The Sheriff's office in "Stan Against Evil" is the same building as the Sheriff's office in "Stranger Things."

It takes about 3 days to shoot each episode at about 12 pages a day. However, the episodes are not filmed in order or one at a time. Scenes from multiple episodes will be filmed at the same location on the same day, which can make it difficult and confusing for the cast and crew.

When Leon states there were witches burned in Salem, this is false. No witches were burned in the Salem Witch Hunts; the majority were hung and one man was pressed to death.

This was filmed in a suburb of Atlanta called Lithia Springs, Georgia.

The part of Evie Barret was written specifically for Janet Varney. However, not only did IFC insist that she audition for the role, but that the producers also audition other actresses. Janet was the first to audition and eventually won the part.

Dana Gould announced that the show has been cancelled by IFC.

2 locations used on the Walking Dead" are located 50 miles southeast of "Stan against Evil" film location. (Peachtree City & Senoia). On June 2nd, 2017 they filmed at the graveyard of Campbellton United Methodist across the street from the opening scene of walking dead.

In season 3, episode 7 (Intensive Scare Unit), during a nightmarish vision where he's being held prisoner in a hospital, Stan refers to a creepy orderly as Dr. Cox. That was the character John C. McGinley, who portrays Stan, played on the TV series Scrubs for nine seasons. When the orderly walks out of the room to attend to a screaming man, Stan tells him to "Call him a girl's name," which is what Dr. Cox used to do to harrass the character J.D. on Scrubs.