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  • The show isn't badly done but while I learned a lot about American comedians I'd never heard of before or never rated as any good, the rest of the world is comedy free apparently. It makes bold statements about who was the first to do what type of comedy or the most important influence, yet somehow it seems to totally ignore comedy done anywhere else outside of the USA. So not so much The History of Comedy and more a bit of an inside joke.
  • TylerC16122 August 2018
    This show, will showcase multiple generations of comedy. You cannot like one single generation of comedy and completely enjoy the show, but that's also the point. Comedy evolves. Whether you have clean comedians, or dirty ones, or realistic ones, or anything else. The thing about comedy that brings us together is laughter. They show will showcase all of the different genres of comedy, and it's a fantastic show. It's something I look forward to every single week and I hope there is a third season
  • Season 2 spends an exorbitant amount of time on female contributions and other female's reactions to those contributions. It's like watching the history of presidential candidates, and half of the show is Hillary Clinton. One episode is called: "the funnier sex"... really? Google comedians that have sold out Madison square garden.
  • It's just not funny. Oh, it's very interesting. You will definitely learn a lot. And the clips they show are funny enough. But they are interviewing some of the funniest people alive and they are not funny. everything is so serious and they few jokes made only get a chuckle. The old timers like Betty White and Carol Burnett are wonderful. But anyone born after WW2 tends to fall flat after two minutes on camera. I expected to be falling off the couch laughing. Instead, I spent most of the time wishing Robin Williams and Joan Rivers would rise from the grave and save me from these serious, self-important people.
  • ross-796217 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The latest history of Comedy... Gone Too Soon... No Andy Kaufman terrible omission unless he just rubbed too many people in the business the wrong way
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At least that is what ep one should have been titled. I came in expecting a true history of at least comedy on film... starting with the 1900's on through the 20's. Then ep two the 30's to the 50's, and on and on. Silly me.

    Nope, what we have here at least by ep one is a bunch of current comedians discussing the importance of using obscene language and taboo subjects in comedy (mostly stand up). Gee, The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, and other classics did not have to discuss graphic sex or use f-bombs to be hilarious.

    I always felt as teen the comedians who had to swear were unable to speak any other way and thus were ignorant. And my teen years were the advent of Carlin, Pryor, and others whom this ep lionized. (Since then I have come to appreciate both but as a kid I thought, compared to the brilliance of Bill Cosby and his comedy records, were simply funny cause they swore and incapable of coming up with anything creative to say).

    I won't watch another ep because the format and presentation was boring as heck, not because of the subject matter of choice in ep one.

    I give this three stars for the stuff I did not know about Red Fox.