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  • I just finished watching s01e06 and I just had to take the time out and give a very positive shout out for this great new TV show.

    It looked like a goofy and low budget production to start but there would be occasional flashes of brilliance that kept it on my watch list. Thankfully I did too because the show keeps reaching new heights week after week.

    The show is just fun to watch. You quickly fall in love with the actors and with the story which is probably why the episodes fell like they're getting better each week.

    The previous few episodes had some great moments but this sixth episode really had me rolling at certain points. I can't wait for the rest of the season.
  • I discovered this show the day before Halloween and binged watched the whole thing! The humor/horror mix is just right and brings out the best in all the characters. The special effects are surprisingly good for what is billed as a low-budget show. I am a long time horror fan and I am always impressed when I see a monster or creature that looks completely original. Yes, the show is campy and cheesy at times, but when done in a self-aware manner this becomes part of the fun. The story's structure is well done with a continually developing plot that still leaves room for stand-alone, monster-of-the-week type episodes that can still tie back in to the overall mythology.

    My only complaint is that there isn't enough of it! I can accept a 21 minute show, but I would gladly watch a season that had twice as many episodes. Here's hoping that IFC gives us more!
  • wrightb-6274421 August 2017
    Love it
    Having just returned from a five day multi-generational vacation to Niagara Falls, ON, I was looking for some quirky binge show. I wanted something fun and not too mentally or emotionally challenging. This comedy-horror show hit the spot. The special effects are cheesy in the best way. It totally adds to the humor. laughed out loud. It is the combo of good writing and excellent acting.. Sure it is like some comedy-horror movies, but the unique characters set it apart and make it worth watching. The characters are endearing, wacky, and somehow believable. Stan's daughter is the best. The costume designers did a great job on her wardrobe.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Right, so first things first: This isn't a total ripoff from Ash vs Evil Dead.

    It really seems that way with the name being so similar, and then you go on to read the summary where it says it's about a reluctant aging hero fighting off infernal foes. But the similarities kind of end right there. Now, there isn't to say that there are no similarities with the Evil Dead franchise. The one-liners are there, the make up effects, the camera angles borrowed directly from Raimi's bag of tricks. But, watching the show, this all feels a lot more like homages and references to the Evil Dead (and other horror classics) than a blatant ripoff. As the pilot progresses, we come to see that the story does have it's own thing going on. And Sheriff Miller himself is pretty different from Ash. He's way less immoral and bohemian, and way smarter. He's kind of a retired badass. Now that I think of it, he shares way more similarities with Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley's character in Scrubs) than to Ash.

    But that's enough about the show's relation to AVED. Let's move on.

    First off, the acting in this one is top notch, specially for a (apparently) low-budget show. John McGinley delivers a spot on interpretation as Sheriff Stan Miller (but then again, the character does fall directly into his playhouse). Deborah Baker and Nate Mooney also give very endearing and funny performances during their quick, yet very entertaining screen time.

    The comedy part of the show is great. It didn't have me rolling of laughter or anything, but the writing and jokes are pretty witty and with excellent timing. And the horror part of the show is surprisingly strong too. The second episode has one very interesting scene that I won't spoil. The creepy scenes are full of atmosphere, and the excellent (and quite unique) soundtrack only adds to the mood.

    I do have two complaints about the show though: First, 20 minutes per episode is quite short for this kind of show, and because of that, the first episode had some pacing issues. Sometime a lot of stuff happened in a short period of time, and some of the plot elements didn't really had enough time to establish themselves in a satisfying and "believeble" way. The second episode does have way better pacing though. The second complaint I have is about the action sequences. I think the big baddies of each episode deserved a way more climatic and intense battle before they were dispatched, to give the show more intensity, but that really wasn't the case. Well, I hope the coming episodes features more hard hitting battles.

    All in all, this show is a delight for horror fans. It's funny, it's creepy. And if you're an Evil Dead fan like I am, I think you will enjoy the references and the similar tone like I did.
  • Just finished Season 2 and can't wait to stream season 3 and beyond!

    This is a great take on a classic storyline. A centuries-old vendetta haunts the Sherriff's of a backwoods town and manifests itself in all kinds of comical, yet just a bit scary forms. McGinley and Varney have a sweet brother-sisterly kind of relationship that is pure joy to watch, and there's a great supporting cast.

    So, here's the progression I follow. I was a fan of Sarah Chalke from Rosanne, a fan of Christa Miller from The Drew Carey Show, and a fan of John C. from Platoon and Office Space. So, I gave Scrubs a chance and fell in love with it. I started watching Stan Against Evil BECAUSE I had been entertained so much by John C's character on Scrubs. I don't know what that other show is yet, but I will probably go watch it now because of John C. and Stan Against Evil.

    I respect that some other reviewers may feel it's a bit to close for comfort to this Ash vs. Evil Dead, so I'm sure those same people didn't like Casino because DeNiro and Pesci had characters kind of similar to those they played in Goodfellas. You see, that's how the arts work. People see a painting by an artist or hear a song they like, and they want to see/hear/watch other works by the same artist. or they discover similar works by other artists so they become fans of that artist as well. That's why I like BB King AND Eric Clapton AND George Thorogood AND Stevie Ray Vaughn AND Johnny Lang AND Gary Clark.
  • jeannrt6 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Campy fun with lots of quotable lines. The references and dialog strands are all sharp and fun. The references are reminiscent of "Psych". The writing and the acting are spot on! Comparable to a low-budget "Buffy". The monsters are fun and the effects are surprisingly good. A favorite character was the crazy man in episode two. Upsettingly, he doesn't seem destined for episode three. I've never seen a character quite like that. The creativity and camp are a delightful combination. It was a perfect mesh of actor, director and writer. Perfection. Great show to watch with friends and a few beers. Can't wait to see if it continues at this level of entertainment. If it does, it should last.
  • SnoopyStyle15 February 2019
    Willard's Mill, New Hampshire is a cursed town where in around 1700, Constable Eccles burned 172 suspected witches. Since then, every sheriff has met an early unnatural death. Stanley Miller (John C. McGinley) is the former sheriff forced to resign after an incident at his wife's funeral to the horror of his daughter Denise Miller (Deborah Baker Jr.). Single mom Evie Barret (Janet Varney) is the new sheriff. Leon Drinkwater (Nate Mooney) is the idiot deputy. Stan uncovers his wife's secret works and necklace which unbeknownst to him protected the brash cop.

    This is a fun little series on IFC and I do mean small. Everybody is trying. McGinley is a solid comedic actor. He does the frustrated sarcasm very well. Varney also does frustrated very well. I enjoy this cast. It's a show with its tongue well within its cheek. It's cancelled after three short seasons.
  • ...that was left when Ash vs. Evil Dead was canceled. I loved Ash vs. Evil Dead and was highly disappointed when it got the axe. But at least I still have this show to get me by. It's definitely a very similar vibe and does a great job of mixing horror and comedy in a way that works very well. John C. McGinley is awesome as Stan Miller and brings a lot of the same angry sarcasm that we came to love from him on Scrubs. If you liked Ash vs. Evil Dead or just enjoy gorey horror/comedy, then I highly recommend this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Spoilers* First, let me state the obvious. The shows are too short, and John C. McGinley is hilarious. Clearly this is inspired by "Ash vs. Evil Dead" but it is not a rip-off. Sheriff Stanley Miller (John C. McGinley) attends the funeral of his recently deceased wife and gets into a violent confrontation with a witch that only he can see. Thus forced to retire he soon discovers his late wife was protecting him from a 400+ year old curse that caused the untimely and horrifying demise of all the previous town sheriffs. He now must ally himself with the new sheriff, who just happens to be a woman...And from out-of- town to boot, to fight off a seemingly never-ending horde of witches, demons and devils. Add to this a whole town full of colorful characters and an odd daughter and you have the perfect foils for McGinley's old-fashioned, misogynistic, sarcastic humor. If you have a slightly warped sense of humor, a love of shows about the para-normal & supernatural, you will enjoy this show. It is programmed into my DVR so I won't miss a minute.
  • harrywhite-5246517 December 2016
    Funny show. I looked forward to seeing it.The way i figure it,we have 100+ episodes, so keep it up! Unlike all the other horror shows we don't have to contend with a long show and hundreds of steadily more complex,constantly showing up creatures.I have not seen any other shows like it. Per other reviews, i also do not see this show being a spin off. I also think the humor is great, and more adult inclined. We are running out of shows,the rest of them turn out to be woman superheros "that bore most all men to death" or they turn out to be stupid shows like Buffy,Charmed,etc. I say keep it coming i am looking forward to many more shows.
  • The source of all Stan against Evil's problems seem to stem from it's 20 minute run time. There is no time for proper establishment of the characters, no time for establishing the world and no time for establishing the plot in a non ham-fisted way. The actors do their best, but they have very little to work with here.

    The show obviously takes a lot of cues from Ash vs Evil dead, but misses the target.

    Ash vs Evil Dead already had an established world and an established main character, but they still gave the pilot episode 40 minutes to get the show off the ground despite having a much simpler premise, plot wise, than Stan Against Evil tries to have.

    Stan Against Evil is a mediocre show at best.
  • Great show with witty comments and good storyline that you can pick up at any time or episode and still enjoy the show
  • scotty-2929317 January 2019
    Some people are saying Stan against evil is a rip off of ash vs evil dead, yes it is a similar in a lot of ways but in my opinion 10x funnier than ash. John C McGinley absolutely nailed it if you loved him as Dr Coxs in scrubs you'll love this. funniest tv show i have watched in a while
  • wisneskilife23 November 2018
    There's nothing on television like Stan Against Evil. It's the greatest combination of comedy, horror, and dorkiness. Every episode is unique, but the overarching story is actually really amazing. Stan says some of the funniest one liners I've ever heard. Truly a gem of a show.
  • And the title makes it clear Dana Gould doesn't care either. Evil Dead is its own genre and except for a movie called House from 1985 I don't recall much else in that narrow niche. Multiple zombie series, multiple vampire series, so why not multiple cheesy supernatural splatter series? John McGinley is a great choice for the lead too. I have to agree with those who say the length isn't enough.They barely have time to tell the story before its done.

    Keep it coming!
  • I just found this in Hulu today and already watched 5 episodes. It's great-cast chemistry, writing, acting (I love how Stan really wants to be as an ass and just be left alone - but ends up helping anyway). A great show for the whole family - tame enough for the kids, and funny enough for the adults! Great job! P.S. Ash vs Evil was not very good - this is!
  • cglachan19 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is hilarious. I can not believe how odd it is. Stan makes no sense, basically ever. I find it oddly refreshing, original, and sportingly funny. The show is unique, and hopefully stays on air for a few years. Well worth watching. Janet is so hot too!the actors do an amazing job of creeping you out and making you laugh. The pacing of the show is perfect. It is making for the best Halloween show of previous times.
  • Cons: Some of the stories might be a bit cheesy and predictable. The makeup/costumes and effect are not the best and sometimes even bad.

    Pros: The actors are doing a great job. The characters and dialogues are well put together and really funny. I found this show enjoyable and it managed to make me laugh many times.
  • sekouimani27 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This program is just so incredible on so many levels, the writing is fresh skillful and thought provoking, as if that's not enough, it's brilliantly produced, sparing no expense what so ever..then there is the acting! nailed by every member of the cast with crazy conviction..all that being said and done, somehow there is just the right amount of comic relief and the right amount of thrilling horror, now John C. McGinley is obviously top drawer in everything he's involved with, i've Admired his work since well, forever, but somehow the entire cast compliments him perfectly, this title needs to be around for not just one more season but 25 more (at least) absolutely 25 stars!!
  • So "Stan Against Evil" came out in 2016. Excuse me, but has creator Dana Gould not been watching "Ash vs Evil Dead"? Did he want to make an homage to "Ash vs Evil Dead"? Or did he just blatantly rip off everything from that successful show to make "Stan Against Evil"? I do not know. I can only speculate.

    Regardless, "Stan Against Evil" turned out to be an entertaining enough show for what it was. But the similarities to "Ash vs Evil Dead" were just an overshadowing factor that served as an anchor around the foot of "Stan Against Evil". I mean, heck, even the title itself is so close to "Ash vs Evil Dead" that it borders on being something that The Asylum would have put out there.

    As for the characters in "Stan Against Evil", well they were well-detailed and well-fleshed out on the screen. But again, the similarities to "Ash vs Evil Dead" was just too much. Stan, who is played quite well by John C. McGinley, is an aging man with a big attitude and it seems that the entire world is just out to get him and his sly remarks.

    Lets just stop to take in another similarity between the two shows; the book. There is a most vicious and gruesome book in both shows. Coincidence? I beg to differ.

    The episodes though are fun and do provide good entertainment, however they seem awfully short, running at just 30 minutes each. But if you enjoyed "Ash vs Evil Dead", then you will also enjoy "Stan Against Evil", if you can look past the in-your-face-similarities between the two shows. The eight episodes of season 1 just flies by in an instant, and I do hope that they return for more than just a single season.

    "Stan Against Evil" has good effects as well, which do help the show in a favorable way. A show or movie set in a horror genre needs to have good effects, as it is a make or break kind of a factor.

    I enjoyed "Stan Against Evil", despite of it being a blatant rip-off of "Ash vs Evil Dead" (in my opinion). And I was more than impressed with John C. McGinley's performance. It was a blast to watch him in a show and a role such as this.
  • Shame this has been cancelled after 3 seasons. Loved this show, good horror comedy and with fantastic characters played by good actors. Thought it would have been good for at least another couple of series. Maybe one day.
  • What a fun jaunt Stan Against Evil is. Funny, grouchy, irreverent and off handed homages to Muller and Scully and Karl Kolchak! This is one fun show.
  • yaya-6376724 March 2019
    I love this show, it is hilarious and dark the best two combinations. I hope they make more episodes this year. The last aired episode was November so please bring it back! My only complaint was I wish the episodes were longer 😩
  • bobbywell8 March 2019
    It's so hilarious. Fun. Over the top. Great spoofs. I waited for months for season 3. If you like Ash Vs The Evil Dead. You will like this.
  • This show is laugh out loud funny, extremely entertaining, sometimes gross, and at some points actually emotionally touching. I don't know how they do it, but this show just gets better and better.
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