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  • landry228 October 2016
    Got the chance to screen at the FNC in Montreal. It's far from being a perfect movie but it's got enough meat for me to chew on for a while! It's a manifesto. It's an homage. It's a scrapbook of all the revolutionary movements that ever existed.

    Mathieu Denis and Simon Lavoie concocted a curious cinematographic essay, that takes four participants of the Printemps Erable movement of 2012 ans tries to see where they could be a few years later. It's not quite political fiction but it is fiction and it is political. It is also very poetic and at times theatrical. It also mixes actual footage from the 2012 events, and other real interviews, with their fictive character portrait. They quote Godard "La Chinoise" as an influence, but watching it I also thought of Michel Brault's "Les Ordres" maybe because of the nationalist theme. The result is simply amazing. Bravo!
  • ambigues-case20 February 2017
    Horrible movie, pure waste of time, very long scenes with no need to, actors walks alone for several minutes in empty streets just to deliver a message that other people are rich.. Well, audience are not stupid, you can deliver your message in 10 seconds instead of 5 boring minutes here and there, over and over.. Super boring and with all this long movie it couldn't deliver any logical idea after all. Whose idea was this movie? Wasn't there any friend of him to advice NOT to do this awful movie?