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  • I believe Marv 100%. I grew up in a small town of 1100 people and anyone who grew up in a similar town knows these good old boys clubs exist without a doubt. There are 3 or 4 familys in these small towns and if you cross them, they will have you excommunicated and isolated and do whatever they can to smear your name. Marv had an extreme reaction to such an experience for sure and it's terrible that he did so, but anyone trying to act like his story doesn't hold any water at all is fooling themselves. These people undoubtedly pushed him and now want to act like they were innocent little lambs in all of it. Not buying it.
  • airsnob2 August 2020
    Wow... so this is the new "Making a Murderer" on Netflix except the cast of characters is a lot more palatable. We have the bad guy- who turns out to be a really honest , hard working, smart man. And the "good guys" who are liars and corrupt and power hungry. Jealous.

    This is sooo enormously obvious to me. Although they tried soo hard to make it seem different. Marv for all his steaming anger- at least showed a consistency. He broke up with his girlfriend because she lies about smoking. His story doesn't change and is filled with details, details that would fade with time unless someone was obsessed with them. Lies don't hold up over time. They just don't.

    His story makes too much sense. A guy without any prior history of mental illness, violence, issues with people - Marv had a good life and was loved by his friends. His friends that STILL live in this same town. With all these people who are corrupted and lying ( which is also very obvious) His friends have a motive to support the most powerful wealthiest people in town now. It's obvious that money meant nothing to him. He wanted to build .. he was a welder. He was a builder. He wanted to build his business. He wanted to build fair and square. He wasn't ever supported to do that. To us, it seems crazy that after he fought so hard to just keep the business and land he bought fair and square, he wouldn't just sell it to make a profit. But we don't understand that selling that land was a position of being bent over - they did everything in their power to get him to a place where he had no other options . In the film you see them all validate that he was crazy because he wouldn't sell his property for a profit. There is also a line where one of the guys who did this to him, said "We never did anything to prevent him from working and making his business happen" But that's not true. A court of law prevented him from operating his business. Unless he spent all the money to build the sewer that he couldn't build because the guy had bought the property next to his and refused to let him hook up through it. It's like no one heard that. I guess when people watch Films they just watch without retaining any information. It's right now this is what is happening. The last thing they heard is the last thing they hear.

    Unfortunately in this situation, unless you hear everything you're going to hear it wrong.

    Personally I think Marv probably made the "good ol boys" of Granby CO jealous. They were just jealous. Who is this guy who has successful business and the hottest girl in town? And he bought the property we weren't willing to pay for ? That's all it took. People - especially people that are used to getting their way; and this family was. They were the wealthiest people , their dad was the mayor, they were on the town counsel and never had to hear no for an answer. Till they met Marv. Marv obviously detested dishonesty. He detested that he didn't have a fair and square playing field. Because he would have won. He knew that. They had to cheat and had to all work together to make his life awful and unbearable. To make him lose. It makes me mad.. because you know - WE KNOW - that if those two ugly brothers were to say we don't want to hook in to your sewage plant( which their dad was president of) they wouldn't have too. Come on people! See the forest through the trees! I guess what makes me really mad is that these jerks got away with what they did to Marv... because he bulldozed the town, they come off like they were the good guys and Marv was crazy. Yeah right.... sorry. You don't just go crazy after living a life as a fully functional adult and successful at that. These guys drove him to it and if you ask me they should be held responsible all of them. But they're all liars and they are all counting on us not keeping up with the details of the case and just trusting that Marv is a nutcase because he tore the town down. Sorry. TEAM MARV.
  • I don't usually like to watch documentaries but this one caught my attention because it was a kind of revenge thing. It was a well-written and a well-thought out 'film' and it is worth watching. What a pity that Reagan died the following day!
  • This news story always stuck in my mind when it was 1st reported well over a decade ago so I was intrigued to learn more about it. "Tread" tells the story of a man getting revenge on City Hall & building a marvel of a machine to exact it with. The film does a brilliant job at setting everything in motion, covering all sides of small town politics & a gifted welder driven to madness. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt during his rampage so there is nothing you have to turn your head away from while watching it. The incredible act of destruction is captured with actual news footage, photographs & some recreation. It'll give any action movie fan a rush. Do NOT let this documentary escape your attention.
  • When watching this very well 'crafted' documentary one question kept springing to mind....what about his long lost girlfriend...the one he loved so much..

    Even though this is a gripping insight into a man and his fight against an unjust system it could have been perfected with some more 'unbiased' interviews from family and the end this docu slanted towards 'he was mad..' but I believe he wasn't...

    even in a grown up society where we should all be able to thrive, the bullies still exist.. And Marvin Heemeyer fell victim to this...and to his own demons..

    Watch it....
  • "When you visit evil on someone, believe me, it will be visited on you." Marv Heemeyer

    And so, you get to see the most bizarre documentary this year at a time when you may have had just enough of formulaic dramas on demand. Netflix brings us Marv, who is so pissed at the small town of Granby, Colorado, that he outfits a giant Kubota bulldozer like a tank and wrecks a serious number of buildings.

    We don't remember this tragic and sometimes amusing incident from 2004 because we were grieving the day after for Ronald Reagan. Now, however, we can relive the bizarre event and give it its just due in Paul Solet's magnetizing documentary called Tread, for obvious reasons. I've lived in a small town like that (pop about 2000) where life can be unforgiving with slights remembered, rumors deadly, and good ol' boys rule not always to a working stiff's benefit.

    It's not important to know who is right or wrong. Rather it is discouraging to know that neither side is right and that provincialism thrives as could be expected in blue collar enclaves where zoning and sewage district decisions are not made by God but by petty bureaucrats, who can change a modest welder's life to their advantage and his distinct outrage.

    After setting the scene of growing acrimony, Solet shows original footage and voiceovers to chronicle the tank's journey, helicopter and drone shots, and a few restaged moments to try to replicate the eccentricity of the event. Marv's cassette tape testimony is the most interesting, for he barely reveals his rage in favor of his apocalyptic predictions. No one can stop the giant as it targets the buildings and homes of Marv's perceived enemies.

    Working-class outrage does gets lost in sheer wonder at the forbidding destroyer, perhaps echoing our own numbed inability to stop a pandemic or a destructive political machine. Yet, as almost low-key as this revenge is, it is nonetheless true, and a bit of our outrage rides inside with Marv.

    Tread seems to hold our abiding struggles as if in a nightmare where we tread on our perceived enemies and forget the lessons of tolerance our parlous times demand of us.

    You'll not move from your seat in disbelief. It makes being cooped up worth while for 89 minutes.
  • ferguson-627 February 2020
    Greetings again from the darkness. If not so tragic, this story might fit best in Ripley's Believe it or Not. What better description is there for a small town welder who builds an armored bulldozer, weaponizes it, and then takes it on a rampage of revenge, destroying the buildings, homes, and businesses of those he believe 'wronged' him? This actually happened in Granby, Colorado in 2004, and that welder's name was Marv Heemeyer.

    Filmmaker Paul Solet begins the film with a recording of a 911 call and news clips of the actual events of June 4, 2004. Solet then proceeds to lay out the backstory of Heemeyer, and how things escalated to the point where destruction and suicide seemed like the only logical step to him. Solet cleverly utilizes Heemeyer's own self-recording (via audio cassette) as a framing structure for the film. Heemeyer's voice tells us what his plan was, and why he had reached this level of desperation.

    Interviews are key, and we hear from law enforcement officers who were on the scene that day, Heemeyer's ex-girlfriend Trisha MacDonald, his best friend, a younger man from his snowmobile club, brothers from a family that had supposedly targeted Marv, and a newspaper reporter, Patrick Brower, who also wrote a book on Heemeyer's rampage. Actual news clips and reenactments are used to show us what those being interviewed tell. In this case, it's an effective approach.

    It's particularly interesting to hear that Marv was mostly a likable guy who just bumped up against local town and county politics a couple of times. Marv was not part of the 'good old boys club' and admits to needing to "teach a lesson" to those he perceived has gone out of the way to make life difficult for him. His bulldozer was a way for him to dole out the justice that was otherwise going unserved.

    This is a story of revenge told in a somewhat sympathetic manner towards Marv Heemeyer, a man who considered himself "an American Patriot." The audio tape is clearly a confession of what he planned (and later carried out), and it was clear he knew this was a suicide mission. Listening to his rants, we assume some form of mental illness was involved, and his best friend describes him as a man who 'spent too much time alone."

    The video clips of the carnage, and of the many law enforcement officials on the scene - all of whom were helpless to stop the bulldozer - are captivating and difficult to watch. Fortunately, after the fact, we know that no one died that day other than the man who was responsible. Marv, a man of "righteous anger", had his day of serving justice and rare 'Bulldozer Rampage' headline knocked off the front page one day later by a much bigger story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an interesting documentary about a truly bizarre incident that occurred in 2004 in a small town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Marvin Heemayer, a middle aged businessman with a grudge against Granby and its principal citizens, went on a two hour rampage. Yet instead of going bughouse like most nuts in this country do nowadays with a high powered rifle alone, Heemayer, an admitted genius welder, took a heavy bulldozer, armored it with concrete reinforced steel plates, and then used the dozer to destroy businesses and the city hall. Although no life was lost other than Heemayer's, he left a vast swathe of senseless destruction, permanently searing the memory of his basically pointless tantrum into Granby's residents.

    The doc's first hour sets the stage for Heemayer's onslaught, providing background as to why a highly skilled, relatively affluent man would do such a thing. A talented craftsman with a head for business, Heemayer made enough from his muffler shop in Granby to do as he liked: travel, hang out with his girlfriend, and most of all snowmobile, a winter past time he pursued with fanatical passion. Yet despite this apparently ideal, idyllic setup, resentment steadily built up as Heemayer became frustrated in his business dealings, increasingly more convinced the town's good old boy network was in league against him. Most of this is conveyed by a voiceover of the long jeremiad Heemayer recorded just prior to going bananas with his homemade tank. Some might find this segment overlong and tedious, but it makes it plain the slights and wrongs Heemayer railed against largely existed in his mind alone. As one friend put it, "he spent too much time in the hot tub by himself." The poor, deluded man basically hyped himself into believing God told him to do this terrible thing.

    Even those who find the prologue overlong will still be amazed and appalled by the doc's climactic footage. Resembling one of the crude behemoths that crashed through no man's land in WWI, Heemayer's bulldozer was basically unstoppable with small arms fire no more effective against it than BBs. He used the dozer blade to devastating effect, first destroying a concrete batch plant next to his own business, then City Hall, and finally a hardware store. It was an absolute wonder no one else was hurt, especially since the library was located in City Hall. Heemayer was incredibly ingenious, not only armoring the bulldozer, but installing loopholes to fire high powered, .50 caliber rifles, video cameras to assist him in steering, and a ventilation system to keep the viewing ports clear. What a shame all this cleverness was devoted to destruction. The frenzy only stopped when the bulldozer got stuck and ended as these things so often do with Heemayer killing himself.

    I recommend this film to people with a clinical interest in human dysfunction and also (no shame) to guys like myself who are fascinated by armored vehicles and the damage they can do.
  • If you missed this story in the news, here's your chance to catch up. (There's a good reason why you might not have heard the story and this well constructed documentary will explain why at the end.) Using actual audio recordings made by Marv Heemeyer, adds not only dramatic tension, but offers us a glimpse into the mind of the man who decided to even the playing field. Director Paul Solet makes effective use of talking heads interspersed with the audio clips, eventually leading to the climax, foreshadowed in part within the opening frames of the film. He then backs up and gives us a thorough look at the events leading up to the action sequences involving one man, a giant bulldozer and a bewildered small town in Colorado. All in all, a fascinating story well worth your time.
  • Just like the Michael Douglas movie "Falling Down", this tragic documentary presents the viewer with an average guy who gets kicked repeatedly and eventually has enough.

    I don't think they did a very good job in this documentary exploring the aspect of what, if any, actual corruption was involved in the town's actions against Marv, which is an unfortunate omission. They just interviewed a few of them and we should take it on faith that these people are on the up and up, apparently. Anyone with a cynical eye towards our dear leaders know better than that.

    One could only wonder what the narrative would be like in 2020 with rampant protests across the US. Would Marv be viewed as a "peaceful" protester, "peacefully" destroying a city while "peacefully" shooting at cops and "peacefully" trying to murder people he disagrees with? Is he an anti-hero in today's anti-cop/anti-government context?

    Had the documentary been produced in the midst of today's (summer of 2020) news cycle, maybe they would have spun it different? Makes you think.
  • rodhackenflasch4 August 2020
    Very absorbing documentary depicting both sides of a contentious encounter with small town government. I remember when this happened. Many people actually supported Marv Heemeyer, saying that the town council and the good ole boy network had it coming.

    Not surprising, as most people are indeed frustrated with sewage tap-in fees, property and school tax increases, zoning BS, and corrupt, heavy handed town councils & school boards who regard their office as a position of power instead of service to the community.

    Obviously, Marvin Heemeyer made some bad choices, but they did too. Watch their eyes when they're talking - and consider the remark that what Heemeyer did "made the town a lot of money". Sound like someone trying to get one last jab in? In the end, Marv did "fight civil hall" - on his terms, and won the last battle. In his own words, he leveled the playing field. Not only that, he robbed his adversaries of a trial and the opportunity to send him to prison.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This documentary doesn't dig deep enough in to WHY Marvin Heemeyer would give up a comfortable and easy life of leisure to rampage through the town. Not sure if gaining access to the town's entrenched power families required them to gloss over everything that was done to him, but I find it hard to believe that a smart, industrious man who clearly was thoughtful and levelheaded would go off the deep end FOR NO REASON AT ALL, as the this documentary would have you believe. I just don't buy it and you shouldn't either.

    He sacrificed his entire life and worked tirelessly for yeears for imagined slights? Nope. Doesn't happen.

    So they may be able to cover it up, but Marvin did make them pay, and maybe they'll think twice before they screw over the next guy. But probably not.
  • No matter what you think of Marv Heemeyer's case and his motivations, in the end,.this is an interesting film worth watching. It's edited nicely in a style to keep things moving, the story never gets boring. Definitely recommended.
  • jflores365922 August 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    He was pushed to act by a town of rich aholes who didnt want to lose their piece of the pie. This is what is wrong with this world. When a person tries so hard to get his piece of the pie haters will always be there to take it away. I hope Marv is smiling down and knowing that his act inspired us to remember to keep fighting for what is right. Ok maybe not bulldoze a town right but somewhere there is an in between. Still God bless you Marv you deserved better.
  • wildsagedesign4 August 2020
    This was so enlightening. Something the world needs to learn from. You push someone too far and they will snap.
  • dgarciains1 August 2020
    This is a very well-made, unbiased documentary film and piece of history. Although Marv spoke eloquently and behaved normally until the event, he was clearly suffering form a psychotic break. That is nothing to celebrate and claiming he was "sane" and a "free man" is irresponsible. Even if the small town railroaded him, which I see no evidence of, one cannot go and bulldoze every small town run by "good ol' boys". We'd have no small towns left in America. They'd all get bulldozed. I like what the director has done and I hope he takes on the task of making his next project the story about the Las Vegas sniper/active shooter. This is probably the best documentary on NetFlix right now.
  • smoochemail22 July 2020
    This documentary didn't really give the full facts and was kind of bias.

    If you try to screw someone into the ground you better watch your back. This sort of corruption goes on in my country as well.

    RIP Marv Heemeyer
  • Not one word throughout this entire documentary about the fact that this man was obviously suffering from mental illness. All the people interviewed wash their hands of any responsibility. All the comments are about how they did nothing wrong by him, but what about what they could have done right by him! It would have been apparent to this whole town that Heemeyer was not well, but did anyone do anything about it? No one does what he did unless you are not well and had someone put their hand out and tried to comfort him and/or help him, then things might have turned out differently. So often I see examples in the USA of how guns are considered the only way to deal with a crisis. Did anyone try to communicate with him on the day? The other reviews here just glorify the spectacle of a maniac rampaging through a town and destroying everything in his path, as if it is some action movie or video game to be admired and enjoyed. Why was there not one moment of discussion in this film about the mental illness and trauma that this man was suffering from. His recordings are a clear indicator that he was suffering from paranoia and dellusions. It is no wonder that the US is looking more and more like a failed state these days. The mentality of so many Americans beggars belief by so many around the world. This is not an action film or a video game, but a missed opportunity to explore the real reasons behind why this went so horribly wrong, and pay at least just a little respect to the man this documentary is based on.
  • Good Man this happens when political ALWAYS give to the good ol' boy. Love you brother I have lived in small towns and huge cities and it always happens the same. What you did wasnt out of fear but it was out of a teacher to teach us what and how we need to elect people. Dont elect them because they have the money or the glory or even the popularity but have them there because they are doing work for us. Bush sucked because he got elected cause of his father, Obama sucked because WE, and me both times, elected him because he was black. Thank god we learned cause Hillary is the Devil.
  • Excellent movie about a man's revenge again oppression.
  • dgtracker26 June 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    It was a shame at the end of the movie the one towns person said the town made a lot of money from the story behind what happened with Marv.
  • -9/01/2020 The town bulldozed Marv and Marv Bulldozed them back. His planning was methodical, innately sane and well planned out. He knew before he drove/bulldozed his way out of the building he once owned that he was living his last moments/minutes on earth. His years of being thumbed down by a town run by the "old boys club" and a$$ kissing cowards was not and would never be acceptable to Marv, so he planned his final victory and the final outcome was successful in my book. Better to die a "FREE MAN" than live life as a beaten down coward. He exacted a toll on all who negatively affected his existence while he was alive and his final revenge is his legacy. Good documentary!!! Bon Appetit'
  • amerikasend10 October 2020
    This documentary about Marvin Heemayer bulldozing select individuals places of business and the town hall was meh. The documentary goes out of its way to try to make Marv sound like he went totally bonkers by using recordings of Marv talking about how god told him to do this. It repeats sections of the recordings too to reiterate that the documentary is trying to paint him as batpoop crazy. Out of over 270+ minutes of tape recordings Marv left explaining his motive, the documentary chose to use the parts of the recordings where Marv is talking about god.

    So, of the over 270+ minute of recordings, it went with using 5 minutes of Marv talking about god and 5 minutes of Marv barely explaining his motive in all. The documentary doesn't really examine or present Marv's motive other than suggesting he was crazy. It doesn't get any deeper than that even though the recordings Marv left left a fairly nuanced rationale for why he did what he did. The documentary couldn't be bothered to include the full picture because then Marv wouldn't have seemed as crazy. There's is a part in the documentary where they try to make it seem like Marv dumped his girlfriend because she was smoking cigarettes. The only reason to randomly include that was to paint him as bonkers. Riveting stuff

    The documentary seems to suggest the only thing people care about or should care about is money. Marv wouldn't sell his property that would've netted him a huge profit from it. Him refusing to sell his property and place of business is apparently extremely confusing to the person that made this documentary and for almost everyone interviewed. The rich people that ran the town and tried to run him out of their territory and town were baffled by Marv not selling. The documentary makes no effort to examine or take a critical look into the truthfulness of what Marv was claiming. It just takes the rich people that ran the town and their friends and relatives on the city council on their word alone. In the interviews, they just deny that they tried to screw Marv over and that they didn't understand why he wouldn't sell.

    Funnily enough, the people in the city council and the town police ceased being on the city council or a cop in 2004. Why that is is not looked into. The people calling this documentary "fair and balanced" seem to be using an unusual meaning for the term. The bulldozer was the only interesting part. Other than that, the documentary wasn't good, nor compelling, or insightful. It seems like very little research was put into this documentary.
  • After the "incident" is over, the movie abruptly ends. There is NO information about the aftermath. Not a thing about the town, the clean-up, the people, the rebuilding, the town today. No information, closing thoughts, or updates from any of the people interviewed throughout the documentary. It's very odd and frustrating. It deserves zero stars for that alone.
  • I don't know if what the man said about the people in the city was true, partly true or not true at all. These small cities owned by mostly one family are known to yield a lot of power. If it is true or partly true, what this man was saying, it just shows us that hurting people has consequences. I tend to believe what the man is saying was partly to mostly true.

    It is a shame that our courts and laws do not protect us from people in power being able to take advantage of another.

    With great power comes great responsibility!
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