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  • Massage Rooms is a label that is completely in a rut - grinding out (for the web and streaming, evidently) endless repetitions of an identical scene, as if treating porn and film-making like a cookie-cutter operation. Fortunately, this volume of their endless saga has an opening vignette that stands alone as a mini-classic of the genre.

    And that, after all, is how it should be. The LP of my record-collecting youth has been deconstructed in favor of the individual track (or side, going back to the traditional formulation of 78rpm and 45rpm 2-sided disks with one song on each side). The same has occurred in porn -industry types always speak in terms of scenes, not videos or features or films, nowadays.

    Rita is the full-breasted masseuse in this scene and the uncredited director lets the massage (and expected "happy ending") unfold at a maximum-teasing slow, measured pace. I've seen exactly the same scene hundreds of times already, but the actress, photography and pacing conspire to make this one maximally arousing and fully satisfying by the time the customer's big dick is jerked off on her breasts.

    The other four scenes are repetitious, throwing in lesbian action, and having stalwart George Uhl take over for as masseur a couple of times. I can see the entire Oiler genre imploding suddenly and quite soon, as the lack of imagination dooms it. But this very basic opening Rita vignette provides a Golden Set for the art form and is definitely worth perusing.