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  • The lowest-rated "recommendation" I can give. Is it fun to play? Yes. Is it repetitive? Hell yes. Should you buy it? If you like doing the same things over and over and over to acquire XP so you can unlock fun new ways to do those same things over and over, then yes. Wait for a deep discount, though ($10 or less). Total size on my hard drive: 52GB (base game)

    + Excellent character design. Each plays differently, and has unique skills. + Good cast of agents. Ever wanted to wreak havoc as a furious German football fan? Or as an ice giant, complete with ice-ray-gun? Plenty of variety, and each has their own series of short side-quests to provide some back-story. + Stylized comics function in place of cutscenes. Works well, gives the narrative a unique feel. + Cars handle well. One of the few games where completing the driving activities is a genuine pleasure (even with a keyboard & mouse). + Good voice-acting. + Unlimited ammo. + Fifteen difficulty levels. Going out with a less-experienced squad? Set the difficulty to Level 3 or 6. Taking your best crew? Raise the difficulty to 9 or 12. Agents that are recruited later in the game never feel left behind. + Rebindable controls.

    +/- Deliberate B-movie-style story that is occasionally funny and progresses at a good pace. Best enjoyed as a series of small tales rather than one over-arching adventure. Lacks a main character to anchor the story, which makes it feel random and sometimes pointless. Main villain is a cardboard stereotype. +/- An alternative-universe Saints Row. Agent Kingpin is Pierce. Agent Yeti is Oleg. References are everywhere, but instead of appreciating them I was either left nostalgic or annoyed (naming a k-pop AI boss "Aisha"? Insulting. Saints Row fans will know). It even sounds like the cars' audio is directly copied from Saints Row 3.

    • No multiplayer of any sort. The roster of agents and arcade activities in the open world scream "co-op mode!" (rather like in the Saints Row games). But nope.
    • Graphics disappoint. Textures look low-res (even maxed), smoke looks odd, and jaggy edges are everywhere - even with both forms of in-game anti-aliasing enabled (which blurs the image to an absurd degree).
    • Performance is bad, with frame-drops everywhere. I suspect this is due to the non-adjustable draw distance (Batman: Arkham Knight also had this issue). The game is demanding to run even on lower settings. At 1080p Medium, I saw frame-dips to 27fps on my RX 470, though most of the time frame-rate was between 50-65fps.
    • No aerial vehicles.
    • No way to easily scale buildings. All platforming challenges.
    • All the leaps and acrobatics, yet Agent Yeti is the only character with a ground-pound? Missed opportunity.
    • No loadout customization. Hollywood will always carry his assault rifle, Fortune her dual pistols.
    • No visual customization (aside from the included and DLC skins) - of neither characters nor cars.
    • Only possible to have one profile. Want to start a new playthrough? The only option is to completely delete your old saves (there is an option to do this in the main menu).
    • Checkpoint saving only. Returning to the mothership saves automatically, so it's not quite as restrictive as it sounds, but still annoying.
    • Key missions revolve around entering enemy "lairs," getting some intel or gear, then leaving. There was an opportunity to craft futuristic fps-dungeon-crawler hybrid levels, but the effort falls apart because the same "lair" level is re-used over and over (at least 25 times, and I didn't even complete all of the lairs).
    • Regenerating activities. Take an outpost, and a timer appears. Legion will retake it when the countdown reaches zero. There's no battle, there's no fight. It's just automatically theirs again. So you have to go retake it. This continues ad infinitum. Upon completing a side-activity, the icon does not change color or disappear, so you have no way of knowing which activities you completed and which ones you did not. Every so often "doomsday devices" will spawn in the city; all have the same pattern to defeat them. An obvious attempt to extend playtime without adding actual new content.

    Agents of Mayhem feels like Volition was pressured with some major budget restraints in development. Either that, or this game is simply the product of a cheap, lazy effort. I don't want to think either is true, but given the lack of interesting things to do, and the constantly re-used assets, I'm left with only those choices. The final boss battle (whose absurdity is only equaled by the trite over-acting of the villain himself) leaves a horrible final impression of what had been a bland, average experience. Sandbox collectible-hunters will love it for a while, then realize that ANY of the Saints Row games offer far more appealing and varied content, and uninstall Agents of Mayhem. 5/10 I miss Zinyak.
  • The story cartoonishly told and kind of poor. The games scene of humor is dated and most jokes miss their mark. The gameplay is fun and the world is small so not to lose focus and big to feel open. It got it for $10 and I think you should get it on sale. Over $25 is too much.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First things first as someone who payed there hard earned money for this game I have a much better opinion then so many people who have a agenda 65% of online reviews on game sites,blogs and YouTube are shills they are known for blackmailing Publisher & Developers into payola Angry Joe comes to mind when it comes to this but, he isn't the only one Most of these same clowns don't pay a dime for the software or even hardware The biggest problem with the Internet is the over the top negativity over good and services It's very Toxic Before Agents of Mayhem even dropped people online were quick to knock it (No Online Co-Op fail) It's not Saints Row fail Good lord I hope half these people are high school kids that are just stupid and don't fully understand the real world Agents of Mayhem is in fact Saints Row (I can bank the Developers only put from the Creators of Saints Row 1-IV in some of the teaser trailers) to troll the internet Community who are massive babies If you played and beat SR Gat out of Hell you'd understand this Universe/Timeline The negatives: There are minor bugs I've been stuck in the Ark, sometimes the game has lag usually during odd things like when you fall from a super high spot Once in a while the audio drops out But, on 8-22-17 (There was a patch/update so hopefully it fixes the small issues No type of Grinding on anything there are strange polls in high spots you'd think you can jump on or even grind on/across But, you can't Not sure why these are even in the game I can't help but, think there was a grinding mechanic but, it was removed due to Sunset Overdrive Another massive Negative is the load out screen (This game takes the over complicated characters upgrades Boardlands has and throws it into a Sandbox/Open world game You only get 3 Agents of Mayhem Characters out of the gate which i don't mind but, it would've been nice to have a few more I'm on Level 11 so not sure when other Agents are unlocked

    Graphics the look is a bit different from previous SR games (It's very much Crackdown mixed with Far Cry: Blood Dragon, meets Sunset Overdrive) It's very 1980's Neon If you are sensitive to colors watch lets plays before you buy it (I can see some people falling out and having a Seizure from this game) If you are a child of the 80's your love what you see there are so many cleaver references all over the place Depending on what type of TV you are playing on you'll want to adjust the settings to your liking The cut scenes are straight-up 1980's looking Saturday morning cartoons in a awesome way!

    The controls are so/so not horrible by any means but, seem a bit "off" The climbing up building in Saints Row IV and SR: Gat Out of Hell was almost perfect in Agents it's not as easy While it's not over complicated like GTA5 it's a bit stiff and takes a little getting use to The driving is spot on much like in other SR games it's easy to get into a vehicle and drive The switching on the fly works and the more you play you'll understand this concept

    The Story: Is a bit simple much like Just Cause 2-3 and the previous Saints Row games You don't play games like this for the deep social commentary you play it for the shallow Open World game It's very much like a extend Adult version of G.I. Joe

    Is it fun and worth your time and money Without a doubt yes if you love Sunset Overdrive, Just Cause 2-3, Crackdown 1-2, and all the previous Saints Row title you'll dig this While it's not perfect (No open world/Sandbox title is) There is a lot of content in the game The best way to try to explain this re-imagining is to compare it to Dead Rising 4 = DR4 was a solid fun game but, overly simplistic to appeal to the masses/mainstream fans Agents of Mayhem isn't a lazy sequel it's just a little to bloated in a sense (Volition went all out to expand on a open world game trying to take concept done by Boarderlands, and Overwatch and a hint of Crackdown This game is super ambitious Volition could've done the lazy thing and just took Saints Row IV and re-skinned it and added more HD textures I'm not sure who this game is meant for though It's a odd mash-up of a True Open World title with elements of other game genres It shouldn't work but, it really does Is it the best Sandbox game I've played this year probably not but, it's super close Hopefully there is real HQ Season Pass unlike the garbage Capcom gave us with the Dead Rising 4 Season Pass I hope this direction continues But, Volition remakes Saints Row in this time line that way both games can share the same Universe Much like Saints Row and Red Faction shared the same Universe previously This could be a build up to a Saints vs Agents of Mayhem game The game is a solid entry into the sandbox genre that changes the rules and should be given a lot more credit then JohhnyGamer1988 says or the other brave internet trolls that hide behind a phony online name to express there point of view I gain nothing for talking up this game i have no angle and not looking for clicks I think it's being ripped apart to be ripped apart while garbage like Friday the 13th The game gets a strange pass at being garbage It's a solid 9/10 MS Gamertag Duckman 1979