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  • This movie brings different subjects to the public. It is not only about food, but the relationship Abe has with it and his family, the feelings he hides and how food has changed his life. The script is well written and Fernando did a great job directing it. Furthermore, I loved the selection of the actors such as Noah Schnapp and Mark Margolis.
  • junezapitron3 November 2019
    I really liked this movie. im sad it kind of flopped though): im like a huge fan of noah so thats y i watched it.
  • It gets a little cheesy at the end but a nice movie to watch. It could've been more, sure, but good nonetheless.
  • Great story line that had so much potential. Just sad that the writing, acting, and directing was completely, but completely off. Just a big mush in my brain from start to finish.
  • If only the plot-cake had used baking powder instead of baking soda. The movie's editing styles; use of hashtags, memes and montages, may help draw a younger audience to the movie, and especially with its call for unity. However, the plot of the story may feel a little salty to the taste for viewers, due to the constant barrages of never-ending shouting matches between family members which drenches the story with vinegar. A little complements the dish; add too much and you've ruined the taste.
  • djsocial18 April 2020
    Beautifully done. The conflicts between two different families with different religion was well presented. Noah Schnapp portrayed his role very well. Story line was genuine. Definitely a good watch for the whole family.
  • The film certainly has its heart in the right place. The basic idea is for all its intents and purposes charming and addresses an interesting and important topic. However, director Fernando Andrade completely fails to establish the film's premise in a believable way, through which the rest of the movie's story extremely suffers from. All in all, Abe (2020) only ends up as a noncredible feelgood-movie with a wannabe deep message.

    Abe:"I'm going to the party!" School kid:"Don't we get enough of you at school?" *Comment gets 7 likes* Me:"This kid is getting bullied all because he likes cooking?!? LMFAO TF"
  • Just as more citizens are becoming reacquainted with preparing homemade meals, Breaking Glass Pictures brings to DVD (June 2, 2020) an entertaining Indie film about a young aspiring chef - Abe (Noah Schnapp - "Stranger Things") .

    Directed and written by accomplished young LA based Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Grostein Andragde, the film tracks Abe's growth as a chef, while he struggles at home to understand his historic religious beliefs held tightly by his half-Israeli and half-Palestinian head strong family members. If the religious aspect of the storyline seems to heavy for quirky drama-comedy, don't worry, it's just a subtext to the journey Abe goes through on his way to becoming a chef and bringing his family together.

    Director Grostein Andragde knows his way around a youth oriented film, enabling the audience to experience young Abe's world from his perspective. Unfortunately, he often keeps the camera on situations or scenes too long, leaving the viewer to wonder if he couldn't find away out of the setting. Noah Schnapp is the key to this production, and he holds your attention throughout with those puppy dog eyes and youthful ambition. The competing family members make for a great tug-of-war, and each ensemble members keeps your attention.

    Using the old adage "a way to a person (man's) heart is through their stomachs," Abe hones his craft for a big family meal that will "mix" up the various ethnic foods to create one big happy final family dining experience. If only it was that easy!

    If you still rent DVD's, make sure to look for this one.
  • A great surprise, the movie cheers you up. Exactly what we need now.
  • If you like to cook and enjoy a great family film this is it while staying at home. Most of all I love food and to cook and watching him grow into a better cook was fun to watch
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Better prepare your empty bellies for this pretty appetizing film!

    Abe, directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade, tackles a pretty distinctive story of Abe, a 12 year old boy who aspires to be noble cook someday. At a pretty young age, he never fails to amaze his family with his incredible cooking skills, which also convinced his parents to let him have the opportunity to join a summer cooking camp. Abe went to the camp, finding out that it was for beginners, and not for him who is skillful enough. Meanwhile, through an online article, Abe was amazed with food fusion of Bahia cuisine to the American one, letting him to go to a street food bazaar where he met Chico, whom he convince to teach him more about cooking. Later on, his parents found out all of these things, and set him grounded and incapable of reaching out Chico. Meanwhile, Abe's parents came from two different religions, his mother, Jewish and his father, Islam. The differences in beliefs and perspectives always create a never-ending argumentations whenever their family is having a get-together. All of these things resulted into Abe being stressed out of his own family. Letting him to runaway to Chico, and making his family realize how their debates and arguments affect their child's emotions.

    Okay! Here are my insights:

    I loved the film simply because it is so distinct or unique from the usual comedy or drama films that I have watched before. How, you know, you get to mix religion or beliefs with foods and such. I don't know, but there is something mystical about the characters especially with Noah Schnapp, and eventually, you will just find yourself falling in love with all of the characters and the story itself. Also, the script of this film was well-written, making you question your belief sometimes or ask yourself about what the actors just said, and then you will just agree because what they said is amazing and something that would really shake you up. Overall, the casts, the script, the plot and directing, indeed make this underrated film just like an overrated one. Incredible! Really a must-watch!

    By the way, this is my very first IMDb Review. I hope you liked it! Review by: Sem Castro - Apr2620
  • As a brazilian it was amazing to see Seu Jorge, a great brazilian actor and singer on this project, also a movie made by a brazilian director. But you don't have to be brazilian to enjoy it. It talks about a lot of important and polemic real life stuff. In the center of it all there's Abe. He needs to deal with culture differences on his family and thanks to the amazing performance by Noah Schnapp we can feel and understand everything Abe's been throughing. The entire cast did a great job too. With a powerful message about family, friendship and respect for different cultures. Abe is a must-watch movie. It makes you reflect about the fact we're all humans not matter our different cultures and the huge impact the family has.
  • Enjoyed the movie but feel it could have been much more... Interesting to see him torn apart but together on religion however would have liked to see more about the food side - his enjoyment and what came of it. Just feel there was a bit too much story in, what could have been a fabulous foody story.....
  • Good stories, really pack. the conflict that they choose to tell in this beautiful different background feels to heavy for this kind of movie theme but surprisingly was execute really well. i surprise this one take so fast. for my opinion if you go a little long enough the story could be more strong.

    good act from all of the actor, its broke me to see ben scene when he try to comfort the families. make me miss my old man. good act from noah schnapp.
  • What can i say, its a nice movie. A lot of lessons to be learned. Noah Schnapp is adorable. I can't say anything else. I enjoyed the movie.
  • "Abe" is a surprising little gem. A whole-hearted, sweet and tasty film that is every bit relatable. . In this comedy-drama, a 12-year-old boy cooks to unite his half Israeli and half Palestinian family, but everything goes wrong. . Running under 90-minutes, "Abe" is able to tackle religion, family drama and food, which brings us all together. Young actor Noah Schnapp delivers a sensitive performance and Brazilian musician and actor Seu Jorge offers viewers comedic relief and is the heart of this film. "Abe" is well directed and goes into surprising depths about the complications of mixed families. One of the better films I've seen these days and worth a watch if you could stream it. . Follow @snobmedia for all reviews!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed this movie. It deals with the drama of life. There's no sugar coating it. When religion comes into play it can be hard on everyone, and very confusing for the kid. For me, personally, this has also been true in my life, so I feel I connect with it. I think the movie did a wonderful job at portraying this. The actors did their job; they were believable and great at their work.