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  • I have been watching Korean series from last 6 years and I have loved them. The story covers all relationships beautifully. Flow and link between characters is good.All actors played nicely. Loved it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The sole reason why I've watched this drama was the fact that BTOB were included in the soundtrack. But I was hoping that I would be proved wrong and that this drama will surprise me and be a hidden pearl. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The story is about a poor girl, who is kicked out of the house where she is living in along with her step mother and her step sister, who had been mistreating her when her father was away for work (the Cinderella fairy tale similarities are can't be missed), accepts a job from a rich businessman who asks her to make his three grandsons become a family. So, she moves into the big house where the three heirs live in. Not that the story is something that you haven't seen before, but still I had hopes for something better. However, the drama kept falling into the cliché cheesy traps again and again. The romance is okay, even though it was way too predictable. Fortunately, the chemistry between the lead actress and the three boys was really good, and the performances were okay and therefor I give this drama 2 out of 10.