Gillian: Is everything that we don't understand, is it something to be feared right off the bat as a knee-jerk reaction, or is there space that we can make to contemplate that there could be forces out there that really are on our side, and that are part of helping us evolve?

Alice Lamont: The brain can live without a body, but the body can't live without its brain. It's that simple notion which drives the Human 2.0 Project. Our aim was to create a prosthesis that could house the human brain, a substitute body. But most importantly, we wanted it to be recognizable as a human.

Alice Lamont: A transplant hasn't been made into this body yet, so, essentially, it's just a body. It's like... a bit like a computer without a hard drive.

Jessica Johnson: I am well aware that this is a one-way mission and there is no point of return to my original life.

[first lines]

Gillian: We could not have been more wrong about all of this.

[last lines]

Gillian: We were so obsessed with discovering new life when, on reflection, we have still yet to discover ourselves. We now have another chance to do just that.