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  • Robby D. Set a difficult task for himself with this would-be thriller about a hostage situation. He failed, but the offbeat cast and enthusiastic sex make for a quite watchable Vivid feature.

    Cheyenne Silver stars but is an odd choice for her role as a violent bank robber holding nine random people hostage in a bar as she tries to escape the clutches of rhe police. Her great beauty and innocent look don't fit, but she's a Vivid star and that's what matters here.

    Familiar format resembles many a mainstream classic from The Petrified Forest to Key Largo and The Desperate Hours. Turning philosophical, our gun-toting Cheyenne turns to each character (usually out of a couple) and asks them what they would do with their life with confronted with just one last chance.

    Steve Hatcher, the bar owner/bartender chooses to announce his love to Shelbee Myne, who's thrilled to here it and they make love (including anal sex) right there. So it turns out the movie is about public sex, exclusively.

    Lovely blonde Allysin Chaynes takes her opportunity to come out of the closet, so (no surprise) Cheyenne gives her a thorough intro to lesbian sex. John Decker has been neglecting his wife Felicia Fox, but they make up for that, and ultra-busty Logan La Brent (at the time a promising new starlet, but her career went nowhere) as as glamorous call girl serviced by an unfaithful married man, Lee Stone.

    Oddly, there's no voyeurism, as the cast doesn't stare or appear on camera while Robby trains the camera on each of five pairs of lovers humping one after the other. He doesn't generate much suspense, and the ending is dull.