John Oldman: So is there a plan or are you guys just winging it?

Philip: If I can allow my faith to be shaken by the fantasies of a disgruntled college professor, I'm not really much of a Christian, am I?

Tara: My point is: he's a very brilliant man... with a great ass.

Philip: The Book of Revelation says that Jesus will rule over this planet with his believers for 1000 years.

John: Shouldn't there be a better way to help people than ruling over them like a king?

Philip: [to John] I want to know the truth. I need to know the truth. Can you just tell me the truth, please?

[first lines]

First Student: Prehistoric chicks are kind of hot.

John: We're all burning. Every one of us. Burning with desire. We're burning with a fire caused by what the Buddha called the three poisons: greed, anger, ignorance. He taught us that we can fix this, we can turn them around. And greed becomes generosity, anger becomes compassion, and ignorance becomes wisdom. There are miracles around us all the time, he said.

[last lines]

Dr. Art Jenkins: I don't think John would hurt people intentionally. But he is certainly a skilled identity fabricator.

Garcetti: Maybe so. But an immortal, identity-changing serial killer... Do you think such a thing could exist?

Dr. Art Jenkins: I think... anything is possible.