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  • Sensational! Only the second series in subtitles I've ever committed too, the other one is Gomorrah, which is just as good, but completely different and this series is certainly 'different' to anything else I've seen. First class, so many quirky characters that are full of character. One of which is 'Borges' played by 'Claudio Rissi' who seems strangely familiar, he reminds me of Jene Reno (Lèon) at times. He is one of few actors that has made me howl, with just a facial expression, like how Jack Nicholson is able to do so often, in movies like 'As Good As It Gets'. How this guy has got to the age of 67, without being a big, Hollywood, global-type star, can only be down to a language barrier or luck! He'd steal the show, if it wasn't for other great characters that are also in the series, too many to call out, but a particularly quirky one is 'Diosito' played by Nicolas Furtado (looks nothing like Diosito in real life, Google him!) Then there is, cool as you like, 'Antin' played by Gerardo Romano.

    I'm an English viewer, I speak no Spanish and I wouldn't change this to English if I could! It's fine as it is. The subtitles were perfect, the script isn't so fast you miss anything in the scenes whilst reading and yet, being on Netflix, if you do miss anything, you can hit the 'skip back 15secs' button and catch it again.
  • perkypops14 February 2017
    This twisting and turning drama inside an Argentinian prison is a feast of everything about human drama, from pathos to open brutality, and it does not miss a trick within the episodic plot developments and every new character introduced. And if subtitles turn you off then you do not realise what you are missing. The acting is superb throughout, with no one allowed to have so much as a bit part, the whole is visually and aurally superb.

    The main themes are compelling, soaked in their own tensions, and attack you from many different directions before meeting, often by way of a new twist. It is genuinely adult viewing but rewards you with a memorable experience leaves you in no doubt you want a second season.

    Is it better than Breaking Bad? You'd be silly to try and separate them.

    Highly recommended.
  • I've watched both seasons of this show, and they are excellent. The setting, a decaying prison in Buenos Aires, is raw and violent. But the characters are what really makes this show. The acting is excellent, and the twisting plot full of betrayal, greed, compassion, corruption. The music is great too. Highly recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow. That's it. I don't need to say anything else and is a shame that I need to write these review in English and with too many words. These show maybe is the best one make by a Latino American production. The Argentinian films, once again, make a great drama that nearly is on top with "Nueve Reinas" and "El Secreto De Sus Ojos". The first 11 chapters are great, but I think that the last ones look too abrupt and forced to close this show. I just hope for a second season and if you are a fan of the productions based on jails and drama you can't miss this show. I'm very proud of this production as a Latin and we need more productions like this And to close this review, need to shot-out the great performances by Nicolás Furtado (Diosito), Gerardo Romano (Antin) and Claudio Rissi (Borges). Just amazing.
  • First, I love series like Prison Break (first two seasons are brutal) or movies like the Spanish Celda 211, so that's why I started to watch El Marginal. First impression was not really good because it looked cheap and amateurish. But men, I was pretty wrong. The show is amazing. Raw, violent, brutal and scary. An Argentinian Prision Break. Second, the acting from characters like Borges brothers, Antin, Sapo or Pantera is excellent. Also series pace and timeline are pretty well executed. To sum up, all 3 seasons are pretty consistent and solid. Even the series sometimes is predictable, the adding of new characters like El Cui in season 2 (my favorite one) make this show a masterpiece for it's budget. So, overall if you're in a lockdown like me, give it a try. You will not regret. Enjoy.
  • Season 1 gets a seven and season 2 a nine. So many interesting characters especially is season 2, very very violent again in S2, the performances of 4 or 5 characters is outstanding, there are negatives for sure but judge this for the outstanding performances. Just finished El Marginal 3 , very disappointing.
  • Well, the Mexican series as more black humor but it is also a copy of this show. very recommended. probably watch this one before the Mexican version. lots of characters . worth a 8 at least. ------------------------- season 2 as a slight different atmosphere and it is a good thing!

    I wonder if season 3 is going to be as solid as 1 n 2 , I really hope so.
  • The show takes u deep since the first seconds of the show, all the tension, the horror, the suspense, the fights, the chats, everything is perfection! we need more shows like these! it was amazing, excellent cinematography, places, acting, writing, original fresh and unpredictable characters, and the most important of all, AMAZING AND ORIGINAL PLOT! something 99% of shows fail to give these days, being all so so similar with so similar characters!
  • This is a really excellent thriller. Very well constructed, played and developed. Crude and strangely believable. No stupid pc narratives. It doesn't treat us watcher like infants
  • Lembra bem prison breaking e wentworth cimportante roteiro e toques latinos.
  • mgwilcox24 January 2020
    Believe the reviews that give this show 9s and 10s riveting Argentine prison Drama Rich in characters twists and turns atmosphire and BRILLIANT ACTING This show gets better with each season and each episode hang tight for first season give it a chance it picks up considerably and by season 2 you will be hooked introducing new characters that are comic book villains not simple one dimensional characters no they lure you into this miserable hell hole and you are stuck in there with them and all that transpires This is among the greats although subtitles move quicky I think you will adjust enough to enjoy the full value of this great show seldom do we see such gems Deadwood comes to mind a Brilliant HBO western tapestry with comedy and some of the most ruthless terrifying characters shock awe and yes belly laughs and conversations that make you laugh cry and ill to your stomach. This show is a distant cousin to the other where much of the action is in hotel barroom and gold foelds and bar room philosophy will keep you entertained and guessing enjoy this show and be sure to continue into second season when things get very interesting.
  • That review says it all perfectly I felt it said it far better than I . Read that review if you want to gage this series.
  • nicorip223 September 2020
    This is an excellent show. If you like prisons shows you must watch this. Is not like prison break another one of my favorites shows because in this one there are almost not good guys. The performance of Nicolás Furtado is perfect, really perfect. For sure i recommend this show.
  • Brutal, funny and completely nuts. Lovable criminals, monstrous crime lords amidst a corrupt penal system. The most filthy dialogue ever. Never a dull moment with numerous twists and turns. Loved every depraved episode.
  • Oh Man! What a great Tv series. Is amazing how real and justified in the plot the amount of violence and depravation is. Very good casting, every character adds a color and a complete understanding about how prison life in this society is were corruption, lack of founds, poverty is mixed with the worst kind of people who will do anything to kill or be killed, to survive. Showing a glympse of Argentina's reality where the worst people dress in suits and are lawyers,judges, politicians, prison directors or prison guards who run and profit from this theater of blood and the best of us end at the bottom or get killed.
  • I absolutely love this show not once did it go boring this show makes you happy for the characters and it builds a lot of suspense throughout the series great acting on the actors also

    Overall 10/10 definitely recommend this show best show i have watched in years
  • mgwilcox24 October 2019
    This show gets better with every episode. Production values, location, casting, acting, characters, could hardly be better Once I started second season I could not break away finished two seasons in a week where did my weekend go !! This south anerican shanty town prison show is sensational Characters are so well done and acted Which character is best ? Acting Perfection and many deserve awards for some of the best ensemble acting since DEADWOOD I cannot go any further watch this if you want a show that is unique, exciting, gripping, interesting, quirky, fascinating, with amazing award worthy performances This is it.
  • I'm starting this review saying one thing: if you want to appreciate this show, you have to distance yourself of your point of view. You have to come to one of these prisons, and go with the flow.

    I'm from Uruguay, and it is not so different than Argentina in the matter of prisons. You have drugs, fights with blades, and LOTS of corruption. And this show shows it amazingly.

    Besides the accuracy of the representation of the reality, this show has a very interesting plot, in which you keep getting surprised by the corruption and malleability of the prison system.

    You also can watch the prison culture, or as they say "tumbera". The original slang from Río de la Plata is also there. As I said, they show amazingly the prisons' reality

    I would recommend every human being on the world who wants to know a bit of South America this show. Excellent 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "El Marginal" is a rip off from "Tumberos" that happens to be a copy of OZ. There are several scenes in El Marginal stolen from "Boyka: Undisputed" to "Casino" when Joe Pesci character's brother is burried in front of him.
  • Except for Gusman's lousy performance. Remember Skyler in Breaking bad? the character was insufferable, but she is a great actress. However, in this case we have neither actress nor character. Emma's character spends crying and suffering throughout the three seasons, contributing absolutely nothing to the main story. Its only objective is to lengthen each chapter so that they last 50 minutes. On the other hand, Gusmán is such a bad actress, that one wonders who put her in the series ... do they owe her a favor? Fortunately, you can advance the scenes where it appears. Do it, you won't miss out on anything but a lousy performance.