Kia Stevens, who plays Tamee/Welfare Queen in the series, is the only female cast member who is actually a professional wrestler. Stevens has been a champion all over the world wrestling under the name Awesome Kong (sometimes Amazing Kong). She also briefly wrestled in WWE as Kharma.

The wrestler who trained the actresses for this series, Chavo Guerrero Jr. a.k.a. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. is the nephew of Armando Guerrero a.k.a. Mando, the trainer for the wrestlers on the original 1980s series.

Brooke Hogan, daughter of legendary 80s and 90s wrestling star Hulk Hogan, makes a cameo in the show as the broker who rents out the first major wrestling venue for GLOW.

Arthie's in-ring persona 'Beirut the Mad Bomber' is based on original GLOW wrestler Palestina.

Carlos Colón Jr, who plays one of the brothers of GLOW member "Machu Picchu," is a professional wrestler and is the son of famed Puerto Rican wrestler Carlos Colón, Sr.

Rhonda's in-ring persona 'Britannica' is loosely based on original GLOW wrestlers Zelda the Brain and Godiva.

Ursula Hayden is the owner of GLOW - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. She was on the original GLOW in the 1980s as Babe, the Farmer's Daughter and she bought the company in 2001. She is also a story consultant on GLOW Netflix.

Ruth's in-ring persona 'Zoya the Destroya' is loosely based on original GLOW wrestler Colonel Ninotchka.

Melanie's in-ring persona 'Melrose' is based on original GLOW wrestler Hollywood.

Dawn and Stacey's in-ring personas 'Edna and Ethel Rosenblatt, The Beatdown Biddies' are based on original GLOW wrestlers The Housewives, Arlene and Phyllis. Their season 2 in-ring personas 'Ozone and Nuke, The Toxic Twins' are based on original GLOW wrestlers Chainsaw and Spike, The Heavy Metal Sisters.

Debbie's in-ring persona 'Liberty Belle' is based on original GLOW wrestlers Americana and Scarlet and Tara the Southern Belles.

Carmen's in-ring persona 'Machu Picchu' is loosely based on original GLOW wrestler Mountain Fiji.

Former World Wrestling entertainment and current global force Wrester Brodus Clay (Tyrus in Global force wrestling) makes a cameo appearance as Machu Pichu's brother.

Sam Sylvia is loosely based on Matt Cimber, the original GLOW director.

Sheila the She-Wolf suffers from a real-life mental disorder called species dysphoria, which causes humans to believe that they are actually animals.

The ladies train at "Chavo's Boxing Gym," named after Chavo Guerrero Jr. trainer and consultant for the series.

Sebastian Howard is loosely based on David McLane, the founder of the original GLOW.

Cherry's season 2 in-ring persona 'Black Magic' is loosely based on original GLOW wrestler Big Bad Mama.

Former WWE stars, Brodus Clay, Carlito, John Morrison and the daughter of Hulk Hogan, Brooke all make cameos in the first season of glow.

Alison Brie ('Ruth') and Rich Sommer ('Mark') previously starred together in the critically acclaimed series "Mad Men."

Former WWE superstar Alex Riley and current Ring of Honor wrestler Christopher Daniels makes an appearance as wrestlers that the ladies go watch.

When the girls go to the wrestling event, professional wrestlers Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian make an appearance wrestling each other. They are currently signed with Ring of Honor (ROH) as a tag-team called The Addiction. Also interesting to note, the building they are wrestling in is the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA which is the same building that Pro Wrestling Guerrila (PWG) holds events in.

Inspired by GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (1986).

Kate Nash, who plays Rhonda Richardson, had previously been cast in a pilot for Jenji Kohan about the Salem Witch trials. Unfortunately, it did not get picked up.

Betty Gilpin and Rich Sommer both also appear in the show Elementary.

There are several references to the mythical Greek king Oedipus and the Oedipus complex in Sam Sylvia's films. In the myth, Oedipus killed his father and married his mother whilst unaware of their true identity. When Sylvia finds out that the plot for his screenplay Mothers & Lovers is similar to the newly released Back to the Future (mother attempts to seduce time travelling son whilst unaware of his true identity), he becomes upset and is next seen lying on the floor of a hotel room. Sylvia is visited by Justine who attempts to comfort him. He attempts to come on to her but she announces that she is his daughter. This mirrors the story of Oedipus, Mothers & Lovers, and Back to the Future.

In season 2 Bash mentions seeing a match where Stan Hansen injuried Bruno Sammartino's neck with a body slam. This incident actually happened. On April 26, 1976 Sammartino was Defending his WWWF (The now WWE) world title against Hansen at Madison Square Garden. Hansen improperly executed a body slam and dropped Sammartino on his head, resulting in A cracked vertebrae. Sammartino would return to the ring just two months later, facing Hansen in A rematch on June 25th 1976 at Shea Stadium. The rematch was rated match of the year for 1976 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine. Sammartino died in April 2018, 3 months before the 2nd season premired.