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  • Do you know what is like when you don't want a movie to end? That's exactly what you get by watching that movie. A twist of love, laughter, a good story, that's all you need. I enjoyed it more than expected to be honest and it's being a while since I had that feeling from a film that kind. Perfect cast and good storyline.
  • Honestly, I went into this movie with low expectations, and I came out pleasantly surprised and amused. I like Adam Devine, especially his work in Workaholics, and find him quite funny. Alexandra Daddario, in my most humble opinion, is such a total BABE; so fine omg. Anyway, I digress; this movie was just super wholesome and left you with a good warm feeling when you finished it. Sure it was cliche at moments and you could basically predict the plot if you're an avid movie watcher, but I don't think that takes away from the movie in general. If you came into this movie expecting an oscar-winning crazy complex contemporary movie that made you really think about it's major themes and underlying messages then I'm sorry but you're going to be sorely disappointed. However, if you go into this movie with an open mind, a fun mood, and some popcorn, I believe you will come to enjoy this movie for what it is: a Wholesome Feelgood Romcom.
  • rhoda_s_girl17 February 2018
    Just have to say I loved this movie and found it to be sweet, touching, funny, and refreshingly good.:) It had good acting plus didn't lower itself to idiotic dumb gags or the usual low level chick flick. It even surprised me a bit in the end and I only hope that Netflix makes more movies like this. This is probably one of the few Netflix self made things that I actually really liked. It's perfect for a date night or to watch single or with friends. My hubby liked it too which means if he liked it (who usually doesn't watch this type of stuff) then that's saying something...;)
  • I started watching the movie just as a time fill but quickly became invested. what kept me enjoying the movie was the characters are people you can relate yourself to in one way or another. It's not the funniest comedy you'll see but it does have it's moments. It's a film both men and woman will enjoy and i enjoyed the ride of the movie.
  • Started the film, thinking it was just another groundhog day ripoff, but was extremely pleasantly surprised in the course of the film. There are some genuine laughs and a slow and unexpected turn of events. Lovely actors and a nice story.... Just watch it. It's a romkom, but you will be pleasantly surprised...
  • I've read reviews saying this was suprisingly good and better than the usual chickflick, but I think that "When We First Met" is exactly that: The usual chickflick. The only thing that was better done than you might expect is the ending. I think most people will not see this ending coming, but will probably be sort of hoping for it throughout the movie.

    The comedy/humour in "When We First Met" is mostly a bit dull and/or idiotic, but some parts really do make you laugh. I think that they might have been trying too hard to be funny, which made it a little bit awkward at times, but I suppose that that comes with this genre. It's not better, but also not worse, than you'd expect.

    The main character isn't as likeable as he/she usually is in a romcom, but this character will warm up to you. The secundairy characters consist of the pretty girl who's put on a way too high pedestal without any real reason, the handsome guy who everybody likes except one (because of jealousy ofcourse), the goovy/cool female friend and the goovy/cool male friend. You'll find yourself liking some of them though, which makes for an enjoyable movie.
  • teaghann1 June 2018
    Enjoyable, feel good movie! Would definitely recommend it!
  • I have a strong eh feeling for "Netflix original films", some impress most fall flat. The original shows are good, most of the films feel like direct to video and its easy to see why the films don't come to theaters. I had some real hesitation checking When We First Met for two reasons. One, I didn't take confidence in seeing Adam Devine (who is decent in doses) as a leading man. Second, I found the time loop/reliving the same day storyline a little stale since there's been some recent frequent takes on it. Oddly and surprisingly, I had a good time with this one.

    The film is about a man named Noah (Devine), who meets the girl of his dreams at a Halloween Party. Three years pass and he has to watch her get engaged to another man. He soon discovers that returning to a photo booth at a jazz bar allows him to travel back in time and relive that Halloween and change his future. Naturally, things go wrong as he tries to woo the girl that he wants most and we get a nice laugh out of Noah's trials and tribulations.

    The film had a few funny moments. Some of them caused me to laugh out loud. Devine really worked as a leading man, a lot of the funny would not have been possible with out his unique delivery. The time loop nature of the film wasn't so annoying. I mean, there were times where I felt the story dragged out but it wasn't so easy to predict how Noah was going to get the right formula to end up with the girl he loves. Overall, I can't deny that I was interested the whole way through.

    I do have a criticism that is kind of unrelated to the film. Why are internet stars like Andre Bachelor (who got famous off of vines) in so many movies now? I saw him do one with Logan Paul ffs. Yeah, lets keep it it real actors please. A fun time overall, I want to see Netflix bring more quality programming and not some hot garbage (Cloverfield Paradox, I'm looking at you).

  • Made me think about my life... my loves and regrets

    May be it was a chance or may be it was meant to be that way, one would never know.

    If you find that one girl, don't let her go. Everything's gonna turn out fine somehow :)

    And of course: "DON'T TOUCH HER ASSHOLE!" :D
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Adam Devine plays Noah, a happy-go-lucky piano bar guy who becomes infatuated with Avery, played by Alexandria Daddario, at a Halloween party. When his first date with her goes awry, he stumbles onto his savior solution in the form of a time-traveling photo booth in the bar he works at. Kinda like the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day", he uses the time machine to go back to the time he first met her (hence the title) and recover from his previous mistakes in order to get the girl. Or does he? Shelley Hennig plays Avery's improbably ignored best friend (Hennig is a former Miss Teen USA, so figure that one out) who ends up playing a bigger role near the end. Robbie Amell plays Noah's romantic rival for Avery's affections. All the cast members play their parts with glee, although Devine reminds me too much of a younger, beardless version of Jack Black. His overenthusiastic acting style gets a little overbearing at times, but by the end you do want to root for him. The movie ends up being a subtle lesson on looks AND compatibility which is very funny and charming. It has it's incredulous parts like any time travel movie will do, but overall it is a pleasant way to spend 97 minutes with a likable cast and some good laughs.
  • To be honest, I don't have much expectation when watching this movie. I just don't feel good at home and don't know what to do. I just strolling around the internet for a movies, and somehow the title seems interesting for me. I checked imdb, the review is "so so" (6), but I somehow interested in the title, so I just watched it.

    Having watched this movie till the end. it makes me think "how come people rate this movie with 6 ?!?!" I just don't understand why. This is my first time reviewing a movie on internet. And let me tell you why this movie deserve 10.

    Despite the love story within it, actually I'm more interested in the value delivered on it. I can't count anymore on how many times I'm wondering "what if I can go back and change the time? what if I didn't do that? what if I did that? why not I did that?" and other regrets of my past.

    Watching this movie make me realize on how beautiful life is, with its up and down. This movie tell us that you might think that your life is ruined. you took a wrong decision and you want to go back again and fix everything. But when you have that chance, and you tried to change it many times, it turns out to never be as perfect as you expected.

    Well that's life. you can't always be perfect. Someday you'll realized that what happened was the best things that could happen to you. you don't need to have other scenario within your life. you just need to life your life.

    You can go back to your past but not regret it. Go back to your past and smile on how funny the life was. Go back to your past and be grateful that it happened. Because everything happens for reason. you might not understand it now. But someday you will.
  • brynnkeel31 August 2019
    If Hallmark and Groundhog had a baby, it would be this movie. Phenomenal. A great story and I found myself rooting for Noah the entire time! I highly recommend it!!
  • I grossly underestimated this movie as a 'old wine in a new bottle' cliché after watching the trailer. However, the movie was actually good. Not amazing but quite good. There's a good twist that is pretty unexpected (that's why I like this movie). Also, I got to see a different side of Adam DeVine (not the usual annoying guy trying to make awful jokes). Same goes for Alexandra Daddario. She is always the 'hot girl'in the movies. In this one we see her more as a person than an eye candy, which, honestly, is quite refreshing. I would recommend this movie, along with another movie like this, 'About Time' (starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rachael McAdams and Margot Robbie). It's a more complex and intricate version of this film (with a somewhat similar storyline).
  • LittleLotti18 February 2018
    I don't know why there a bad reviews for this movie. If you watch the trailer you get exactly the movie you're expecting. Obviously this isn't going to be the greatest movie you've ever seen, but it was a decent flick for a Saturday night in. Like most movies that deal with going back in time, WWFM deals with the way fate plays out and how changing things can result in a completely different life - not always the one you were hoping for. Overall though it's not a bad movie. Not riotously funny, but enjoyable. I appreciate that it didn't rely on sex, drugs, or violence like the comedies coming out lately. Call me a prude but the last few comedies I've seen have been utterly tasteless. Anyway, this is a good movie to watch to kill some time or for a night in with friends, but don't expect anything outstanding.
  • In a world that we live in, that every comedy lately is competing who is the crudest, this movie is a relief from the norm. Yes, it's the same old tale of time travel but it has a nice twist, and as always Adam Devine's quirky humor cracks me up.
  • When We First Met is a sweet, charming movie about who people are really meant for.

    Noah, played immaculately by Adam Devine, gets the chance to travel back in time to persuade Avery, the girl of his dreams, to fall in love with him.

    As the time travels increase, the comedy escalates and escalates, creating a subversion of the cliché conventions. The movie encompasses so much twists and turns, creating a modern love story.

    In his most gorgeous role yet, Adam portrays Noah as an awkward and friendly guy, transforming his role from what could have been a creepy stalker, into a sweet protagonist, hopeful for love. Adam injects the perfect amount of humour and heart into his performance, demonstrating a true vulnerability to Noah.

    This movie ends in such a beautiful note about life and love, with the whole cast having amazing chemistry together!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to say that I am very happy with the bulk of netflix movies I have seen. This one so far is my absolute favorite. I have never seen Adam Devine before but I instantly fell in love with his comedy styles and his character, Noah. If someone smushed together Tom Delonge and Jack Black, I feel like Adam Devine is the result of that.

    I am personally a HUGE fan of time travel. If you are not, this is not the movie for you. You definitely need to suspend disbelief right off the bat. Don't focus or obsess about how he is travelling back in time, just go with it. Otherwise you will likely not enjoy this movie.

    This movie is very relatable despite its fantastical premise because we all have a moment we wish we could relive and correct. Noah manages to accomplish this several times, having many wacky adventures along the way. It seems like it creates a butterfly effect every time he does so and he is never happy with the results. He ultimately realizes it's because he is trying to achieve the wrong result. Some people may be unhappy with the twist ending but I saw it coming from a mile away so I was cool with it. Avery and Ethan seemed so perfect to me and the absence of any visible flaw in Ethan's personality made me wonder where they were going with this. And I definitely saw Noah's repeated connection with Carrie. The girl playing Avery was ridiculously beautiful, she has the bluest eyes I have ever seen!

    The cast had wonderful chemistry together and it was very heartwarming that they all ended up being friends in the end despite all the crap Noah put them through (unbeknownst to them). I honestly was laughing my ass off the whole movie, whoever wrote this film is hysterical. I had to keep rewinding parts and re-watching them because I was laughing too hard to hear the rest. It was one of those movies where I just wanted to watch it again the moment it was over.

    The only reason it does not get a perfect 10 is because after everything we went through with Noah, I would have liked to have seen more with he and Carrie at the end. I loved the picture collage but I didn't feel like that was enough of a payoff. I am however glad that there were no children of theirs in any of the pictures. I am glad that the movie was just about finding love and happiness with someone and nothing more than that.

  • Remember the movie, Groundhog Day? Of course you do. It's wonderful. Bill Murray plays a man who, while reliving the same day over and over again, learns how to treat people better, make them happier, and in turn make himself happier. The movie, When We First Met is kind of like that except the jokes aren't as funny and the rules don't make sense and he sometimes flashes forward in time and it's a much worse movie.

    Here's a quick overview of the plot. Noah (Adam Devine) loves his friend Avery (Alexandra Daddario), but she's engaged to Ethan (Robbie Amell). While drinking heavily out of sadness that he missed his chance with the girl of his dreams, Noah uses a magic photobooth to jump back in time to the night that he met Avery. His second chance with her goes well until it doesn't. Then he tries again and again and... you get the idea.

    The premise is fun enough. I actually like the idea quite a bit. The issue is that the movie just has so many holes. The plot doesn't make sense when given even an ounce of thought. What are the rules of his time jumps? Are there any? Some things he remembers. Others he doesn't. There is no discernable plan behind it all, other than to reach for cheap laughs whenever possible. It seems like the writer didn't have a very clear vision of the world that he built. In other words, he butchered the Groundhog Day model.

    I like Adam Devine. He has a likable aura in all his roles even when he does something unsavory. In this role, he goes for it in every scene, even when I'm sure he knew the line didn't work or didn't make sense. I commend him for his effort. He almost sold it at certain points, but he was severely held back by the script.

    A lot of the jokes didn't land. Then they would come up again later, and they would not land again. It was a double-whammy of jokes bombing terribly. The funniest scene in the movie comes when Noah visualizes the moment Avery met Ethan at a grocery store. I won't spoil it, but the image is good for a hearty chuckle.

    A big problem with the movie is that I didn't quite believe a lot of it. With comedies, they work if I believe what is happening and they work if I know that I'm suspending my disbelief and laughing at how absurd things are. But when the events pose as rational but aren't quite there, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I can deal with the unbelievability of the time jumping, but I can't deal with inconsistently enforced rules within the time jumping. Even the ridiculous plot points need to be grounded in some form of rational thought. On the positive side, I liked all the performers. I think any of them could fit in fine in a well-made movie. I'm not sure any one of them is capable of carrying a weak script, which is the challenge they faced here. I'd like to see all of them receive more opportunities.

    Somehow, despite all my gripes, I still found myself caring about the ending. It's the best part. It's fairly predictable but handled just warmly and delicately enough that I couldn't complete hate the entire movie. I must be a sucker for romance or Adam Devine or both.

    With that said, I don't recommend this movie. I suggest selecting any of a number of far superior romantic comedies that line the walls of Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • schizoshua16 February 2018
    Even though the originality of the story line isn't there. It mastered the groundhog day concept of a feel good movie. Maybe I feel it's exceptional because i just watched 3 movies with nail biting open ended movies like 3 billboards outside ebbing Missouri. I love movies that make you think and get good laughs
  • Some poeple may say that everything was predictable, I would say yes after watching few minutes and couples of scenes you may be able to proedict the ending, but still, you know only his goal you don't know how he is gonna achieve it. As a personal opinion I believe that this movie is brilliant, time traveling isn't a new thing but the combining comedy a little bit of romance and good storylines makes this movie great, I did enjoy every second watching it, however I'm not a big fan of comedy movies, but tbh Adam Devine did a great job, the movie is awesome it delivers a great idea. Try it you wont regret.
  • "When We First Met" is a half-baked mashup of ideas that have been explored more skillfully and interestingly in "The Butterfly Effect," "Groundhog Day" and "Bedazzled." Whereas GD explored the male-centric notion that a man can conquer any woman's heart with determination, perseverance and a readiness to change through growth and maturation, WWFM assumes the female-centric view that there can be only one perfect match which is somehow divinely ordained and guided by destiny. The result is somewhat incoherent and nonsensical.

    Adam Devine plays Noah, a somewhat nerdish underachiever with seemingly limitless potential, who is smitten by überbabe Avery (Alexandra Daddario), whose underutilization in this film borders on the criminal. Not only is she given so little to do that her sentiments are often expressed by BFF Carrie (Shelley Hennig), but, in chickflick fashion, she is dressed so modestly, save for a hint of cleavage, that one wonders if the actress has become pregnant and is dressed in body-comatose (if that's the antonym of body-conscious) outfits to disguise a growing baby bump.

    Noah, through no fault of his own, has been consigned by Avery to the infuriatingly inescapable friend zone. Through some fortuitous divine intervention, he is repeatedly whisked back in time to the fateful day when he blew whatever chance he thinks he might have had with Avery and given several opportunities to change his game plan. He manages to capture her body, but not her heart, while causing substantial collateral damage in other areas of his life, but is whisked back to the present with no memory of whatever sexual ecstasy they may have shared.

    Performances are generally good, although Devine and Daddario are hampered by an unimaginative script. Henning delivers a varied and interesting performance, reacting to different permutations of Devine's character. Andrew Bachelor channels Eddie Murphy as Noah's best friend. Production values are adequate to the task.

    However, while occasionally amusing, I never found the film laugh-out-loud funny. The film takes itself too seriously to be funny. Noah's efforts to escape the friend zone are treated as something bordering on rape mentality. He never enjoys his time with Avery or much of anything else in his alternate realities. He suffers because he can't have Avery, then suffers because having Avery's body but not her soul doesn't live up to his fantasy. Where's the humor in that?
  • I watched the mpvie thinking it will be good.I had a couple Laughs with Noah,Carrie,Avery,Max,Ethan and Phil and the plot twist surprised me. I highly recomend,even it is cliche.
  • conjamcar5 August 2018
    It's not unlikable, but it is a little thin at times. I wouldn't say not to watch it, but keep your expectations in check. This movie just needed a bit more effort from Netflix. The actors do a pretty good, and their are a fair amount of humorous moments.
  • 'WHEN WE FIRST MET': Three Stars (Out of Five)

    A romantic comedy about a guy who travels back in time, multiple times, in an attempt to get out of the 'friend zone' with the girl of his dreams. It stars Adam Devine, Alexandra Daddario, Shelley Hennig, Robbie Amell and Andrew Bachelor. It was directed by Ari Sandel (who also helmed 2015's 'THE DUFF'), and it was written by Devine and John Whittington (who also co-wrote 'THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE' and 'THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE'). The film was released by Netflix through it's streaming site. I found it to be mildly amusing.

    Noah Ashby (Devine) has been hopelessly in love with his best friend Avery Martin (Daddario), ever since the night they met. He felt that night went perfect, but she has kept him in the 'friend zone' ever since (and now she's engaged to someone else). Upon making a wish in a picture booth, to make things different, Noah travels back in time to the night he met Avery. When he doesn't set things right the first time, he keeps traveling back in time (to the same night) in a desperate attempt to get it right.

    The movie has a cool premise, and it's kind of a unique new twist on the time traveling flick, but other than that it's kind of simple and unoriginal. Devine is good in it though, and he's always funny in my opinion. Daddario's character is pretty unlikable though, in my opinion as well, and I had a hard time even relating to why he's so in love with her. It's also pretty obvious, the entire film, who he should be pining after. The film, like most movies, has it's positives and negatives, and I'll give it a slightly above average rating for them.
  • After reading print reviews I was a bit apprehensive about how good this movie would be.

    However I was generally amused with the film which had a few laugh-out-loud moments. (Shelley Hennig has a great swing.)

    The repeated time travel aspect was interesting in that Noah gets a do-over on one day three years in the past and then wakes up to see what has changed in the intervening three years. Different.

    The acting was good though some of the writing could have been better. I especially liked Hennig. Daddario was adequate. Devine carried the movie well.

    Being from New Orleans, it was nice to see so much of the city without all the cliches. One jarring thing for me - my wife didn't catch it - was when the cast went for a run, they started in Armstrong Park and seconds later they are in City Park which is 5 miles away. (I'm just being picky - lol)

    This movie won't win Oscars but it does entertain.
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