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  • Age of Youth (aka Hello, My Twenties) is a 12 episode KTV show from the summer of 2016. The premise consists of 5 college aged girls/women living together in a rented home while they go about dealing with their lives, loves, families, jobs, and studies. It's a straightforward ensemble drama that will most likely grow on you pretty quickly.


    Not to stereotype them, but the 5 girls can basically be best initially summarized as follows:

    1. The sexy girl who's not shy about sleeping around. She cares mostly about herself, her looks, and how she can use those looks and her body to get various guys to be her sugar daddies.

    2. The cute girl who's desperate to be loved but won't be until she can bring herself to break up with her loser boyfriend and find some self-esteem & maturity.

    3. The serious girl who works hard to get ahead but can't ever seem to do so. She's had an unfortunate life, but her overly sullen personality isn't helping her in any way.

    4. The fun loving party girl who tries so hard to get a man to like her and see her as a woman, but always ends up getting stuck in the friend zone.

    5. The youngest and newest tenant. She's shy, has never dated, and is mainly concerned with just trying to adapt to the big city college environment and fit in with her new roommates.

    The girls are mostly somewhat strangers to one another, but they get to know each other over time, bicker some along the way, make up with one another, and generally just learn to get along and support each other as best they can. They do bond together and stick up for their housemates when called for though, and they clearly care for one another, even though they don't always know how to show it or what to do to help one another.

    Collectively, the 5 girls make a very nice mix of various personas & personalities, and this is one of the show's best attributes. They are all imperfect creatures for sure, and they each have their own back stories, a secret or two, and reasons why they act the way they do, but this only adds to their appeal as relatable characters, and you'll soon start rooting for all of them to succeed, grow, move on, or whatever it is they are each trying to accomplish.

    Though not hugely famous film or TV stars as of yet, each of the 5 primary cast members is VERY good in their assigned roles here, and they consistently work well both together and separately throughout. This is a credit to both them and the director, and this is augmented by the oft smart screen writing throughout the show. Each of the 5 gets fairly equal screen time and story lines, so don't be fooled into thinking otherwise based on the first episode or two alone (which primarily focuses on the young new girl).

    Aside from the writing, directing, and acting, one of the other things I really like about this show is its maturity. In a K-drama, you don't often see a woman nonchalantly ripping off her bra as soon as she gets home, or someone hoping her comatose brother would just die so she can get out from under medical bills and finally get on with her life, etc...The show was rated for age 15 or older to watch, and I think that's appropriate, but it has a very mature feel to it compared to most of the K-dramas I've seen of this age rating.

    There are plenty of other things to like with this show as well; in-character Q&A epilogues after each episode fit neatly within the concept of the story without seemingly being tacked on for filler or for no reason, the story lines are varied and nicely thought out, the show bounces back and forth between glee, sadness, and a common middle ground with ease, and so on. There's not much in the way of super fancy production values to speak of, but you don't really need them to be in a drama like this, and everything looks fine.

    The male actors in this show are basically all secondary characters; they do what's required of them well enough when needed within the framework of the overall story lines, but that's all they are there for. There are also several K-drama staples, clichés, & tropes thrown in as expected; debt collectors, some talk of a ghost, a stalker type guy or two, sick/dying/dead people, etc...however, none of this takes away from the theme of the show, which is simply watching the 5 girls continuing their daily lives regardless of any man, side story, or anything else that's taking place around them.

    Overall, this is a really well done show. Perhaps the best compliment I can pay it is that it never wears out its welcome; the 5 lead characters, while you may not always like them or their life choices, well, they will be missed. Future KTV programmers, writers, and directors everywhere should take a lesson from this show, and that is: Always Leave the Viewer Wanting More!

    Summary: I wasn't even planning on watching this because the premise didn't seem to be initially appealing to me. But, I caught a few early episodes, and I was hooked. It's witty, well written, engaging, and efficient. I will take a story like this anytime over the flashier and more popular, yet often predictably unfulfilling, ones that follow the same basic K-drama premise time and time again. It probably won't be a big hit with the masses, or crowds that are mostly interested in "Cinderella gets doted on by a bunch of rich young hot guys" stories, but it is quite good.

    Bottom Line: Personally, this is my favorite K-drama of 2016 to date. I'm giving it 9 out of 10 stars accordingly...Totally Recommended!
  • rosaliesummers5 January 2017
    Age Of Youth is one of my favourite K-dramas and a must watch. To summarize, it is about five roommates in their twenties, struggling with work, romance, and family issues. I found it while browsing Netflix and decided to give it a shot. The first ten minutes were pretty boring and I almost gave up with it but I'm so glad I didn't.

    The thing that made Age Of Youth stand out were the awesome characters. Each of the five main characters were so lovable and I am hard pressed to pick a favourite, although I would probably go with Jin-Myung. They all have their secrets, and their very different personalities is what keeps it interesting. They all got roughly the same amount of screen time although I think it does tend to focus a little on the new girl to the flat, Eun-Jae, especially in the first and last episode. Although most of the cast is relatively unknown they all do a great job. I also found it really refreshing that the show wasn't just based around romance, as a lot of Korean dramas are, but I must admit I squealed a bit when two of the characters I shipped finally got together about halfway through. The writing is just overall very good, always maintaining the balance between humour and seriousness.

    Another great thing about it was the soundtrack. It was so calm and understated and for the mood of the show perfectly.

    One of the reasons Age Of Youth stood out for me was the quirky little original things, such as the mini interviews with the characters at the end of each episode. They were funny and insightful, and not something I've seen done before.

    In summary, Age Of Youth has a fresh and original vibe and I would definitely give it a try,
  • I really really loved season 1 so much. The acting is great, there are no plot holes, there is so much great variety in emotions you feel watching it.

    However, in season 2 we get Ji-Woo as Eun-Jae and I just can't stand her. She doesn't fit the role at all. She always has the same stupid look on her face and has no personality at all. Park Hye-Soo was perfect for this role and removing her from it has changed the show so much I just don't feel the same about it anymore.
  • bbyzkk1 August 2018
    There isnt much to say. It is absolutely one of the best of korean dramas. Well-written characters, fast paced scenario and no irrational scene. I hope there will be a third season(without reducing the quality of course).
  • "Age of Youth" or the Netflix title of "Hello, My Twenties" is a charming, funny, fresh, and often addictive show to get into. I was disappointed to see that Netflix only had Season 1 available. Yes, that is how much I enjoyed it! I wanted to keep watching!

    This intelligent and creative show is about five young women who live in a share house. Of course, they come from different walks of life, have different backgrounds, and much like most people, each of them carries a secret. Like any roommates who share a living space, they get along, they laugh, they cry, and they often argue and fight. But make no mistake. These girls truly love each other and do their best to be there for each other. That is truly the beauty of this show. It proves that a "family" doesn't have to be your nuclear family. In fact, it's a bit interesting and ironic, that in some cases, these girls seem closer to each other than with their parents.

    There are some truly touching moments that might tug at your heartstrings, some incredibly hilarious moments that might get you laughing out loud for a spell, and even some thought-provoking moments. In short, this show has just about everything.

    First, we have Jin-Myung Yoon. Yoon doesn't say much, but when she does speak, she is honest and sincere, even to the point of being blunt. She comes across as cold, but she really isn't. Her "tough" exterior hides the wounded woman suffering through the pain of believing that she's alone. She's cautious about who she opens up to, and when she does, Yoon speaks her mind. She has a challenge of truly connecting with people and showing them who she is. However, she loves her roommates, and will do anything for them. She works three jobs and goes to school. She is the most mature of all of them, and she is my personal favorite.

    Next is Ye-Eun Jung, who is probably the most immature of the group and has some serious self-esteem issues. She adores her boyfriend, despite the poor way that he treats her. Everything is about status with her. She cares about how she looks, what she wears, how much she weighs, and what everyone thinks about her. She is prone to be thoughtless, but she is also cheerful, cute, and despite her clashes with Kang, she also cares very deeply for her fellow roommates.

    Ji-Won Song is the most energetic and creative of the bunch. She also has absolutely no problem expressing herself. She's never embarrassed. She will also frequently take the initiative in activities where others are hesitant. She lives her life a bit on the edge, and sometimes gets a bit carried away with the "truth." She is rarely ever down or upset, and she is the one most likely to try and cheer up a friend.

    Kang Yi-Na is the only one who doesn't share a room with anyone else. A woman with a tragic past, she works as an escort. She also has no vices about walking around with little/nothing on, which makes some of the other roommates uncomfortable. She has more "life knowledge" than the other girls, especially about how men behave. She isn't tricked by the antics that men play, and this gets her into fights with Ye-Eun over Ye-Eun's naivety about her own boyfriend. It's a toss-up as to who is tougher: Kang or Yoon.

    Lastly, we have Eun-Jae, who is the newest addition to the house. She is also the youngest with the least amount of life experience. Coming from the country, she is a young woman who is extremely naive about how things work. It is also very difficult for her to speak her mind or even speak up about things until it's already reached a boiling point. Very sweet with a timid personality, she is very much like the "baby sister" of the group. All of the other girls feel a sense of "protectiveness" toward her.

    Not only is the writing top-notch, but so is the acting. These five women have a certain chemistry that can't be overlooked. They know their characters inside and out, and they make the show work! Each brings something special to the table, but it's those moments when they are truly looking out for each other as well as being there for each other that demonstrates the true power of the show.

    I would guess that many people would love to have a "family" like this! Why? Because no matter what happens, at the end of the day, they truly love each other, and isn't that what a family is?

    **Netflix finally released Season 2, and the show is just as good as ever, adding a couple of new characters, and leaving me hoping and praying for a Season 3!**
  • Found this show while searching for something a little different on my Netflix cue. Seriously a breath of fresh air! I've never watched any Korean dramas before, and wasn't sure what to expect. This far exceeded my expectations!

    I loved getting to know the five main characters, who become more and more dimensional with each episode. I did not want the first season to end! I highly recommend to anyone bored with depressing Indie American drama, who is looking for something with a little more heart.
  • Don't be misguided by the low AC Nielsen or country-wide ratings that this movie received when it was aired in Korean. This drama is certainly one of the most well written and directed compared to other dramas which is why I rated it a full 10. I have seen a few exceptionally good Korean dramas that got low AC Nielsen or country-wide ratings. I can only guess that at the time these great dramas were aired live in Korean it probably was aired at the same time another tremendously popular Korean drama (probably a period or historical drama) was being aired nationwide.
  • chethanibalasuriya13 April 2020
    While i was cchecking up on some tv shows in netflix this tv show is suddenly pop up in my suggestion . Plot was quite interesting so i started to watch this. When i started to watch it i can't get myself from it. Within 3 days i completed watching 2 seasons . Really interesting tv show. Not only for entertain this tv show give away some meaningful message . If you are in to chickflicks, if you are a korean drama fan i invite you to watch this. This tv show drives you in to another world . You will feel that you also a houhousemate of " Belle Epoque " Oh I'm in love with this tv show. ❤🙈
  • I have been avoiding this show since the title did not appeal to me. I figured, me a 40 something, would not enjoy a show about 20 something year olds but boy was I wrong...

    I have a few k- dramas under my belt and I definitely like the more mature, lusty scripts , but this ... this was real.. not some soupy lovey dovey story... I think the music had to do a lot to enhance the important scenes ... loved the music

    I cried, I smiled, I cringed, I was at the edge of my seat, my heart fluttered and I cried some more... and cried again.. Actually I found myself crying each episode... wth ... 'Something in the rain' and 'Crash Landing on you' were the only k-dramas that had made me cry before... but this is different

    I saw my younger self in some of these girls and I imagined my daughter in the future.

    The life situations depicted here were real, raw and importation to know and be aware of.

    I enjoyed Season 1 a lot ... now starting Season 2 but the main character actress is changed.. we'll see how it goes
  • I loved the way it was filmed, the music and the story and characters are great. I really enjoyed this! Despite having to use subtitles, it was a good watch. It was initially called "Hello my 20s" but now is called Age of Youth.

    I would highly recommend checking it out if you watch the trailer and think, hmm seems decent!
  • This drama is so raw, It shows real people that are no differen from us.The story is not different from other dramas/tv shows about college students, hardships, dating, friendships and relationships. But that's the beauty of it, it's raw (especially that some k drama writers can easily go overboard with dreamy stories ans stupid romance that gets irritating after the first few episodes) this drama shows real people with real life stuggles, each girl had her own background and her own struggles. Anyone can watch this drama and just simply enjoy the calm beautiful atomshpere with a really relaxing OST. Highly recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Good characters, good story, and good comedy. Would've worked better if it focused more on the comedy aspect instead of a typical drama tbh but I know that's not the shows goal. Some of the plotlines die and in the second season some of the characters personalities change was to drastically to be believable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved season one of this show. The dynamic between the characters were all fantastic and the storyline was interesting enough. The second season has a different feel than the first. Removing Kang in episode 1 immediately discouraged me a bit but I continued nonetheless. What really bothered me was changing the main actress in season 2. Eun-Jae is so different than the previous actress that it feels like she is a totally new character rather than a recurring one. She changes from being an introspective and quiet girl to being an obsessive and outspoken one. I found myself skipping most of her scenes as I found her annoying and downright senseless. Season 1 Eun-Jae would not be obessing over an ex or even picking fights with Ye-eun. Besides that, everything in the second season is perfect. I did find myself liking the new roommate and her character arc. The plot is interesting too. If the main actress had stayed for season 2 i would have rated it 10/10.
  • juan-9548830 April 2020
    I like Korean series but this one is different from the others. It presents the daily life of a couple of girls in their 20s and how they have to build their paths across different problems that we usually fight in that age. It isn't the love story of most K-dramas. It teach you so many life lessons and gives so many good reflections. Btw I prefer season 1. I really hate that they change one of the actresses and how the character changed.
  • pennyelenabooks15 March 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    The series is about five college students, living at the same shared accommodation. Each one has a different story and a different mystery to solve. Even though this drama seems to follow the girly-sex and the city norm with young woman, sexual free and ready to party or kill each other, it leaves that stereotype far behind from the first few episodes and focuses more at the drama and the hardships each one has to deal with. Their love lives are interesting enough and, thankfully, the drama doesn't end everything with the perfect happy ending, living happy ever after with their boyfriends. Rather, each girl learns to be independent and to deal with their own demons. The performances were good and the chemistry between the five friends perfect to create a strong friendship atmosphere. So, 7 out of 10.