Dentist: Why don't you start to take off you're clothes too?

Man: Have you ever had sex with a patient?

Dentist: No way! I can't do that here.

Man: Oh c'mon! You never- you thought about it. You must have thought about it.

Dentist: No, this is my work, I can't fuck in here. Ha!

Man: I can tell you thought about it!

Dentist: Ha ha!

Man: You thought about it!

Dentist: Maybe, but, with him?

[She points to her sedated patent]

Man: Well, he can't really do anything. Look at him. We could try it.

Dentist: Meaning, me and you?

Man: Yeah, why not?

Dentist: Oh, I can't do it, I really can't.

Dentist: [while adjusting green latex gloves on her hands] I guess I could go lock the door. Maybe. I don't know! I shouldn't do it. I can't.

Man: Why, you don't think I'm hot enough?

Man: Well, I do! I want you! But... OK whatever. I'll go lock the door.