Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror previously appreared together in Undisputed III: Redemption

The knife used by the Butcher near the beginning of the movie is a Cold Steel Espada with a 5.5 inch blade.

Scott Adkins and Vladimir Kulich previously appeared together in The Debt Collector

Last lines on the screen: Vive le mort Follow the path of warrior. You will find something no one can steal from you. Follow the path of warrior. And accept that for you nothing overrides the desire to confront death. Follow the path of warrior. Welcome your fate with valor, honor and fidelity. Follow the path of warrior until your breath lingers in the air for its last time! (Dominiquie Vandenberg - 2ieme REP French Foreign Legion)

The narrator/Valentine details the French involvement in the area, preceding U.S. "boots on the ground". Valentine is played by Keith David, who famously played King in Oliver Stone's Platoon, about the U.S. war in Vietnam.

In the end of the movie there is a voice over (V.O.) by the narrator: Christ never gave him much. but a God-awful talent for carnage and death. There was no need for him to deny it now. He was a killer and that's all there was to it. And so was born ... The Legend.

First lines on the screen: Indochina, 1959 The French have left after suffering a humiliating defeat. The region has become a melting pot of postwar villainy.

In the beginning of the movie there is a voice over (V.O.) by the narrator: There's a tale told somewhere south of Burma. It tells of one man's rendez-vous with death. A man who, when pushed far enough, retaliated. I'll be face-down an army and spill a river of blood. They say you shake their heads discounting the legend. But the fact remains ... it's all true. I knew the man, and for a while, I loved him like a son. French hightailed it in '54. And the US didn't yet have boots on the ground. For a while, Indochina offered safe-haven to men who had reached the end of the line. European war criminals, ex-Nazis and other undesirables. Or men with a price on their head in the West. Men like... Martin Tillman.