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  • I'm rooting for Girlfriends to hit 200 volumes in this rewarding series, which I'm watching both new and old presently. #129 is disappointing, as its vignettes' stories are bland, and the new talent recruited from Lesbian Central Casting underwhelming.

    Chief underwhelmer is Karen Kougar, a cute cuddly name but if she were a man could be termed an "empty suit". A porn relative newcomer at a ripe old age of 52 (earning Granny roles no less), Karen has a bubbly personality but is unattractive and merely looks like a stripper with natural 44 DDs. Her tryst with lesbian icon Elexis Monroe is strictly mechanical sex.

    Other old favorites going through their paces include Shyla Jennings, still playing teens in her 30s, and convincing at it. In a better world she would be ubiquitous on TV hawking hair coloring or makeup instead of the Andie MacDowells and Olivia Wildes.

    Shyla is paired with Taylor Mayes as this video eschews the usual formula of older/younger sex replacing it with "age appropriate" couplings. The video opens with a couple of talky, time-killer gossip sessions starring Zoey Holloway, and the creeps who run this porn label don't give her a screen credit, as usual, just because she doesn't have sex. She showed up for work, guys, and recited her lines -isn't that enough?

    After 9 minutes of this yammering, very awkward improvised dialog has the group more or less forcing virginal Keira Kelly to hook up with Aaliyah Love, who may still be young in years but as porn fans know well has been around the block an uncountable number of times.

    I like Keira, and have enjoyed her work in numerous Girlfriends Films assignments (while skipping her coterminous career as a bondage fetish damsel) but her pretend innocence humping with Aaliyah is a snoozer.

    Final segment is a real letdown, with two untalented performers literally grinding the video to a halt. Using a sports analogy, it's like one of those endless baseball games with no scoring that is eventually halted on account of darkness. Persia Monir has huge natural breasts and that's about it for her bio, while bedmate Sadie Michaels is likewise bosomy but indistinctive. The story outline for their hookup is as uneventful as those of the other 3 vignettes.

    I am extremely critical in my IMDb reviews of the upstart Girlsway/Gamma lesbian videos (from Stills & Mills) and their outlandish, infantile plot lines, but mama label Girlfriends (which distributes much of the Gamma product) had better take heed and come up with more interesting stories, or else.