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  • You know there's little creativity involved here: even the name of the new porno label Pretty Dirty is cribbed from a New Sensations series from a couple of years back. So Bree & Alan pursue cheesy boy/girl action in "Family Transgressions", with a side order of incest.

    Each of the four segments manages to be annoying, when presumably the goal was to be arousing. Go figure.

    Opener has Piper Perri doing her precociously dirty jail-bait thing for the umpteenth time, tantalizing step-dad Ryan McLane. Her act has gotten old in a hurry, and Ryan is always an irritating presence for me on screen, so this was torturous to sit through. Basically he's a pervert who sniffs panties and when Piper finds out she not only holds this vice over his head but makes him wallow in it. All for the fans to get their minimum daily requirement of the kid with braces humping like somebody twice her age. My main takeaway is that if anyone in Adult Entertainment or even mainstream had an ounce of creativity they would be cranking out a remake of "The Bad Seed" starring Piper.

    Writer Mills tops herself with Segment 2, far more off-putting than Segment 1 proved to be. An out-of-control Xander Corvus, emphasizing his mannerisms almost to the point of stammering his improv dialog, is cast as son of a famous rock & roll dinosaur, who's still out on the road. He barges into daddy's mansion, and has a major tiff with step-mom Brigitte B, latter very appealing and delivering a solid acting-class turn. Xander is so unlikable here that the arbitrary sex between the two turned out to be a drag, after such a stupid and contradictory build-up.

    Tyler Nixon plays a meanie for a change in the next vignette, in place of usual all-smiles perennial youth. He's out to get tattooed step-mom Nina Elle, and the improvised action of him taking an incriminating cell-phone video of her plus humping her was in desperate need of a real script, in place of Bree's usual bare-bones story idea for the actors to play with.

    Finale easily blew away the previous "dirty" short subjects, thanks to India Summer. She was stuck with lousy material (no surprise) but managed to put it over. This vignette reminded me of an early Stills by Alan short "Almost Caught" where Alan himself played the dad, and the gimmick was that he couldn't see the hanky-panky of his wife Kendra Lust and their daughter at the dinner table - a thoroughly asinine video. This time we have a non-sex cameo by Derrick Pierce as India's new husband, who wants her to bond with his son Jessy Jones. Since Jessy, a veteran of endless Brazzers sex farces, has a bigger dick than Derrick it isn't surprising that India seduces him. The silliness of Derrick oblivious to the crypto-incest going on in his bed while he takes a long-long shower is poorly staged by Alan -merely a chance to see India sexy as always.