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  • sarah_cze1 December 2017
    Dark, gritty and interesting.
    I can't agree with the reviewer before me. They are not trying to copy Stranger Things, and I don't want to go into 'copying' at all - because Stranger Things has parallels to a few games, movies and books that have been popular before it was even in the making.

    'Dark' is slow paced in the beginning, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is tense, the cinematography and acting is great. There is so much more depth to it than the mentioned Stranger Things. It's not bloated with special effects and didn't have a Hollywood budget. This is how TV should be. It has got a Donnie Darko feeling to it.

    I guess the majority of people complaining about the pace would also complain about Blade Runner 2049 or please, just stick to Marvel movies. :)
  • Ahmet Kozan29 January 2018
    One of the most successful series I've seen in recent years!
    The show can be rather slow and can often feel like it's going to take the approach of lost leaving questions unanswered, but it does all lead somewhere and it's an intriguing time travel thriller/mystery with some amazing performances. The show drags at times but the script and the actors more than make up for it.

    One word of caution though. Do not watch the English dub. It's terrible. It feels like amateur, emotionless actors reading a script for the first time. If you're not watching the original German dub then you're doing yourself a massive disservice.

    Was really surprised to see critics giving it such low scores and comparing it to Stranger Things. I don't see any connection or reason to compare it to Stranger Things. The closest I can come up with is that is reminds me of the eerie feeling of Donnie Darko. It's totally a high end series which can compete with some other Netflix shows.

    The pace and jumps between story arcs is excellent. I was hooked from the beginning to end. 9/10
  • Shaun V.9 December 2017
    Not so much "Stranger Things". more "Twin Peaks".
    It's easy to recognize the parallels between "Stranger Things" and "Dark". Sure there are some: the disappearance of a little boy, 80's influences, dark soundtracks. But in many ways it does the opposite of what "Stranger Things" does. It doesn't work with likable characters. Nostalgia is not something you will find here. It's just a deep dark show, which has much to offer to people who love psychological horror, without the gory parts. This show is not for everyone. I think the best comparison to make is with "Twin Peaks". A show that leaves you behind every episode with a big what-the-f*ck feeling. The constant eerie feeling, as if someone is constantly playing with your thoughts. My god the creators do everything so right. It has been a long time since I have seen something so original, and executed so well.

    I'm pretty sure this show will live up, and will be right there between the greatest classics.
  • beatlejuice272 December 2017
    Very good mystery stuff and sure no copy of stranger things!
    I don't know why a lot of people say this the German answer of stranger things. I can say it isn't! This series is absolutely great and has your own mysterious history. I hope Netflix approve a second season. I can say very very good stuff! Also many questions about all this time travels are not be answered.
  • briefexistance12 December 2017
    A gaze to the abyss. Die Dunkelheit
    THIS is the best fking tv show I've seen since true detective's first season. I can't believe how good it is. Beautiful photography, scenarios, costumes, thrilling atmospheric music (gives the chills!!), amazing performances and above everything: perfect beautifully (wunderbar!) storyline.

    This is the freaking example, Hollywood. You don't need lots of money and Fx to do a decent story (or in this case, a poetic masterpiece). You just have to portray it, with every resource you have: visually, musically, with dialogue (but not the only one, don't abuse it!).

    Every separate plot it's intrincally intertwined. It happens so smoothly it's never forced. Anything. As long as I can remember I never had a "cringe" moment like most shows has. In every episode i was at the edge of my seat. This is how you make a thriller, please, PLEAAAASE take a note, storywriters.

    I'm so sad we probably have to wait a year or more to see the possible season 2. I don't have the proper words, it's been an amazing delightful surprise to have the pleasures to see this. Also, German it's one of the most beautiful languages, I love hearing it! We have such dense Nitzschean philosophy everywhere, I could totally smell the darkness. I love this kind of stories, with time travel and meaning of life as a central subject of the story. Determinism? Free will?. Maybe this is why I loved it so much. This show never treats its public with disrespect. They tell you what you need to know when it's appropriate. I love it.

    Never an American production could make this dark nihilist hell. I'm glad Netflix is giving us a new cinematic adventure, never could been better. I think it's netflix' best show ever made. Yeah, not even your super loved- big fan base- stranger things does justice to this beautiful masterpiece. Not. even. close. Leave it for the children.

    In a word: Perfection!! I hope keep seeing this quality Netflix!
  • scifi-geek-6163 December 2017
    Appropriate title, truly superb series
    This is a Netflix series, and like most users who liked it, I binge watched it. Usually, I don't like slow pacing series (hated last Twin Peaks series), but this one kept me on the edge of my seat. Slowly unfolding, there is a feel of recent Scandi noir series about it. If at all possible, watch it with German audio and subtitles. I feel dubbing made acting seem bad. This is a mystery, sci-fi, drama and many other things with incredible characters that seem incredibly real - writing is superb. Casting is unbelievable - we are seeing characters when they were children and later when they grow up. There is an uncanny resemblance.

    If you liked The Killing, Bridge and similar, you will enjoy this very much! It really bears no resemblance to Stranger things (which I also liked and binge watched).
  • juliafagan4 December 2017
    Awesome take on the time genre
    This is fresh, innovative and just damn cool. The acting is effortless, the characters gather depth with each episode. The complexity of the story is like peeling the proverbial onion, layer upon layer. This is a story worth telling. Am looking forward to seeing what the world looks like in the series two, am sure it will bring further surprises.
  • celiaronald3 December 2017
    Dark.. thrilling and haunting
    So.. where to begin?

    It's a lot to keep track on, i'll start off with that, but it's a very well written show, the characters, the actors, man - they must have picked out each of these actors to play different ages very carefully, they all have a huge resemblance in looks and that makes the show even better.

    It's not so much scary as dark, takes you on a path where you get kind of mind blown or mind "fucked" as we call it, you keep track on so much, especially time - which I think all of us at some point in our life's have questioned.

    If you loved shows like Stranger Things or IT, then you would love this. If you've ever asked yourself "what would it be like to meet your parents when they were young?", you should watch this.

    Overall it's an amazing show, highly recommend.
  • Srk Vishu5 December 2017
    Start to end the opening-credits, BGM, soundtracks, environment- setting, story, characters, sci-fi elements everything is f*ing great especially the cinematography.

    Baran bo Odar and Nikolaus Summerer deserve all the appreciation for another great visual experience after Who Am I and The Silence.

    I think I can call it "a MASTERPIECE". If you like dark shows, this one is even DARKER.
  • tchoumpileva4 December 2017
    This is nothing like "Stranger Things"
    Warning: Spoilers
    I felt like I needed to clarify that this series is nothing like "Stranger Things". It is a series about time travel and it is very similar to the movie "Predestination", so if you liked that movie and you like dark and twisted family drama, you will really enjoy this series. It is a bit hard to follow at first because there are so many characters connected through space and time. I saw it in German and in English and I have to say, watching it in English really took a lot away from the experience, so watch it in German if you can!
  • Emin Mamedli2 December 2017
    Darker Things
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen the first trailer of Dark around 9 months ago and my initial response was "Hey this looks like German Stranger Thigns". My initial response of the first episode was "Hey this still looks like German Stranger Things". Why? It has the same elements the ST has. A small town, people with problems, some kids that go to woods and the chain of weird events start. A government run facility that's plotting something. Even the setting of the village reminded me so much of ST.

    I still liked it solely because of the performances of every actor. They sold their roles. Of course I shouldn't forgot the cinematography, set design and the colors used in the movie.

    After a couple of episodes later my response changed and it totally shifted its direction in my head. Surely it was strange but it wasn't Stranger Things anymore. The characters weren't "hollywood"ized like in Stranger Things. Bear in mind that I really like ST a lot. I'm not saying that this is better than ST, but you shouldn't judge the series just because it has similar elements to another series. Stranger Things is one of the least original TV shows I've ever seen, I still liked it. I didn't compare it to the series that came before it. If you start this series expecting the cheesiness, fun, horror, sci-fi you will be disappointed. This one lives up to it's name. It's really dark.

    Although this series have some supernatural aspects, it's main selling point is the characters and the outstanding drama that's created among them. The kids, the adults, the present and the past, lies and deception, hopes and desperation are the series' meat. And the whole thing was given in such an atmosphere that I actually believed in the existence of those characters, of those "people".

    The series could've been a masterpiece, but there are some aspects of it that pull the series back. The beginning and the end. The beginning isn't anything new. It's mostly what you have seen in other series. And the series ended abruptly, leaving a lot of questions in my head.

    Nevertheless, this is a fantastic experience, but not an experience for everyone. I can imagine people getting bored of it. The series' build up is quite slow, but I can live with that, I wasn't expecting another Stranger Things from it.
  • Remo Ram2 December 2017
    Nail biting fantastic mystery thriller
    Warning: Spoilers
    "DARK" is one of the best thriller I ever watched.It has everything that a thriller movie or series can give you and keeps you edge of seat.its just so dumb that people are comparing it to "stranger things" but it's not. Because of the flickering lights , missing children and people in the same town with secrets you can't say that it's another stranger things.

    Dark is totally different there are no kids here who are investigating or talking about science and doesn't contain any supernatural things coming out of nowhere.It's a well written and directed Time traveling thriller.Fantastic cinematography every frame is beautiful.

    Great casting each and every actor did a great job portraying their characters struggling with dark side.DARK is best binge watching TV series it won't disappoint you.
  • michaelengele3 December 2017
    If you want something stranger than stranger things WATCH THIS !!

    I'm not really a fan of German movies and TV shows but this really blew my mind ! great cinematography, great acting , great story and it's NOT A STRANGER THING COPY! if you want something mind bending and a bit more stranger than stranger things WATCH THIS !

    Netflix is doing really great stuff and i'm looking forward to see more German or maybe austrian Netflix TV-Shows or movies :)

    But one bad thing in my opinion is, that the English voice over is really bad, it sounds kinda like Netflix didn't really care what it would sound like with the voice over.

    so for other German Netflix productions PLEAS DO ABETTER JOB WITH THE English VOICE OVER
  • jackacme5 December 2017
    Dark is Science Fiction in the David Lynch Mode
    An isolated town dominated visually and economically by the local nuclear reactor. Mysterious caves that hold strange secrets. A set of characters that have intertwined and emotionally charged relationships which stretch backward (and maybe forward?) in time. Crank up the heavy electronic score, keep the lights low with leaden skies and endless rain, and get ready for some dialog that would never work in spoken English but sounds just great in German. (If only "Interstellar" had been in German!)

    But, seriously, some great entertainment value in this series. Decent production values and, unless you are already watching lots of German TV, some fresh faces!
  • faresar22 April 2018
    Probably the best series i have ever seen
    When i started watching first episode late at night, i wasnt prepared that i would be tempted to watch 4 more episodes until probably 3 AM. I was completely hooked and wanted to watch more. The series is so enjoyable, smart, thought provoking, beautiful, artistic. The soundtracks, the actors, the details are fascinating. I can see how much work was put into this. In my opinion, this series is on the level of big high budget series, yet i feel like it is less known, which is pity but i believe the word will spread in no time.

    I am writing this review after watching season 1 for the 2nd time, because i felt i didnt grasp the whole thing or missed important reference.

    The crew behind this series did a fascinating job. Really, job well done.

    Can't wait for season 2
  • umuttaylan-4083321 March 2018
    Heavily influenced by Twin Peaks but still very good
    Warning: Spoilers
    The similarities: The electricity problems when something about to happen. Both have a important cave and forest. The scenes in the hotel in Dark and the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks the Return have a very similar look. The circular time idea. The both shows are in small towns where people think they know each other but they don't. Es wird wieder passieren-It is happening again Both have a nuclear cause. Over the forest drone scenes. And the last scene and sentences are the same: "Welches Jahr ist es?"And the Kyle Maclachlans "What year is this?" Nothing is like twin peaks but this show is overall very good 8/10 The musics and color grading are also great btw.
  • Cau No4 December 2017
    Germany's long time overdue step into genre shows
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a fan of genre shows (Mystery/SF) I was excited to finally see this coming from Germany.

    This is not much like "Stranger Things", as often has been claimed, (which is based more in style on the works of Stephen King and John Carpenter, rooted firmly in the US). It is more like a mixture of Twin Peaks & Donnie Darko. It is almost 'experimental' to German TV standards, this would never have been made by the traditional networks. By now Netflix should have themselves established as a major player in international genre shows.

    The way of successively adding layer after layer of information about the characters and their history also supersedes the traditional closed episode narrative. (We only learn about the past as soon as someone actually visits it.)

    There also are a lot of eighties references only some Germans might recognize:

    • The mood after the Chernobyl disaster

    • Raider bars, which have been re-branded to "Twix" in 1991

    • Captain Future comic books published by Bastei

    • Nena's "Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann" (Somehow, somewhere, sometime)
  • CrimsonSoul8 December 2017
    10/10 It's not German Stranger Things, it is it's own thing.
    Rant/review for German show Dark - 10/10 Wow.

    Where do I even start? It's downright perfect. First of all, it's nothing like Stranger Things. Kids went missing and lights flickered way before ST. Dark is way darker, complex, coherent, cohesive and thought provoking than ST could ever be (I enjoy ST but almost nothing is original in it. It's fun but nothing groundbreaking. Not for me anyway).

    Dark kinda reminds me of movies like Donnie Darko (there's a very obvious tribute to it), Enemy, Arrival, Prisoners, etc. It's not thematically similar to Prisoners but proceeds like it, giving puzzle pieces to viewers as time passes. The cinematography, direction, acting is pretty bang on. It has gorgeous dark ambiance and the music score is perfect. The opening theme is mind blowing. It makes no sense when you see it for the first time and makes perfect sense when you're watching the last episode. It's a puzzle on it's own. Entire thing is, you're been given different pieces of it as the plot progresses.

    There are no shock twists, if you're paying attention you'll see them coming. It isn't scary but is very dark and not for everyone. Can't think of a single happy moment. It lives up to it's name. It was a bit tricky to keep up with, multiple characters in 3 stages of life. It will take patience.

    Anyway, hands down the most complex, thought provoking, intricately written show I've ever seen. Makes everything else look basic and simple. Has you contemplating life and pretty much everything. Go watch it.
  • jbrbsmom3 December 2017
    Blows your mind!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Excellent series, sometimes confusing, best to watch all at once and you may have to rewatch a few.

    It is about time travel.

    I had a hard time keeping up with all of the characters...would have preferred LESS characters to try to keep up with, might have been less confusing, otherwise, very well done.

    It is originally done in German and instead if subtitles, it is overdubbed and many of the overdubbed voices sound alike, so that may be part of the he confusion, but still better than reading subtitles in something this intense.

    Very well acted. Edge of your seat, yet still slowly tensely drawn out and keeps you watching.
  • arturmaglego1 December 2017
    A slow-paced journey that tends to succeed with atmosphere and complexity.
    "Dark" is definitely not a TV show for everyone. Its' gloomy and twisted tone may confuse the average viewer, but it's a true beauty to lovers of strange and atmospheric horror. It is not the type of series that builds too much on jumpscares, terrifying things in the woods or gory deaths. It has some scenes including these - but the true horror of "Dark" is psychological and more complex. The cinematography and detailed composition of each shot is one of the best aspects of "Dark". The characters are interesting enough but are somewhat difficult to relate to. Props to the talented cast that makes these characters more emotionally relatable due to their amazing acting skills. Intended or not, "Dark" has a lot of parallels to Netflix' "Stranger Things" like the flickering lights, the disappearance of a young boy, the use of 80s nostalgia and the facility that has a lot of secrets from the town. It is a journey that has winks to "Stranger Things" and kind of wants a piece of the enormous success of it, but all in all is enjoyable if you're okay with the slow pacing and some psychological and scientific complexity.
  • andredejongh5 December 2017
    Excellent Series! (Switch on the original language and watch it with subtitles)
    Warning: Spoilers
    Reading reviews here, people don't seem to know they often can switch the audio they are hearing: to the original language or the dubbed version. You don't have to watch it in the English language, you can change it to the original German language.

    Dark has also been dubbed in English.... But let the actors speak their own language and watch it with subtitles...

    Wonderful series about time travel ...
  • TwentyWasHere5 December 2017
    An exercise in overacting
    The show wants to be a serious mystery. It want's to be grim. There is a constant synth sound in nearly every scene foreshadowing grim things are coming, even on the most banal scenes.

    It feels like someone in post production wanted to play around with Dolby Atmos as much as possible instead of doing a proper sound mix that supports the action on screen. From a technical aspect the sound is well engineered, but it doesn't do anything for the show.

    And you get a perfect exercise in overacting by the semi talented cast. Every line is delivered frowned with meaning, swollen as if there were an underlying meaning to every word, glimpse or motion.

    The plot isn't that bad, but far from original. Don't expect any of the mysteries to be solved. It's clear they made it up as they went along and just pile 'em up to keep people watching.

    In the end the show is an empty shell with overacting that moves at glacial pace and an annoying soundtrack.

    5 out of 5 and worth a shot if you have nothing else in your queue on a snowy weekend with a cold in bed. But don't expect too much.

    And if you don't like it by the time you are half way through the second episode don't continue watching, it will not change much.
  • Sage-Hyuuga5 December 2017
    An interesting psychological mystery thriller
    Warning: Spoilers
    Season one introduces a sh*t-ton of characters, the events which occurs in their hometown and how they are related to to each other.

    I watched the entirety of the season with subtitles and from the get go I found myself taking notes just to keep up.

    Characters: This is the probably the most complex part of the story.

    There a 4 generations of characters living in 3 different time periods in the same town. All characters introduce I believe are essential to main plot. Each generation is related to the next via family decent. The parents and children of each generation are introduced and their relations with each other are explored. There are also characters which do not share any relation with another generation but are present in multiple time periods.

    The most important characters to the plot are Jonas(16 yrs old), Mikkell (11yrs old), Ulric (49 yrs old) and Noah (early 40s). Scenes with these characters are important in understanding the plot.

    The Plot:

    The story spans several days from November 4 to 12th for the years 1953 ,1986 and 2019. At the beginning of the story Mikkel, Ulric's son'goes missing after a night out with his older brother and sister and their friends Jonas and Bartosz near a cave in the forest. We then follow Ulric (who is a police) on a quest to find is missing son. Its through the investigation that we are slowly introduced some cast of characters.

    The next time we see Mikkell, he is exiting the cave in 1986. He slowly but surely realizes he is trapped 33 years in the past. There we meet '86 Ulric and his generation as well as Ulric's parents generation. In addition we meet old Egon, the chief police for that time, who finds Mikkell wondering. Characters of 2019 backstory are expanded upon and more of"what and how" is revealed.

    By going through his deceased father belonging and with the help of a mysterious stranger Jonas investigate the mysterious cave to better understand his father's suicide letter. He takes the right path in the cave and ends up in 1986 same date. He confirms the content of the letter and his mind is f*****d by time. He then goes back to 2019 via the caves to ponder things.

    A week after the 4th a body of a young boy(Not Mikkel) is found in forest. Ulric believes Helge, a senile man, as the main suspect of his sons disappearance. He follows Helge on a night through the cave, takes a wrong turn and end up in 1933. As with his son before he slowly realizes when he is. We are introduce to characters of '53, again parents and children. Ulric comes to conclusion that if he kills child Helge he can prevent his son's disappearance. His attempt end in failure and hes caught and locked up by young Egon for kidnapping.

    During the above 2 incidents the mysterious person goes to 1986 to have discussion with a author of "A journey through time"(a book featured heavily in the story) and creator of the time machine. They discuss physics of time travel and the meta-physics of it all.

    In the final episode an off-med Jonas decides to rescue Mikkel from the past irregardless of its dire consequence. However, he gets captured by Noah and '86 Helge and is locked away in a room seen in previous episodes. The same day the mysterious guy attempts to destroy the time portal in the cave. This results in Helge of '33 being saved and Jonas jumping 66 years into the future (year 2052).

    The show is about time travel and has quite a few time paradoxes. I would say the time travel is of a similar nature to that in the movie Predestination.

    Setting: 2019 : Its exactly what you would believe 2 years from would be like in a small rural town in Germany.

    1986: The town is same structurally, the obvious differences are the technology and dress code is of 1986.

    1953: Many structural differences. A lot of Buildings weren't built yet including the Nuclear Factory which is an important settings in 1986 and 2019.

    2052: Too many spoilers already.

    Music score/soundtrack. I would say its similar to Stranger things but much more darker. The 1986 has a lot of '80s music. Mostly German and some English. The music fits the story and tone perfectly.

    Once you know the characters and their relations, the complex plot becomes easier to unravel. The first season left a lot of unanswered questions, mostly about the fate of the characters.

    The acting done by the 30+ actors/actresses is amazing. Each scene is shot masterfully and soundtracks elevates it higher. The series is without a doubt the best Netflix has to offer since House of Cards
  • ricksanchez-098653 December 2017
    Show is great.
    The first season delivered to us is great. to the guy before me that only cares about how much he spent on his TV you should really write the manufacture and never ever in you're life write a review on any type of media displayed on your self proclaimed special snowflake screen.

    your entire review was you complaining about your buyers remorse.
  • joynancyy6 December 2017
    Live Action Steins Gate
    The similarities with Stranger things are there but these series have much more in common with Steins;Gate.

    The characters and their stories are very intertwined and you will have a lot of questions about who is who and why and how. The pacing is fast enough and the acting is on a very good level but I don't recommend watching it dubbed in English.

    The song choice is very fitting and blends well with the atmosphere, but the ambient music can be a little over the top and does warn you before something unexpected happens sometimes.

    Overall it was quite fun to watch.

    Also these German people form Winden just don't care if it rains or not.
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