The Russian word that appears at least twice (supposedly the manufacturer of a piece of electric equipment) is 'Covfefe' in Cyrillic letters.

Jodie Foster's first acting role since the sci-fi action film Elysium (2013).

Drew Pearce's directorial debut.

Singer-songwriter Father John Misty is said to make an appearance in this film.

Both Zachary Quinto and Sofia Boutella starred together in Star Trek: Beyond (2016).

The hotel is named for the Greek goddess, Artemis, who was the goddess of the hunt, known in Roman myth as Diana. She was the twin of Apollo, illegitimate daughter of Zeus, born in secret on a floating island to avoid the wrath of Hera. Her mother, Leto, is sometimes referred to as "the hidden one" due to her need to hide from Hera. In this film, the Nurse is sort of the mother of the Hotel Artemis and she too is "hidden."

Despite the fact that many of the characters' real names are revealed in the film, the end credits only list their code names. The Nurse, Waikiki, Niagara and so on.

There are four patient rooms in the Hotel Artemis: Niagara, Honolulu, Accapulco and Nice. Patients assigned to these rooms are only ever referred to by that room's name. Sterling K. Brown's character is called "Waikiki," because he shares the Honolulu room with his brother.

Kenneth Choi and Sterling K Brown both appeared in "The People vs OJ Simpson" (as Judge Lance Ito and Christopher Darden, respectively).

Both Zachary Quinto and Jenny Slate starred together in Aardvark (2017).

Sterling Brown, Dave Bautista & Jeffrey Goldblum all play in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies; Brown in "The Black Panther" Bautista in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" & "Avengers Infinity War" & Goldblum in "Thor Ragnarok".

The cigarette case that Nice (Sofia Boutella) uses to blow up the power box reads "FUMER TUE", which is French for "SMOKING KILLS"

Towards the end when Jodie Foster is leading Sterling K. Brown out of the building, a sign is shown with Cyrillic letters that spell the word "covfefe."

At the end, "The Nurse" refers "Waikiki" to a "dark room" in Las Vegas. Dark room is a longstanding underworld term for an emergency room or similar medical facility where criminals can go without the police finding out. The Hotel Artemis is a dark room, albeit a very elaborate one.