years old when the first Worst Witch book was written, we might well assume there was some early influencing going on. The similarities exist, as those who don't know about the books and think THIS is the rip-off like to point out. However, any similarities would work the other way around. Did she intentionally plagiarize? Probably not. How many of us remember everything we read as children?

    This series is a remake of a series that came from a movie that came out in the 1980s (from the book written in 1974). There has already also been a reboot: The NEW Worst Witch.

    As with all the others, this is a relatively low budget production, but seems quite cute and would likely be very enjoyable to children, and to those who would like to know the original inspiration for the world of Harry Potter.
  • I know this show is really new, and that is likely why the rating is so low, but I think it is also probably because people think its copying Harry Potter, when it is in fact based on an older book series/ TV show/ movie. I have never been exposed to Worst Witch before this, and it is a great show! The child actors are fantastic, especially the one who plays the lead (Mildred) and the show does an excellent job of keeping the magic aspect fun and exciting while also using it to show normal growing up struggles-- something many shows try to do but which Worst Witch does really naturally. I recommend that if you like Harry Potter, as I do, you give it a shot, and enjoy the similarities instead of judging. Also, recommended for both males and females. Just because most characters are female does not mean this show won't be fun for you anyway (trust me it will)!
  • jsrnightwing30 July 2017
    Lets not dwell on the obvious comparison. This is not a rip off of that other witching school. This series is a lot of fun, and has been around for decades.

    The casting is great, there is a lot of chemistry between cast members. The stories are engaging, well written and this show kept the spirit and sense of humor of the books, while adding a few modern touches. I'm really looking forward to the next installment.
  • I think this entire season was wonderful. The actors are not only very good but they truly make you believe they are witches! I was hooked within the first few minutes. It tells such a good story with all the individual back stories to help you as you go along to understand why some of the girls act they way they do. I really cannot wait until the 2nd season airs....Anyone know when that will be???
  • I remember reading the books in the 70's and then watching the movie w/Tim Curry in the 80's. I actually just rewatched it the other day. This is a cute little series that shows friendship, trying to fit in, finding your self, and trying out new things. It is refreshingly not complicated or weighed down with special effects or preachy. My daughter, though in her 20's, might get a kick out of this series. It's a fun light watch. Worth the time spent.
  • I just felt the need to say, The Worst Witch stories came out in the 90's, well BEFORE Harry Potter. Before anyone claims The Worst Witch is a rip-off from Harry Potter.. it is actually the other way around.

    Additionally, I've actually never read The Worst Witch or seen the shows from the 90's, but I felt addicted to this reboot series. The acting was very good, some special effects were cheaply done, but overall, the story line was well written.
  • mitchellfsledge25 July 2017
    This show got me hooked at the very beginning. There is something different about it but at the same time exciting. Kept me glued to the TV wanting more. The plot is very interesting and different from anything on TV right now. The characters do a great job there extremely diverse. The acting is surprising considering this show as mostly kids in it but they do a great job of being the characters. I wanted more and felt like the show could even get even better.
  • Coming from watching the 1986 film when I was 6, and now watching it on Netflix this version, I am grateful that they have filmed this. I appreciate the story line and love the characters of this new one. If anyone has not read the books like I have not, this is a great beginning to the actual story line and how it has progressed in the modern world.

    Great job guys.
  • Found this on Netflix love it, great cast. great effects , great story, good cliffhangers not like game of thrones or Lucifer, but good all the same. it has the kids saying one more ect, As well as us, the setting for the show is great, it plays out like a mature version of some of the stuff from the 90's in terms of the cast scripting. which also makes it grab the viewer. chicken and the egg no this came first its a revised series from a much earlier one. Out dating said movies with witching schools.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was a large fan of the 90's series 'Worst Witch', which made me feel that this 'reboot' would be unnecessary and unable to match the first series. I expressed my dismay even from the promotion pictures, noting that the lead actress lacked Georgina Sherrington's natural charm and that even the cat looked wrong!

    But, upon watching it - the acting is really well done, and they've expanded the world-building quite a bit. There have been law-suits filed because 'Harry Potter' seemed to take a lot from 'Worst Witch' (the Worst Witch books started in 1979 and feature a wicked potions master and a kindly old headmaster who disagree over a young student's magical aptitude). This series seems to take a lot 'back' from the Harry Potter movies though - The actress who plays Ms. Hardbroom at times seems to channel Alan Rickman's nuanced performance of Prof. Snape; and the Headmistress has the dark reflective moments we've seen from Dumbledore on occasion. Whereas in the original series (and the books) the world of Magic seemed not to be a secret, here the school is shrouded from non-magical eyes. Whereas in the original Mildred seems to come from a magical family - here she is the only magical person in her family (similar to Hermione's back-story). So in a sense they've amalgamated a more coherent world.

    This is a well put together program; the sets are very nice. The actors are well competent. The stories from the books work themselves into the episodes naturally and in bits; readers of the books will see poignant moments like Ethel getting turned into a pig.

    I still love the 90's show, but I have to admit that this is a better production. There is no stilted comedic acting, and the characters seem to have an inner dimension that is visited often. The writing is done cleverly and the pacing comes off well. Perhaps the special effects are not spectacular; but this is a show about relationships and characters - and both of those aspects are well done.

    In closing - it's not a 'dumb' kids show. It can be taken seriously on its own merit and I highly recommend that parents and kids enjoy it. The main character is a good example to children because she DOES make mistakes and poor decisions and have insecurity just like real kids do.
  • Sleepin_Dragon17 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    A fun series, which is both amusing and sweet, a long time since I read the books, these seem loosely based on them from what I can remember. Fun performances all round, Claire Higgins is super sweet, ably supported by all, but it's Raquel Cassidy that steals the show, she's a lot of fun as the dark and sinister Miss Hardbroom, surpassing even Kate Duchene. It's bound to have it's critics as some of the special effects are a little on the cheap side. A fun show 7/10
  • queencastle-394581 August 2017
    I found this on Netflix and it's absolutely adorable. Binge watched season 1. Great little actresses and very fun to watch. The first episode I thought wow this is really like Harry Potter but then I Googled it realized these books predate HP by 20 years. JKR is lucky she hasn't been sued yet for copyright infringement if you ask me. This is much more lighthearted and I really love it. HP is great but this is just too cute! Recommend! Can't wait for season 2!
  • I love this series. It's adorable. I just CAN'T stand Jenny Richardson's character. I know they're just kids but I just want to knock her out for being a bully
  • I am a not a native english speaker and i started this serie to improve my english, now i completely love it. Amazing story, amazing it!
  • blackrosevc16 November 2017
    As someone who grew up watching the 1998 series, it's always a controversial issue when a film/series gets a new adaptation. The Worst Witch 2017 has undoubtedly gone above and beyond all aspirations. Considering the show is aimed at children, the first series has proved to be extremely entertaining and a fantastic adaptation.

    Some plot lines clearly reflect the audience age, but this doesn't stop the characters from having a great deal of depth and complexity. The teachers definitely make the show, Clare Higgins portrays both Ada and Agatha Cackle brilliantly, but it's Raquel Cassidy's Miss Hardbroom that brings a mesmerising new image of the formidable potions teacher and deputy-head. The new Hecate Hardbroom (Not Constance) tops even the legendary Kate Duchêne, and we can't get enough of her!
  • jennier-274077 August 2017
    Loved it! I can't wait for season 2, I am totally looking forward to seeing it on Netflix soon.. And Please keep Mildred's best friend Maud in season 2 :) I loved all the characters. Also, I'm curious to see who is the witch in Mildred's family. I hope it is Mildred's mom, otherwise it will make sense why Maud's toenail spell worked on her, ha-ha. I love Miss Hardbroom's character, she is so strict and serious, but she makes me laugh. And what will happen to Agatha Cackle? Will she try to make another return? I am looking forward to seeing it soon, I can not wait! It's a great show for kids, even for adults , to watch together. If anyone enjoyed reading Harry Potter, they would definitely love The Worst Witch series :)
  • This program combines seasoned professional character actors with child actors who portray children. The mix of the two is done very well in that each episode Just let me say I've become a tremendous fan of Raquel Cassidy as Miss Hardbroom with her over the top badness. Bella Ramsey was Lyanna Mormont in GOT so she is also a very talented, very young actress. The children in the program remain children, thank God. The writing is not so cliched that I can recite dialogue along with the characters as happens pretty often in mediocre fare. Books were published well before Harry Potter and I suspect JK Rowling read them in her youth since some ideas could have been poached, even on the subconscious level. This is a bright spot for children's programming, the best of which adults simply gobble up! It's entertaining!
  • I'm a 44 year old father of 5. This is a great show so far. It's very kid and family friendly. As somebody else review said it does remind me a lot of Harry Potter but The Worst Witch was first & much more original than Harry Potter. I hope it continues for several season. It is very good for kids now and it will be very good for kids in the future. In the next several years anyway.
  • I don't know if The Worst Witch is the original magical school series, but it predates Harry Potter by decades. That said, it's a great series for fans of Harry Potter. I do have an issue with the writing of some characters. It could be seen as formulaic, but a certain characters in the story don't change at all. No matter how these characters are affected by events, or what bonds were supposed to be formed, they go right back to the way they were in the previous episode. I know every story needs agonists, but it really is a shame. All that aside, I wasn't bored at all. The series was very engaging from start to finish.
  • julianv-572027 September 2019
    We started watching this from the 1st season here in Australia & we love it! I know it is very popular & we hope to see lots more seasons!
  • bobgray-319 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Great show but I'm not sure the lessons learned are good ones. Mildred thinks she can lie, chest, steal and get away with it, and usually does. She's not really a good role model for young girls. Neither is Ethel though. But , that aside, the show is cute and funny fun.
  • Watched all 3 seasons on Netflix and it was worth it. It was intresting from begining to the end. It's really good for the kids too.
  • Nice light fun Entertainment for kids and parents.. Hoping it will continue.. Would imagine it would be for Girls mostly, but a boy would find it exiting and thrilling as well.. bit Harry Potter spin off, but not so overpaid and over technical Production.. It stands on it's own.. Loved it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this remake is amazing ... i can't speak highly enough of it only wish they used the school song as the theme song as they did in previous series i would highly recommend watching both as i think they amazing from the mean miss broom who is truly nice and the wicked and evil twin of miss cackle is was perfect
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