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  • The only semi-good things about this were the original idea & the lead actresses' competent acting roles. The crazy female lead is pretty good casting, & she gives it all she has, but with bad writing it's not really savable.

    Bad everything else: writing, casting, acting, cinematography (how many CUs can there be of bad makeup?), directing, & the editing - wow - the editing is stellar in its AWFULNESS. Blackouts in the middle of scenes, weird cuts that make you think they've gone to commercial when they haven't & a choice of song at the end with slow mo that never ends... It's just so bad it might be fun to watch for a laugh.

    If these really are true events, it would be better served with a commitment to the comedic aspect or to the drama. Not both.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have friends in law enforcement. I have never known one of my friends to be as trusting as the detective in this movie. The whole scenario couldn't have happened. Both sides of the story of both the blond and the "attacker" would have been taken. No doctor is ever shown to confirm Jessica's pregnancy. The detective would have investigated the Jessica character before dating her. Some kind of blood work is required in most states for a marriage license. I don't think the writers knew anything about law enforcement or procedures. I can't figure what was supposed to be "true" accept maybe a Three Stooges skit or something like that!! Poor Stefanie Estes was made to look less attractive than Summer. The whole thing may be worth a viewing on a rainy afternoon which is what is going on outside right now!! Other than that find something else to watch unless you want to see a very pretty actor named Summer!!
  • Nothing is believable about this lame flick. The character Faith is the only one that is worth watching, and the whole production is close to completely useless.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I normally don't give a bad review but I couldn't even finish it.

    From her trapping him into marriage, letting his cat out, false pregnancy, and her overdramric actions. Once she tried to convince the lover her cop husband was abusing her. I stopped the movie.

    Only a 2 because I liked Faith.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There was a lot of offbeat humor and a noirish feel to "If Looks Could Kill." Officer Paul Walker falls big time for a blonde whom he "rescues" from assault by a male in a bar. But it turns out that she was the instigator, not the man. Things move quickly, and the ex-Marine marries the woman who goes by the name of Jessica Munroe. In fact, the name is an alias for Jessalyne Montgomery, who has a rap sheet that includes multiple counts of fraud, aggravated assault, and solicitation.

    The one comfort that Paul has in life is his everlasting friend appropriately named Faith. Officer Faith Grey has recently joined the police force, and she instantly recognizes that her friend has been played for a sucker. Faith investigates Jessica's background and tries to warn Paul. But his skull is so thick he will not even read the police blotter on his wife.

    By the midpoint, the film noir style kicks in with Miss Munroe having aspirations to go to Hollywood to become a movie star. By this time, Paul has become baggage to her. She is cast in a local commercial for mattresses, and she believes that it is just a matter of time before she is discovered. The best line in the film occurs during an argument between Paul and Jessica when she says, "I'm a movie star, not a mattress star!!!"

    The drama becomes tawdry and sordid when Jessica takes a lover in a young actor, whom she enlists in a dastardly plot to murder both Paul and Faith. It was surprising that the most interesting character in the film was the mild-mannered Faith. Her quiet intensity and her deep devotion to Paul resonated throughout the film.

    "If Looks Could Kill" is worth seeing for the character of Faith, who is an unsung superstar, merely doing her job and the right thing.
  • bronzesrv12 February 2021
    If looks could kill, the whole cast of this movie would be dead! IT STINKS! The one stars for the young lady who is trying to play the police officer... Bless her heart! The blonde... They just don't get any Dumber in this one.🙄
  • Once called a filmmaker to watch, James Cullen Bressack has become a name to avoid. This is his worst effort by far. Ridiculous script, hilarious overacting, and "who cares? Just pay me" direction make this a film so bad it's....well just bad. No redeeming anything here. Skip this mess.
  • edwagreen10 January 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    After she is busted in the shooting, our bad girl does a Norma Desmond like walk to the police car with music playing. She is totally off the wall by then and for Summer Spiro, this represents quite a good performance.

    The story of a cop who falls for a woman after he arrests a man who allegedly assaults her. Claiming to be pregnant by him, they soon wed but her erratic behavior makes his partner, a female officer who loves him, even more suspicious and leads the latter to further investigate the situation.

    All the leads show good acting and the police head chastises our female cop with suspension when she goes a little too far in her search for the truth.
  • Basically, I love all things Bressack. And Lifetime. Combining the two made me squeal with glee! Based on a true story, Jessica is an ambitious, and narcissistic blonde diva who wants to be a megastar. She meets handsome policeman, Paul who caters to her every whim and puts her on the pedestal she created. Fellow cop, Faith (no surprise here...she maintains a huge crush on Paul as they've known each other since childhood) is immediately suspicious of Jessica and begins her own investigation. Similar to "To Die For" (also a true story about Pamela Smart), Jessica seduces a younger man to, her out with her 'abusive' husband. Following the Lifetime rules of provocative drama with a whimsical note, this is a funny little film that proves love is blind. Deaf and dumb, too. Bressack stepped away from the usual grotesque cinema to craft a great plot of intrigue and seduction. And I was especially delighted to see his cameo as the commercial director, instructing Jessica and her new beau on their big screen debut. Looking forward to more of James work!