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  • I loved the original movie Max, so saw this on netflix and decided to watch. Unlike the original movie which had a good storyline ,which told of his coping after coming back from war suffering from PDSD & the loss of his handler - this movie is just plain stupid. Even for a family movie it was boring, Max didn't get to do much in it either. I had hoped it might have continued with Max's story, none of the cast from the original are not in it either. The acting is awful , I only watched to the end as I said in the title because of Max, the 5 stars are for him.
  • I watched this sequel, following the very enjoyable first one, Max. What a contrast! While the first movie had very little cheesiness, a good supporting cast, a decent plot and plausibility, this sequel ran the total opposite. Basically, I sat through it because I like the dog. Quite a number of times, I was going to switch it off, because it was just too ridiculous. Full of stereotypes and bad acting I sure hope that if they decide to make a 3rd movie with this dog, they pattern it after the original and not this one, which I hope to forget. Very soon
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although the movie was somehow childish and illogical but it really could make me watch till the end. First of all, it's a comedy family movie and particularly made for children and family, so we shouldn't be tough on it. I know that there were lots of exaggeration and illogical things there, but cool that's the nature of comedy if it's logical then what's the funny thing? the story was simple but clear and lovely. Everyone knows that it's impossible for USA president to have a low secure house, and it's also impossible to see US and Russia in peace together. At least it's an invitation to peace. When it comes to characterization it's kinda weak and raw except for the dog and the two children the others just look like sidekicks to help push the movie forward, no specific personalities can be found in them. The ending was somehow ridiculous when their own staff came out spies you know that's not possible at least 99% not possible. By the way, they could use very beautiful sceneries to make the film, I really liked that Russian accent that was cute. The comedy was OK it can make people laugh and reach its goal as a family comedy I don't know why it's not listed in comedy category too. After all its a movie that you should watch and enjoy. It completely worth to watch because at the end it won't give you the feeling that why did I even watch this? Hope to enjoy watching it.
  • Not worth the time terrible script locations did match reality. Kids were ok. Such a Canadian version of tv
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Grade: C

    Rating: PG

    In a Nutshell: This family-friendly flick is DOGGONE harmless fun for the kids. It's somewhat of a sequel to the 2015 Max (2015), produced by Warner Brothers and MGM.

    At the end of the movie, you get to see a bunch of cool pictures of U.S. presidents with their dogs.

    Uplifting theme: "There is no reward without risk." – Alex (Francesca Capaldi) Keep your promises. Obedience, bravery Family, friendship

    Things I liked: I love Washington, D.C. The images of those epic buildings strike patriotism into every American's heart. Max is a great dog. When I was growing up, everyone had a German Shepherd. You just don't see them as often anymore as family pets. Alex, the little Russian girl played by Francesca Capaldi, is super cute. Beautiful countryside scenes during the river rafting trip. I love twists, even if they're expected.

    Things I didn't like: None of the original Max cast or crew were involved in this sequel. That's pretty unique for a sequel…and weird, right? A lot of the acting is really bad, like....most of it. I have a hard time believing that a child of the president wouldn't think it was the coolest thing ever. The First Son does a lot of whining. It's pretty hard to believe he'd be sent with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on his first day of public school. Both seem extremely unlikely. Max only does a few heroic acts; otherwise, he rolls around and gets pet a lot. As is typical for kids' movies, the children are smarter than all of the adults. Unimaginative dialogue. Older kids and parents might get bored. The script is pretty dumb.

    Funny lines: "I hope she looks good in orange." – TJ Bennett (Zane Austin) Parents might need to explain the prison uniform reference to their kids.

    Tips for parents: No profanity whatsoever. Yay! You might need to explain American-Russian political relations. The Russian president in the movie is a version of the manly Vladimir Putin. People fall out of a river raft and are caught in peril. The children are disobedient.


  • bradleyjulian6 September 2017
    Loved the movie but I would like to a Max 3 since Max 1 and 2 were great (storyline), please. If you create Max 3 for the people who loved the movies 1 & 2 that would be awesome. The characters in Max 3 (if it manages to be made) should be the same ones from the first Max movie. Please.
  • I am basing my review on what my 3 boys ages, 10, 11 and 13 said about the movie. They enjoyed it (they also saw Max). I didn't even realize it was a sequel (which based on the trivia section, it's not really a sequel). While they were watching it in the car, I heard lots of laughter (good sign). The best recommendation for this movie is that they immediately asked me after it was finished "Can you get Max 3 if it exists?"

    They usually have good tastes when it comes to movies. But to give you an idea where their tastes are, they loved Princess Bride, Hero Factory and Mr. Bean. They were not impressed with the BFG, Where the Wild Things Are or Field of Dreams (they don't play baseball).
  • My family first encountered this movie on a flight across the country. Both of my children were delighted with the story and the adventures of the two kids in the White House. It was the first time either of them showed any interest in anything resembling politics and we had a nice conversation about what it may be like being the son and/or daughter of an international leader.

    Upon our return home they both insisted on purchasing the DVD and when we all watched the movie as a family I could see why they enjoyed it so much. Both children in the movie were delightful in their portrayals of regular kids being thrust into the world of political intrigue. The action scenes were suspenseful and fun without introducing foolhardy antics and the dialog was suitable for kids and tweens (and Adults!).

    Zane Austin and Francesca Capaldi carried the movie admirably with an obvious rapport between themselves. And it was clear they were, as Francesca put it, "Dog Persons".

    If you and your family is looking for a fun, down to earth movie with talented kids that make a good impression on the audience this movie comes highly recommended.
  • josephwarner-2446213 January 2019
    You know Carlo waited 15 years to play this role this is proof that studios have way too much red tape and need to let actors just act
  • Max, the saviour of the White House, manages with ease to entertain us all. I personally love this movie. It fills you with warm feelings. It's enjoyable and fun to watch. Perfect for an evening spent with your dear ones.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Max 2 Whitehouse Hero is a fun little movie that deserves a watch, the acting, directing and music is top notch in this little film. I also loved the cinematography and the way the director chose his shots. I enjoyed this movie and I'm sure you will too, give Max 2 a watch and if you think that it's a sequel to the original Max it's not, it's a completely new cast and dog. I did happen to like the original better, but this is good too on its own.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Max becomes the new secret service dog when Charlie has puppies. Max becomes attached to TJ (Zane Austin), the 12 year friendless first son. When Russian President Vladimir Bragov and 12 year old daughter Alexandra (Francesca Capaldi) come visit the youngsters develop chemistry as things happen and only Max can save America...filmed in Canada.

    I hope Zane Austin studies real hard in school, because I doubt he will have an acting career as an adult. The lone joke that I like was the name "Bragov" as a slur at Putin. The WH in the film doesn't spoof any former WH. There was a school scene that looked like it was lifted from an old SNL sketch where agents help the first daughter on an exam. Unlike many kid's movies, there was really nothing in this film for an adult to enjoy. Makes fun of the Iowa State Fair butter sculptures. BTW this is a different dog and is not really connected to the first film.