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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "I'll Be There for You" is a music video from 2009 (apparently) promoting once again the song in the title. But the song was released way earlier already and this is the one people know from the long-running comedy series Friends of course. By 2009, despite how long it was on air, it had already been over for several years, so it is a bit mysterious what this is. A reunion of some kind? Anyway, even if we say 2009, then this will soon have its 10th anniversary while the song is moving closer to its 25th anniversary. Here we see the band The Rembrandts performing the number and as they do, all the actors/characters from Friends enter the scene and they are goofing around a bit. Nothing too spectacular or memorable. The song is also very simple, but still somewhat catchy, but not on an artistic level whatsoever as the band name tries to tell us. So it is all basically pointless fun. If you like the show without which the song really would have been forgotten by now, feel free to check it out and appreciate the familiar faces. But it's nothing that will get you into watching Friends and I am positive the show is far superior to the song from what I have read and heard. So the latter (in combination with the music video) gets a thumbs-down from me. Deserves to be skipped except for the fanboys and -girls.