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  • b_imdb-785-17320824 June 2017
    entertaining and interesting
    After having watched the first three episodes of Glow, I can say that this is really quite an interesting show. It's part of a new wave of "direct-to-VoD" series that don't have to bow to cable TV standards in terms of language or nudity, but also concerning story development. Glow is a comedy alright, but it tackles difficult subjects like adultery and hard life choices. I would not say that this combination clicks every single time, but there are really quite awesome moments (and very funny ones, too) and I enjoy the basic setup and characters a lot. The acting is also pretty good.

    I am curious to see where this is going, but I have to say that I'm very happy that there are shows like this that try to break a little from the mold.
  • francesca-8041827 June 2017
    An instant '80's' classic made better through diverse casting and taboo breaking story lines!
    I adored it! I watched it twice through straight away. Take every lighthearted, cult 80's film from your youth and roll them into one, then inject the diverse casting and perspectives that all of those films were sorely missing, sprinkle on some amazing 80's fashion and music, serve with some fearless subject matter (storylines covering miscarriage and abortion, misogyny, anxiety. Racism and infidelity) and you get GLOW! What cinema in the 80's SHOULD have looked like. Just like Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Back to the Future and The Breakfast Club, this show is going to be one that I watch again and again....and again. Something that I put on when life gets stressful and I just need to disappear into my kitsch 80's fantasy for a while. The episodes are short but impactful, the dialogue is fun and full of humour, after watching it you and your friends will just want to dress up like a wrestlers and start practising moves on each other! An all round hit for me, 10/10!
  • Jordan Forbes29 June 2017
    GLOW Season 1 Review
    Wrestling is a 'sport' I don't know too much about. All I know is that it is scripted TV that plays out in front of live crowds. And they 'fight'. After GLOW, my thoughts on wrestling haven't change much, but I can appreciate the behind the scenes a lot more.

    GLOW is one of Netflix's newest additions to their ever so growing library. It follows a group of ladies as they take up a wresting job purely for the money. Set in the 80s where many females struggle to get big time work, the show explores the behind the scenes of wrestling while looking into the life of an actress in the 80s.

    There is so much to talk about for this show that it is going to be hard to touch on all the bases. Firstly, this is a show about wrestling but it is a story about the characters. That is my biggest take away from this show. Considering that they only had 10 30 minute episodes, they managed to make you care about all these characters and give each an arc that some shows manage to do across several season. 

    I have to give a lot of credit to the writing, because without this show being written the way it was, there is no way it turns out as good as it does. Whether it is comedy or emotional dialog, every moment of this show is well crafted and not one line of dialog or one action from a character seems out of place. 

    An equal amount of credit has to go to the cast. While Allison Brie was the only name I knew entering the show, I exited the show with many stand outs. While Brie was one of them, I thought Marc Maron, Betty Gilpin and Britney Young stood up as the other standouts. That however takes nothing away from the rest of the cast. Each one of them nailed their performance and I couldn't name one member that stood out for the wrong reasons.

    I thought the whole show was shot wonderfully. They really captured that 80s LA that I am use to seeing in movies, and if it wasn't for the camera and audio quality, I would have believed that this show was shot in the 80s. Much of that also came from the music choices. Similarly to Stranger Things, the music gave the show so much authenticity when it came to portraying a time period.

    Overall, I was really surprised with this show. Firstly it was one of the easiest binge watches I have ever had. I watched the whole show in an afternoon because it was only 5 hours long rather than 10+. I'm not sure if this show will be getting a season 2 but I am all on board with it. I think this is one of the most well made shows around at the moment and it deserves all the credit it can get.

  • Brandi24 June 2017
    So Very Pleasantly Surprised at This Kick Ass Show!
    I was pretty skeptical of this show from the previews.--I was wrong to be so skeptical!! It's smart, funny and emotional at times. The costuming and soundtrack are great, as is the entire show. It's really well done and my only complaint is that it's a half hour show when I thought the episodes could have been longer. --I guess I just wanted more of a good thing! It really is better than the previews would leave you to believe. I can't recommend this enough for anyone who enjoys something different from their shows!
  • zinjo00-587-97518326 June 2017
    This Show Hits It Out of the Park
    For all the Gen X and Y audiences this show is a nostalgic blast from the past! The music is spot on, the characters engaging, the story smart and funny. Definitely another hit for Netflix.

    The show runners fully understand what wrestling is all about. The soap opera drama, the choreography, the archetype characters, it is all there.

    I was curious and skeptical when I saw the previews, but I gave it a shot because Alison Brie has great taste in roles so I took a chance and am grateful I did. There is something for all viewers.

    I hope there are plans to have a Brett Hart cameo in this show. As far as wrestlers go, he was the true master at making everything in the ring look painfully real.

    This is a definite watch for anyone who enjoys good comedic dramas.

    Be sure to check it out.
  • darthramious1 July 2017
    The Most Authentic Depiction of L.A. in the '80s I've Seen to Date
    The 1980s wasn't just neon fabrics, side ponytails, and cream colored suits with t-shirts. It was also too much moose, too much make-up, and sock-less penny loafers. It was ugly. Brilliantly, gloriously ugly and tacky. And that's what you see in this show. Superficially speaking, this series (and its characters) looks more authentically of the era than anything else I have seen portrayed on film in the last two decades.

    Much of the credit goes to costume designer Beth Morgan, who sifted through photo albums to research the look of the decade, rather than fashion catalogs and television shows and seeing an obstructed, romanticized vision of the era. The characters either wear too much or not enough of everything. This was the eighties, warts and all, and just for that alone, this show is worth a look.

    But on top of that, you have a rich, diverse cast of characters, almost all of which are multi-dimensional and bring more to the table than just what they appear to be (while ironically trying to play up their stereotypes to promote the show they are working on). And though some characters sadly don't get the time to fully develop in just ten half-hour episodes, you have reason to believe that they will in future seasons, as the executive producers have proved before in the ongoing seasons of 'Orange is the New Black'.

    And then there's the men of GLOW. The women are getting plenty of praise - and deservedly so - but the few male characters depicted also get a chance to shine. Chris Lowell plays the fascinating benefactor to the entire GLOW enterprise. He's the only one - initially - with the vision of what the show should be, and although he isn't introduced until episode three ('The Wrath of Kuntar'), his presence is felt as the unseen force propelling a reluctant director and inexperienced cast to pursue this venture. Bashir Salahuddin is the epitome of the phrase "no small parts" in this series. He exudes a warmth that instantly brings calmness and security to anyone and everyone around him. And although he is given minimal lines and - what some may argue - a generic character in the handful of appearances he makes, you genuinely feel invested and supportive of the developments he undertakes in the latter half of the season.

    And finally, there's Marc Maron. Whether or not you've heard about him yet, you will soon and it will be because of this role. He plays the director enlisted with putting an all-female wrestling show together. He comes from a B-list, schlock horror background and only takes the job to finance his dream project, but despite being a sleaze ball with a predilection for the vices of the time, he also genuinely cares for people. He's a guy who will step up and stick his neck out for the people he believes in, and unlike just about all the other characters written with a drug problem, Maron's character isn't dictated by societal expectations to flounder and jeopardize the other characters around him. He's an asset, and not only that, but an absolute necessity. He's also an addict, but a functioning addict, which sadly many people in the industry were back then.

    Maron exemplifies everything great about this show. It's not glorifying the era, it's a raw, unapologetic, and - at times - brutally honest depiction of the 1980s in southern California: Flawed, hilarious, and tacky.
  • dmacmelville-270-46586225 August 2017
    So, I had to write this cuz there are some nasty reviews here
    I don't typically write reviews anymore because, who cares, really. It's just that I've seen some really lame-ass reviews for this show, so I had to chime in. In a world were people are going ballistic that Tim Allen's last opus to moronic men was canceled, shows like GLOW give me hope.

    The writing is sharp - funny and moving. The characters are all well drawn with each having clear and distinct personalities. The music, costumes, sets are all authentic-feeling and look just great. And the actors ... wow! These folks are all perfect in their roles. Brie and Maron are almost too awesome. I see awards attention for them - or at least hope I do. Gilpin and the other beautiful, fabulous ladies are all perfect. Each episode you find yourself loving somebody new. Even Bash and Florian.

    This show is funny, it's heart-felt, it's energetic, it's wicked fun! Netflix should be proud, they're doing some really good things and this is definitely one of them.
  • Charlie Parker3 July 2017
    Superb Writing & Acting
    The music, clothing and sets really capture the 80's vibe. Being born in 78 I know my 80's. I loved real wrestling like John Carpenter before it was ruined in the late 90's. this captures that vibe so well. Best acting I've seen in a super long time. I loved everything about this so much.
  • Kshitij Saran28 June 2017
    It's Simply A Treat
    I don't know as to why so many people hate it. It has 3 very important things going for itself: 1) Stellar Cast. Allison Brie is unrecognizable. Every character feels well sketched out. 2) Gripping story-line. Albeit a bit cheesy but it's intentional, I think and it's good kind of cheesy. 3) Brilliant screenplay and impeccable cinematography.

    If you've ever been a fan of 80's comedy and you are a sucker for some good old underdog story, then this is the show for you.

    It's mostly predictable yet every scene feels like a breath of fresh air. Every character is flawed and yet incredibly likable. And perhaps most importantly it doesn't have even a single dull frame.

    Can't wait for the 2nd season.
  • rockdiscipline-223-14225124 June 2017
    Back to the Future, Old Boy and deep dark humor. I liked it.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I usually dislike Netflix shows. Especially those with super heroes. But I gotta admit. This was a pretty good one.

    When it comes to reviewing good shows or movies it's just too hard for me because there are too many aspects that I liked about the show. So I never know where to begin with. But here are the things I enjoyed about this one:

    1) The time setting. I always enjoy 80's and this show gave me that sense of 80's pretty well.

    2) Acting was really good too. Especially with the character Ruth. This show involved a lot of acting within acting within acting. I mean it's a hard one. As an actor Alison Brie, you are the character Ruth of the show GLOW portraying a mediocre actor trying to find a good job for yourself. Once you find a fake wrestling show to take part in then that involves another level of acting which she "learns" by training within the show. Geez it's really hard to explain but I can summarize it by calling it something cheesy like actingception (derived from the movie inception just in case...) It's not just with Alison Brie but all the other wrestler women too.

    3) The humor from time to time was predictable but it was still enjoyable and was a little dark, which I enjoy a lot. I believe there was even an OldBoy reference when one of the wrestlers happens to be the daughter of the director and then his daughter tells him what is what when the director tries to make out with his own daughter unkowingly. That moment was so odd and uncomfortable I was both smiling and at the same time embarrassed. Again hard to explain.

    This show could get a 10 from me if the wresting moves were just a tiny bit more realistic. Of course they were doing it cheesy on purpose but the level of cheesiness could be reduced just a little bit more to make it seem like these women worked really hard and they started as desperate actors being clueless about wrestling but in the end they put out something that's the result of hard work. I guess I was expecting a much better development in terms of wrestling. They could even use rope tricks green screen CGI I wouldn't care really.

    For instance the part in the show where Ruth and Machu Pichu were demonstrating their moves for the first time. They were so amazing. I was like wow these are going to turn into real wrestlers by the end of the show. But as the show proceeded it actually turned into camera techniques to hide actors' incompetence at wrestling.

    I don't criticize the show because of my own expectations. I criticize because I fear that some people might find wrestling scenes too cheesy and it might turn them off. Wheras people like me would be okay thinking all that wrestling to be really good on a symbolic level.

    Anyways I talked too much. You should really give this show a try.
  • jackthehack28 June 2017
    A GLOW-rious beginning
    GLOW is loosely based on the actual GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) TV show which was a cheesy but charming women's wrestling show which ran for four seasons in the late 80s.

    This is a really funny, heartwarming and sometimes exciting show. It is a very good combination of characters and wrestling. As a lifelong pro wrestling fan, the show successfully shows wrestling for being fun without making fun of it. I could have appreciated more insight into how hard it is to be a wrestler especially taking bumps which take a toll on the body. That being said, it does a very good job showing the people and getting us behind them. They are flawed people but likable and ultimately, you root for their success.

    The performances are uniformly excellent. Alison Brie is a capable lead who keeps the movie centered. Marc Maron, as the frustrated but deep down decent cokehead director does a fabulous job. Betty Gilpin as the slightly arrogant former soap opera star is brilliant especially since she has a lot of emotional scenes. I loved the wrestler cameos which I will keep a secret.

    To conclude, the show is a wonderful love letter to wrestling fans. It would have been convenient to mock wrestling as stupid and dumb but the show avoids that pitfall. For new fans, it would serve as a good conduit into the crazy world of wrestling and for wrestling fans, it shows a simpler era where we were not smarks who picked apart every booking decision. Highly recommended!
  • serval2625 June 2017
    Well done
    This show follows out-of-work actress Ruth as she enters the newly developed world of women's wrestling and it's a lot of fun! There wasn't as much action as some may have anticipated, but I think it's important to have a solid intro season for the characters of the show and it succeeded in that. The two main actresses both have spot-on comedic timing and had me giggling most of every episode and Marc Maron is perfectly cast. The show sums up the era well and properly captures the confusion and bewilderment about wrestling during that time. Hair, make-up, set dressing, and music is all great and takes me back in time. Each episode can stand on its own as well. The episodes are relatively short and don't drag on. Even if the follow-up seasons aren't good, the first season is a real achievement and I hope everyone involved is proud of that.
  • Wilem MacLeod27 June 2017
    Delightful return to 1980's "sports"
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ms. Brie has shown her considerable talents in several recent projects, however here she deserves special congratulations as she throws herself with abandon into her part and truly brings her character to life. The dialogue is terrific throughout and this project has Emmy written all over it. However, the real stand out star, especially for those of us who survived the 80's has got to be the music. Just when you think you've heard that one amazing song from back in the day, along comes another that has been out of the regular rotation for decades and which causes all manner of memories to come rushing back. I truly was blown away at some of the musical choices, but all of them were used to maximum affect to drive the story.

    The excess, drug fueled and tee-shirt-with-a-suit decade is recreated so vividly, not only by the characters and the excellent production design, but also the idea to incorporate actual news broadcasts which serve to show the ridiculousness of the era. None more so than Mrs. Reagan's ill advised "Just say No" campaign but also the bizarre clip of the hijacked airline pilot being interviewed from the cockpit with a gun to his dead trying to explain why he prefers the airline food to the local Lebanese cuisine (true story).

    The producers get it right on so many levels, such as the fervent belief at the time that wrestling was indeed a real sport and the truth a not very well kept secret. But it didn't have to be: People wanted to believe it and just like today where the most accepted facts go challenged regularly by the vociferous minority (climate change, vaccinations, etc.) this show gives us a window into the recent past so that we may discover that for all that is new and shiny, some things will always remain the same.

    I encourage you not to be discouraged with the idea of watching a series about wrestling or a female ensemble (god forbid!), but instead, be prepared for some of the finest acting from Miss Brie provided by simply amazing writers and brought to life by those cherished few who show us once again that they are at the top of their game.
  • wolfpev15 March 2018
    unforseen love
    Why is Glow TV showing past episodes instead of continuing the series?
  • Strega Granger27 August 2017
    Glowing until eternity
    Warning: Spoilers
    There has been a lot, but really a lot of advertising of this show in Barcelona. Some streets were even wallpapered with small posters of the show (I even snatched one for myself LOL). And even though sometimes the hype is too big and then the show is not as good as we thought, but fortunately, this is not the case!

    This show is really cool. Firstly, it's set up in the 80s, an age we all feel nostalgic, whether we lived it or not. Secondly, it's from the creators of Orange is the New Black and you can feel it in the air that it has the same scene. At some point you might think it's kind of copy just that instead of being them in a prison, they are on a ring, but it's not the case as this show shines with its own light. Thirdly, there is the cast. Each one of the girls is played by a brilliant actress that gives their best performance. In my case, I really like Debbie, I find that Betty Gilpin does a marvelous performance of this character. Lastly, but not last, there is the music. Of course it's always a music according to the age we are, and it even makes feel you more nostalgic if possible.

    We follow Ruth's character taking a patch on this new stage in her life and in every episode we learn not only more things about her but also about the other ladies. Why are doing this, what they want to be. Each episode with a wonder music surrounding us and each episode taking the story one step ahead. The only pity is that every episode only lasts about 32min, and you will feel in the mood for more and more, so it's a brilliant excuse to binge watch the series in a single day. But then you will feel like you need more, and more, and then before you realize it the show is over.
  • Trupiaar15 August 2017
    Terrific Show
    I am currently now binge watching this show. It would be great in any season, but in what is mostly a waste land in Other Programming this season, this is a thirst quencher. Intelligent, original, an all around A+. A couple neg comments were about stereotyping in beginning episodes, but that really just appears to be an important part of the set up. Give it an episode or two, laugh and enjoy.
  • alandrogers4 August 2017
    Laugh out loud funny
    I wasn't sure about this, i just started watching on Netflix one night. Wow what a surprise. Yes, there's a little relationship quasi-drama, but that just makes the good parts even better. Alison Brie's campy over-the-top performances while she searches for her character are hilarious. And I'm glad to see a series for Marc Maron. It must have been written for him from the start. Nobody else could portray Sam the way he does. By the end of the series, with the girls in the ring, I'm rolling on the floor laughing at the whole thing. Great satire of pro-wrestling, and great acting by all the principals. Looking forward to the next installment.
  • glowwrestling27 July 2017
    New GLOW v/s Classic GLOW. Your Thoughts?
    If you love GLOW Netflix and our documentary please be sure to follow the Original Ladies of GLOW @GLOWwrestling xo

    See the new generation of GLOW on NF and see how it compares to Classic GLOW. We would Love your input on Twitter! Do you want to see the original Ladies of GLOW on The New Netflix GLOW in at least cameos message NetlflixGLOW and tell then you want the classic ladies to be a part of the show too!
  • pepe4u2225 July 2017
    wonderful show from netflix
    Warning: Spoilers
    saw promo for this show and remembered seeing GLOW late night on Detroit TV when I was a boy and thought why not give it a try and I will say the show was engrossing and very watchable. the characters are engrossing and great for binge watching which I did. the acting and interaction of the characters are sensational and I wish network TV would produce good shows like this and this is why Netflix is viewing for the future such as hbo.
  • sandowl28 June 2017
    Great stuff!
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know if any of you remember a movie from the late 70s, early 80s called 'California Dolls'. It was the quintessential Womens wrestling film at the time. I remember sitting up the back of a Port Macquarie cinema with a sibling, in total awe of these Women on the screen in their dazzling costumes and full on moves in the ring. It seemed brutal to me, at least that's how I remember it and after watching it, I fantasized literally for years, of how one day I'd like to do that myself.

    GLOW is different. It's gentler, warmer, has humour and the characters are well developed. The soundtrack is done beautifully and serious kudos to the makers for keeping original artists instead of covers for the series. It brings a real sense of the time and as a fan of reality- not the type of trash on TV these days dubbed 'reality TV', but actual r e a l i t y- I have found it whimsical in its own way. Thank-you makers of this show! Some people in recent times have put so many songs in one show it has had to have been meant to be comical. This show isn't one of those, it's got class, mirth, grounded characters and many opportunities of laughter. I binge watched this series, not something I usually do as most shows I think are rot. This one isn't, so give it a go.

    8 out of 10 from me. I hope there's another season.
  • LouieInLove24 June 2017
    Woman's Winner
    In recent years there's been a deluge of female fronted shows/films ejaculated from the US entertainment industry. Unfortunately most have either been maladroit SNL-style remakes (rip-offs) of male fronted outings or cliquish austere affairs painted in several coats of political correctness with little time for the human condition. However! Finally there's a show created by (I think) & fronted by women that's original, accessible & well written - Glow.

    The best creations are always the most accessible; they don't alienate or make you aware of any agenda or victim-chic. They're just good. Glow hits all the marks & talking of marks, Marc Maron is vital to the show as his sardonic masculine character is a necessary sour in the sweet. The show really wouldn't work without him.

    All the actors do a good Job. Brie does Brie & Brie does Brie well & Marc Maron is a real treat. No one can do sardonic man like a man after all.

    Cons: Kate Nash's thickly laid on Working class (what I presume is Essex) accent. It's a touch uncool/condescending/clownish - She looks great though.

    What's wonderful about this show is that it's just good. Things will be said about it being female-centric (& that's not a problem), however, it's so good you don't notice or care. More of this please girls.
  • Tom DeFelice26 June 2017
    On a purely technical note…
    …it is a Dolby Vision to enjoy. I realize that most reviews will talk about story, acting, etc…the essence to any good review.

    If you have a 4K TV with Dolby Vision you are in for a treat. As of mid 2017, program content in Dolby Vision is pretty rare. Netflix is offering GLOW in Dolby Vision and it is beautiful.

    Even if I hated GLOW (I don't), I would watch it more than once. You have to see it to be believed.

    Technically speaking, it will open your eyes.
  • Nikkifris26 June 2017
    I thought it was good until........
    I had to edit my review. I'm sick of Hollywood getting political and come to find out, Marc Maron and Betty Gilpin are two actors so far that can't keep their politics to themselves. They completely ruined the show for me.

    Also, I highly recommend everyone reading this to watch the actual documentary of Glow on Netflix. The documentary makes this fabricated show look like poop because it didn't take one ounce of creatvity to make it. Reality is 10x better!
  • Natalie6 July 2017
    Loved it from start to finish!
    What a great little show. I just wish more than 10 episodes were made for this first (and hopefully not last) season! I loved the authentic 80s feel they captured with the hair, wardrobe, sets and music - they definitely got that right. The characters were all interesting and there were some great comedic moments. Each episode is quite short and moves along at a cracking pace and is loads of fun. Looking forward to more!
  • marialamer8 July 2017
    Really, an 8.2?
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well I made it through 1.75 episodes.

    I love the genre, the clothes, hair and so on. But this played out like a badly acted soap opera. I think that Alison Brie is great! as well as some other actors.

    But Marc Maron, whom I have liked in the past, until he got too bitchy whiney, is way over the top.

    The plot lines are ridiculous, and I just cannot justify spending any more of my time on this, too many other great shows.

    Such as American Patriot for one.
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