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  • This is absolutely breathtaking. The series is very well produced, the acting is superb and the snapshots of Berlins area - Kreuzkölln (Kreuzberg and Neukölln give a good insight of the area. The series is quite brutal. The acting is honest and quite realistic. Opposite most other German TV productions the actors do not overact and this gives the whole story a down to earth appearance. What I like about 4Blocks is that you are seduced to believe the actions of the characters are plausible. If you like stories about crime, drugs and thug life do yourself a favor and don't miss out on this one.
  • This Series is pure gold. If you liked Top Boy or the Wire or any other series which is about thugs , drugs and drama you will love it. The Acting and the cast is excellent and it has a great German hip hop and rap soundtrack. In my humble opinion this is the first well produced German TV Show in ages. I do not want to spoil so go on and watch it for yourself you gonna have a great time.
  • There is European talent base that has been putting together quality true crime serial drama with like 6-10 episodes a season. THey come out sporadically and the US producer see them for the competiation they are, so the releases are hard to find, but worth it when you do. This reminds me of the Italian contemporary mob series Gomorrha and some less gritty cop based stuff like Witness and Marcela. The point is, like this show, they are well done, and well worth watching for US audiences who have been getting spoon fed crap on cable TV and a dare say the dinosaur that is "network tv'. If you like true crime, ganster family drama, give this a try.
  • stephanklarner29 September 2018
    Sehr gute Serie für deutsche Verhältnisse! Gute Schauspieler, spannende Handlung und interessantes Setting!
  • ingothehero11 September 2017
    I was a little bit disappointed after I realized that it is a German series. But I was wrong. It's one of very few German productions, which is really well done. The characters are authentic, a lot of (but not to much) action and a well-conceived plot. I really enjoyed the show and can fully recommend it.
  • This series is a great adding to series like Gomorrah, Suburra or Narcos. First, even it is made in Germany it's pretty well done. It does not look cheap. The settings and characters are credible, interesting and pretty realistic. Second, the storyline is interesting. The more you watch the more interesting it gets. Last, acting is pretty good. Main characters have personality and they are pretty well developed. To sum up, if you want to try something different and you love series like Gomorrah, Suburra or Zero, Zero, Zero, this one is for you. Enjoy.
  • It's not often you come across TV as good as this. I found I lost myself in every character throughout every episode and for me that's usually enough to make great drama for me. All the performances are impeccable. The story line was also a surprise because what I anticipated, was not important because there's no way to predict how any of this will pan out for anyone involved in this story. There's a good cross-section of sub-plots that works well and the Direction and editing makes this a very slick production indeed. There is nothing left to question at the end and I suppose all this together makes it feel very real and at times very heart breaking. While not all will rate the series as highly as myself, I think there will be very few who are not satisfied story and production. I note there's a second series in planning, but it will take some doing to better what has come before.
  • dannyc2830 October 2018
    Not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but I enjoyed it. Well produced. Got into the story after a few episodes and found the characters worth watching, especially Toni. The Actor who played the Mob Boss wanting a better life for his family put in a very good and likable performance
  • Well acted, super exciting and great story line. to be honest, i did not expect much but its the best german series i've ever seen!
  • Well paced, superb actors, painfully true...if you live in Berlin, especially in Kreuzkolln, then you'll know, it's not sugarcoated. The actors embidy complex people, horrible but also good, in this well written series.
  • Finally a tv show in this day and age with out politically correct non-sense. True to its material, amazing casting and the authenticity in capturing the Berlin tones .. Just Wow !!

    I don't want to compare but .. Has many shades and tones of HBOs THE SOPRANOS. I don't want to admit, it surpasses it in many ways.

    It has that magnetic charm from the pilot episode and I don't think anyone who loves a good crime drama can't resist binge watching this.

    I just hope SEASON 2 will be as good as SEAONS 1. Kudos to all the writers and cast for producing a great show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ...and this show embodies exactly why.

    The first season was great. Something fresh and new for German TV. Great acting, writing and an interesting setting, based in my very hometown of Berlin. What made this show so great though was that the dialogues and characters were very believeable.

    It seems that all of this died along with Vince at the end of the fist season.

    From the beginning of the second season I sensed something was off. None of the characters are likeable anymore. They are rendered to either one-dimensional overly macho aggressive sexists, cowards or wives that stick for whatever reasons to these idiots. The story is way over top at lost all of the believeabilty that made the first season so great.

    This adds to my experience that eventually every TV series is loosing it's spirit at some point. (Breaking Bad is the rare exception). For some this happens in season 5 or 6, for others early on. Unfortunately 4Blocks falls in the the latter category. So do yourself a favour, just stop after the first season and remember it as one of Germany's finest TV moments.
  • jacqui-43-82572817 October 2020
    As I had to watch this in French because I don't speak German, I was, at first, a little frustrated. Turns out it didn't matter. Totally epic. Love, drug wars,, honor, betrayal, brotherhood, infidelity, brutal killings, and the list goes on. I loved every second!!
  • We would have loved to watch this series, unfortunately the cannot read the words.
  • 1st season started off good. While there are some problems it was decent.

    Season 2 spiralled into the bottom of the idea pool. All the character growth from the 1st season, forgotten.
  • valentinio7 July 2020
    I think this is one of the best series filmed in Europe, as far as I've seen... i loved it and although you can spot a difference in style between season 1, 2 and 3 (seasons 2 and 3 as a group) you can really enjoy the evolution of the series and you can learn something from it.
  • Extrem realistische Geschickte, auch extrem, weil es Figuren sind alle glaubwürdig und überzeugend, ihre Leben plausibel und das ganze Szenario sieht echt aus. Man sieht die heutige Berlin, mit vielleicht ein bisschen zu Verbrechen aber die Mischung verschiedener Kulturen und Nationalitäten, die auch in der kriminellen Umgang passiert ist sehr gut beschrieben. Ähnlich der Italienischen Serie Gomorra nimmt diese Show davon viele Elemente und viele Ähnlichkeiten, z. B die Wachmänner/Wächter die beobachten und kontrollieren dass die Polizei nicht vobe nicht die vorbeikommt. Habe nicht die ganze Serie geschaut aber diese Produktion wirkt wirklich versprechend und originell.
  • I have been trying to get into german tv shows for quite some time but to be honest, besides "Dark" and "Bad Banks" nothing else made me wanting more or write about it. "4 Blocks" is one of those rare german shows that stands out even in international standards. Highly addictive and bingeworthy, this show has everything, from thrilling twist and turns, emotional, at times even heart breaking moments, violent eruptions and intense action scenes. Stellar performances, especially by lead actor Kida Kodr Ramadan. If you like crime shows mixed with emotional family-themed elements, check this show out.
  • pierreroussel13 February 2018
    While the expectations for this series are carried by the general interest in lurid topics, the series itself fails miserably at telling a gripping story while displaying an authentic portrayal of an urban demimonde. Instead of showing a harsh reality or to surprise with an unexpected twist, the whole story suffers from the constant attempt at staying politically correct. While convulsively avoiding any negative clichés, the series itself has become the cliché of the overly ambitious filmmaker who is rather interested in shaping the viewers opinion than creating an interesting plot. The dull acting doesn't help much, but the depiction of the antagonist "rocker-gang" - as one of many examples - is beyond ridiculous. The migrant thugs talk like primary school teachers, a quick research on youtube would have given the filmmakers a realistic insight into the habitus of streetwise criminals, i don't see any shortage in rapper-interviews to inquire. Even a daytrip to Berlins Neukölln district would make you question the authentic angle of the series pretty quickly. While other productions like "Gomorrha" or "Top Boy" don't shy away from showing somewhat realistic scenarios (perhaps because "Gomorrha" is based on a book that covers actual events, and "4 Blocks" is basically fantasy), "4 Blocks" stays in the soft realm of the non-credible but socially accepted good/evil-narrative.
  • Engaging & realistic. Enjoyed it very much. Small disappointment with the Germans police helplessness and slow reaction at times. Reminded me of the serie Dogs of Berlin
  • I enjoyed every 19 episodes of three season. Plot is very good, nice recording, good theme music also produced. Every character gave contribution, especially liked Tony and Kemal. Learned something new about muslims and Islam religion, how their families stick together in thick and thin, about theis love for close ones. Honour is sacred - one of the key points of the series!!! For me the best crime, gangsta drama series that I watched without any flaws!!

    • If this was USA production for sure we would have minimum 3 more seasons but isnt and this was right scope and good tale of Hammady family!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is so obvious to think about GOMORRA and THE SOPRANOS or any other mob scheme series, as there are so many these days; most of them not that excellent. Here, of course, you have many elements which you can not avoid in such topics: brutality, undercover cop, informer, treason, brotherhood, but everything is so awesome and the editing such riveting. Only the aesthetics is different from the US series, I mean the way of filming is not the same as BETTER CALL SAUL or HANNIBAL for instance. I am in such a hurry to watch DOGS OF BERLIN or TOP BOY. You have here tons of supporting characters, as in so many series, and I was particularly touched, moved by those two young Arab young folks, a man and a woman, forced to get wed together, only for the purpose, business purpose, of their families. Those young people are very interesting to watch, and the scene where they finally part is unforgettable. So unusual in a story. Forced to get married but, after all....Poignant.
  • I dont know.

    The camera work and angles alienated me, the lightning and post editing is just bad. The editors used C-Movie sound effects for everything. There is absolutely no atmosphere because of the strange and pretentious editing style - its just annoying.

    Dialogues are flat and sometimes mixed up with random English sentences which make zero sense. There is a scene about a hipster bar in Berlin they constantly switch languages when the barkeeper speaks English they switch to German and vice versa.

    Germans still have a fetish for shaky / restless camera shots it ruines the atmosphere in close up dialogues I wonder if all film schools teach the same way in germany...
  • Meiner Meinung nach ist auch Staffel 2 auch ein gelungenes Projekt. Hierbei wird das gesellschaftliche Problem der Clan Kriminalität an dem Beispiel der libanesischen Hamady in Berlin sehr realitätsgetreu dargestellt. So werden zum einen die vielschichtigen Strukturen innerhalb des Clans, als auch die Machenschaften die beim Kampf um Berlins Straßen zw. den verschiedenen Clans und dem deutschen Rechtsstaat gefragt sind thematisiert. Durch die gute Auswahl der Hauptdarsteller ist alles perfekt und realistisch dargestellt. Genauso wie die Staffel 1 ist die zweite Serie extrem gewalttätig und mehr als die erste auf die Familienleben fokussiert.
  • For people who want to hype European production then you might like it but to me it's a poor German "the wire". In a European country were you can live a good live by collecting welfare paychecks (i live in Germany) it is totally exaggerated and trying to imitate American Gangster and mobsters. Arabs trying to be Mayer lansky or vito corleone. Just like the uk or Italian productions "top boy" "gammorah" Europeans trying to sell they have ghettos like America or Latin America but they don't. I lived in Berlin and it is nowhere near st Louis where people shoot each other. The german biker gangstern never murdered someone in their life. People only gonna like this who don't want us productions but "the godfather", "good fellas" "menace to society" or "the wire" are million ways better and realistic. If you really want a mob movie with no US association then watch the Brazilian movie "city of god". Don't waist your time with these Wannabe gangster / American imitation
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