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  • Dishonored 2 is a huge improvement in almost every aspect over its counter part. Gameplay and stealth seem to be improved with a more dedicated focus on narrative and story. The game lets you play as fan loved Corvo (who is now voiced) or his daughter Emily. Both characters have their own unique powers leaving a lot of room for replay-ability. The game travels across many different and unique looking locations not letting the player get fatigued by the same scenery like in the first.
  • There are basically two ways you can play this game and I'm pretty sure you're gonna have fun with either, especially if you enjoyed the first one. The plot is kind of simple, and it works, but this game's looks are pretty amazing.

    Dishonored 2, much like the first one, is a steampunk blessing.
  • Different story, better graphics, better gameplay, and more kills! Not really a different game, it's pretty similar to the first one. The story is pretty simple again, but it just works. I think if it were a movie, it wouldn't work. And here, you can play as Emily. And you know she's a bad-ass. I played her the first time and I had plenty of fun. But you can also play as Corvo in case you missed him. Highly recommended.

    8.6/10 (Great)
  • Dishonored 2 has a nearly identical problem to Deus Ex - Mankind Divided. Both look much better than the predecessor, both play better, both have more varied level design but both also feature a noticeably inferior story, while coming out during a way too crowded release window. Dishonored 2 fares even worse with its narrative, as the 1st game's DLC went over similar territory. Calling both of these a well done standalone add-on is fairly fitting and the ability to either play as Emily or the returning Corvo (appropriately voiced be the former Thief VA) doesn't change all that much. I even played thought the game as both, while going for opposite play styles and even forwent getting the supernatural powers for Emily. My reward were many trophies but the song mostly remained the same. I would even say that playing aggressively is more fun than trying to be a ghost but the first game had the same issue. The game is also again too cartoonishly violent for its own good. Stealth fans will obviously need to get it but the longer Definitive Edition of the 1st game feels like a more complete package and a sequel will need to break new ground in terms of setting and themes. Not that I expect one due to the middling sales. The same goes for a new Deus Ex game… (The stealth genre is apparently going through rough times.) 8/10
  • Dishonored 2 starts off when Emily is about to become the new Empress. Yet, all hopes for a better future are destroyed, when her aunt makes an appearance. Emily and her father are blamed for killing the enemies of the throne. Now it is up to Corvo Attano, or Emily Kaldwin to save the Empire of the Isles from the bloody reign of Delilah.

    Dishonored 2 introduces many things that you will not find in the first game. For example, the player can now play as Emily, who was nothing but a supporting character, playing quite a huge role in the first game. Now you can see for yourself what she has become, what kind of a person she is now and how she sees the future of the Empire of the Isles, which was something really interesting for me, at least. I cannot quite criticize anything in this game: the OST is pretty amazing and helps you understand the atmosphere of Dishonored, the voice acting is also amazing; the voice actors really helped to make this game even darker, and everything about the second game is good and enjoyable.

    However, the only problem I have with the second part of the game is the fact that it did not feel as dark as the first game. Remember playing Dishonored 1, it felt really dramatic, you were playing in the world, where there was no hope for a future whatsoever. It felt DARK and this was amazing. The second game, though, is not as dark as the first one. But, on the other hand, time changes everything and maybe it is because of Emily and her father's reign the world of Dishonored 2 was not as dark, maybe they changed many things for the Empire of the Isles to look like a country that would have a future.

    Anyways, long story short, the game is still quite dark and as enjoyable as Dishonored 1. It is not amazing, for sure, but when the game is at a discount, it is a MUST buy.