When Will Sawyer and Zhao first meet, Sawyer greets him with some Mandarin, and Zhao replies in the same language but there are no subtitles on the screen. He is asking in jest, "Your Mandarin is quite good; how is your English?".

In order to make the jump from the crane to the building featured in the trailer Dwayne would have to run and leave the platform at 12.7 meters per second (appr. 28.4 mph) - For comparison, Usain Bolt's fastest recorded speed is 27.4 mph.

During development, architect Adrian Smith was brought in to consult during the writing process. Smith led the work of Dubai's Burj Khalifa, which at the time of this movie's release is the tallest building in the world, and Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower, the building proposed to surpass the record held by the former.

Brad Peyton and Roland Emmerich were considered to direct the movie.

The second collaboration between Dwayne Johnson and Rawson Marshall Thurber.

At the start, shots of The Pearl, with the Victoria Harbour in the backdrop, can be seen with the Bank of China Tower, Central Plaza, Two International Finance Centre and International Commerce Centre, the tallest four skyscrapers in Hong Kong; each one surpassing over the other respectively since 1990.

-The first non-comedy of Thurber's career, it also marks his second collaboration with Johnson following Central Intelligence (2016).