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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had never heard of this show before giving it a try, so I went into it without any expectations. Unfortunately, this did not deliver anything particularly good or memorable. The characters are all over the place, motivations are weak, and holy crap does the pacing suck. The premise is that of a group of stereotypical teens (more on that later) who end up trapped in their high school after an explosion of a chemical plant poisons the outside air with fallout and turns people exposed into something like mutant zombies.

    --Spoilers from here on--The entire 10 episodes only takes place over a period of about 2 days, which is very much to its detriment. It's also very confusing, as they keep making it seem like more time has passed - you keep seeing the characters bedding down to sleep, but I guess maybe they just all take a lot of micronaps? At one point the water is shut off and they only have what bottled drinks are left. They say with rationing it should last a week - and yet, even though only a day has passed (as they keep repeatedly telling you by talking about how it's been two days in the show over and over again) they're suddenly really low on their water. Not sure if I should say they're all stupidly irresponsible or if the show just decided to forget what was going on.

    The stupidity is not restricted to the lack of time passing. We get the stereotypical cast of characters (jock with his cheerleader girlfriend, the nerd, the bad boy, perfectionist girl, etc) who do very stereotypical things. There is, of course, the one who gits bitten and hides it from the group. There's the one who is an obvious jerk, who almost lets another character die by withholding the medicine he needs to live because he has a thing for his girlfriend. The main character is obviously the boy Grover, the whitebread boring lead who was never meant to be there in the first place, but showed up to detention he didn't earn in order to be close to a girl he liked. It's hard to care about any of the characters, or to believe they care about each other.

    One of the girls it turns out is pregnant, and this brings basically nothing to the story. She doesn't seem to put much emotion into caring about the baby, and it's treated like exactly what it is - a poorly thought-out plot device, one they bring up when convenient and then abandon otherwise. She starts an out-of-nowhere relationship with one of the "bad boys" and over the course of less than a day suddenly the show treats them like they're in love, and have a huge meaningful relationship, which it never actually earns.

    Eventually a man shows up who says he's there to rescue them, and has a vaccine that would allow them to safely breathe the air so they can escape. Only one of them has any misgivings about how this guy shows up and magically has a vaccine after only 2 days. When questioned why he was wearing a hazmat suit and mask if he's had the vaccine and doesn't need it he says because he'd already been out in it for 2 days and it was easier on him with the suit. That implies the vaccine was available to him the same day as the explosion. And with the exception of the one kid, no one questions this, and are willing to let him inject them with some mystery vaccine they know nothing about, even after he acts shady and refuses to answer questions, dodging them in very obvious ways.

    It turns out the "vaccine" is actually a poison to kill them as they are witnesses to the mutants the chemical plant explosion caused, and he is part of a team trying to cover it up. Big surprise. One of the group (the pregnant one, of course) has already had the vaccine by the time they figure it out and try to stop him. As mentioned earlier, she never really brings up the baby, even when she's been injected with poison and is dying.

    Ultimately, I only even finished this series because there was literally nothing else for me to watch and I was bored, but it's not really worth it. The characters are paper thin and VERY stupid (even when they try to convince you of how smart they are), the pacing is the absolute worst, and there are plot holes big enough to drive a semi through.
  • knedb25 February 2020
    Not a bad show. However, I'm just a little confused on how these teenagers react to certain situations. For example, why would Mary hide she got bitten? Also, wouldn't Grover, her brother, be a little more distraught about his sister turning into a zombie...basically dying? Why is he showing up to detention on a Saturday to be near a girl he likes? That's just straight up weird and creepy. And why is Natalie hiding her pregnancy from everyone? Seriously what's the big deal. I know they're supposed to be teenagers and I used to be one, but I don't ever remember being this stupid and lacking this much common sense. Then again, this is a tv I guess that lack of logic with the characters make it enjoyable? I don't know. Still, I thought it had a decent story line. Just a poorly written dialogue. The actors did a decent job with the script they were given though.
  • The premise was decent enough to get me to watch, but for crying out loud, who at Hulu green lighted this mess? So many continuity problems. The writing is awful. It's bad enough that it is stiff and unrealistic but they actually insult the intelligence of the audience by reminding us through dialogue of the subplots, IE. "I hate you!" "Oh, because I like your girlfriend, right?" Please!

    The story is only suppose to be over the course of 2-3 days but in some instances, the characters mention they've been locked up for 11. This brings me to the next point...continuity. Girls with hair that looks perfect, made up, looking like they got a good night's sleep. Boys, teens though they may be, clean shaven, not a speck of beard growth. No showers. Nothing to brush their teeth, and the lovers make out with each other. Even after 2 days -- nobody appears gamey?

    This is a dangerous chemical event yet we're expected to believe that none of the chemicals get into the school through cracks in the doors, windows, ventilation system? Even when kids make it to cars, they take their masks off in the cars as if they'd be perfectly sealed? There is nothing realistic about this!

    It's a shame because you have good actors with nice resumes who were given poor dialogue and were poorly directed. It reminds me of "Dragnet" where accomplished actors were just wooden and awful on that show but you'd see them elsewhere and they'd be brilliant.

    It's a sad commentary that so many writers and producers with strong, original ideas cannot get so much as a pitch meeting while crap like this turns up.

    If you can -- miss it.
  • Really enjoyed this show. Some really fun scares, definitely targeted for a younger audience I think, but good zombies and tension. All around just a fun world to live in. I think it's a rip-off of another show, but what isn't these days. Definitely has a great hook to it and keeps your attention from episode 1. Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely fun.
  • Hulu has decided not to make a third season of their Freakish TV show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why are people still writing pathetic TV shows like this? This is not 2002 anymore. There are so many things wrong with this. First, all the girls looks so well made up after running around and fighting. Like they all have a professional stylist before every every camera shot. No one looks sweaty or dirty in the face. Second, we have Deshawn's death scene when the freaks somehow can smell his gangrene leg and were trying to break through the windows. But as soon as he was killed by own friend, they instantly stopped trying to break in and went away??!!! Wth!! Lmao. Ahhh hello his gangrene leg is still here!!! Fact is that stench will be even stronger in a few hrs because he's completely dead now!! Third, they're using masked to go outside but as soon as they get into any vehicle all mask comes off and they're all fine to breathe the air inside the vehicle??!!! Sooo does that mean the air in those vehicles are not contaminated? The air in the houses are also safe to breathe? Hmm. Even at the school, do they have some state of the art Filtration System? Smh. Fourth, why doesn't anyone have dust or chemical debris in their hair whenever they come from outside??!! With all the debris flying around out there, there's gotta be something stuck to someone lol. I couldn't make it through the 1st second. It's exhausting to watch. Relieved that it ended and not renewed. Great concept but writing and acting sucks. Best actor was Chad Collins, best "student" actor was Diesel but unfortunately he's been having a rough life with the law I've read. So maybe we wouldn't be seeing him around much longer. Tragic show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To start off, I had all the right intentions when going into this series. It sounded like fun from the synopsis and the premise, but boy was I wrong. First of all the actors and acting are horrible. I understood from later digging that some of them stem from vine(???) fame and got their part through that. Fair enough, it's a dog eat dog world. But this script makes no sense and infuriates anyone watching it. Why is the school air tight? Why has no one responded to what seems like a huge disaster? Why is time sometimes fleeting and most times not? Making it seem like a week has passed but in the end, it's only 2 days? THE WATER RAN OUT AND EVERYONE FOUND A NEW PARTNER IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS? DURING A CRYSIS? This series is really pushing the boundary when it comes to how much stupidity one person can stomach before saying no. Personally, just a few episodes of season one did the trick but I sat through half of season 2 before being so insulted that I could not watch anymore. I feel sorry for the actors for having this sad piece of s**t for a script but somehow it matches their level of skill. Peace out.
  • Great balance between shock value, comedy, and romance. The social media influencers did an excellent job with the acting (much better than I would have dared to expect). The dynamic between characters is great, and I found myself instantly wanting to watch the next episode at the end of each one (perfect for binge watching).
  • I found this series very good. Started out weak and funny with the same zombie kind of story but the more you get into it the more you want to watch the next episode, so they did a good work with that. There are some flaws but all around a good watch. Would love to see SEASON 2 ! They could just make longer episodes 22 minutes isn't enough! Don't listen to all the critics that go to hard on it! There are lot worst zombie series then, like Nation Z. This one is a lot better and has that teenage touch that's fun and it's not that intense. You can see the youth feeling behind it and the running away and not the fighting, they are kids so. Loved it. Season 2 ! Season 2! Season 2! Season 2 !! GO GO
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had high hopes going into this series, however only a few minutes in I knew it wasn't going to go well. I hung in and watched all the episodes. This show is too typical. You have the nerdy guy, the jock with the hot girl, the bully, the semi popular girl etc.

    The acting is so so and at times over the top.

    *Spoiler* As an example of some of the ridiculousness, in a scene the whiz kid black girl makes ether to put the zombies asleep. They then sneak into the shelter looking for masks. Rather than killing the sleeping zombies, they tip toe around them and OF COURSE they wake up trapping one of their own inside. SHOCKING! EVERY TIME and I literally mean EVERY time a "freak" attacks, they either throw the weapon they have or drop it.

    You have actors crying, yet no tears, inconsistencies where clothing changes from scene to scene.

    So much promise but just didn't deliver.
  • Be prepared to be disappointed not because lack of effort but just the script was so bad and poorly done. I love the Vines stars in this production but i've seen better high school movie projects than this. 8 hours through this and i could only cringe on every episode. Kudos to all the vine star but to be taken seriously you all need more work done especially your acting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Put it this way, the scientific part is not airtight. An air contagion, yet they ride in vehicles without their mask on. Pretty sure they don't make cars impenetrable to outside air.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Thanks to my auto play settings on my ROKU this show started playing after what I selected previously ended. Don't expect good acting, there is none. Weak, weak, WEAK story and just about every cliché' scenario there is.

    ---SPOILER---- If your black, your doomed (yeah, your surprised) . In a "leadership" position then your a WEAK leader like the detention teacher, but that's OK he has muscles and lets the kids walk all over him and ends up as the first snack. If your strong black athlete (Whaaaat?) but still alive you can't be allowed to be at full capability, so you have a crippling disease so your a burden on society O.o and you have to make statements about how strong and "badass" your white girlfriend is. You know, the one you "worship". Sigh.....

    --Spoiler-- don't worry about our team of heroes, they will be fine. the "middle eastern" looking girl knows how to make THERMITE bombs.... eye roll... yeah, really.

    ---Spoiler--- the girl that lectures about being irresponsible and carelessness is the pregnant one.

    ---SPOILER---In one stupid scene, after making "knockout gas" -you know, to knock out the zombies- our heroes tip toe and whisper through a room full of sleeping zombies and waste time fiddling through boxes instead of KILLING the 20 zombies on the floor. -- so they can wake up prematurely while they are still in the room. ---Uugh---

    This is a pretty painful piece of work. The only redeemable quality is that it is giving some folks employment.... for now.
  • Don't bother with this.

    Sadly, I have to admit season 1, despite being predictable and tediously riddled with teenage angst and sophomoric drama, was not abysmal. Honestly, despite the incomprehensibly stupid narrative structure, bizarre (and largely inconsistent) internal logic, and desperately trite dialogue, the acting is actually decent enough to create a few sparse points of poignant tenderness.

    However, the second season forgoes all the subtle nuances of the first season, instead choosing to amplify the crude adolescent melodrama into a soap-opera-esque mess of dumb.

    I can't tell if the failure is the expansion of the budget or merely the inevitable conclusion of the faults of the first season--either way, a mediocre start collapses into a steaming pile of stupid.
  • I love the show but 10 episodes per season is not very long. I mean a person could watch this within a few days. I wish it was longer like other series with like at least 20 episodes per season. Overall the show is really cool. It is a good mix of drama and action. Definitely a must see. Please make longer seasons though developers. It probably would be more popular if fans had more to watch and look forward to. Ps. I hope the part about a good mix of drama and action does not count as spoiler. If it does I am sorry about that as it was not intended.
  • jlamentea6 December 2016
    I heard about the show from a friend and immediately loved it! Is is great if you like horror. Once I watched the 1st episode, I was hooked. the sad part is that there is only 10 episodes but hopefully they will come out with more! I want more episodes really badly!!!!!!!!!!!! The show is so great. The show is on hulu but I watched the episodes on you tube

    This is sooooo good!

    I would definitely recommend that you watch it! I have no negative but be prepared to watch the show because I watched it all at the same time which took me about 5 hours! lol
  • I'm not going to lie, I thought this show was going to have bad actors and the plot was going to be all over the place, but it completely surprised me. It made me feel as if I was in the show my self. All the actors made me feel as if this was actually happening at this very moment. You definitely build a connection with each actor. The way that the plot and the entire storyline is produced is absolutely amazing and something I did not expect. This show completely surprised me in the best way that there could be and I am definitely hoping for a second season. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone honestly, because it is such a great show with so many surprises that will leave you in awe and wanting more. Watch it now it's awesome and you won't regret it.
  • Don't watch it expecting it to be The Walking Dead or anything like that. Just watch it as another show. It's not bad if you take it for what it is.

    Sick of people watching movies and shows with such a high standard that they have no choice but to be disappointed. Grow up.
  • lmitts32310 October 2018
    If a network picked this series up they could do a really good job revamping it. Acting is fair directing is fair the writing is atrocious! Get better writers and this show actually could be good.
  • I entered this show completely blind without having seen so much as a synopsis. And though the situation initially seems intriguing, it quickly devolves into a Walking Dead copy, complete with zombies making those annoying screechy raaaar sounds.. though since all modern zombies (sadly even in the Resident Evil 2 game remake) sound like that I guess audiences approve. Nitpicking aside... my greater complaint is that the teens don't feel like teens. They are written as being very dramatic with deep depth and have far more emotional wisdom and intelligence than they should. Maybe you disagree, I leave that to you. The other issue, and I have this issue with all zombie media today (they are all seemingly carbon copies of one another) is that the zombies are of no threat. The first one we meet is easily dispatched by an unarmed teenager. This doesn't make your villain feel threatening.. of course like all other zombie media, they barely play a role in this. It is more about the "teen drama".
  • Hulu should at least made a final season. Another series cliffhanger.
  • vanessacowan27 February 2017
    My fiancé and I are very addicted to this show. It was a twist and turn every second in our opinion. Everyone is entertained in different ways but I tell this show right here I am very pleased with so far. I am tired of reality shows so this brings a twist to my TV list. I hope to see a second season!
  • I would describe this as Breakfast Club meets 28 Days Later. High school drama with light humor meets apocalypse. . It is predictable, but I enjoyed it enough to keep watching.. even if the acting feels too scripted.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Definitely worth the watch. If you're expecting something similar to the walking dead it's not that. I found this show to be very interesting and loved the initial premise of the chemical spill(expolsion). It is very highschool and some of it is quite predictable. Finished season 1 very quickly and was drawn every episode to watch the next. Season 2 was very well done as well done, the bringing in of other characters was a little off putting at first, but eventually I began to like it. The characters fall into your stereotypical categories, but they all interact so well and are actually quite likeable. Lots of twists. You can tell some aren't the best actors, but I did like them a lot. They were very good at the emotional scenes. One thing that I was honestly surprised with, was how much death there was, I guess in this world with people turning into 'freaks' trapped in something like a school would make it quite hard to survive. Really good teen show that contains emotion, love, drama, death, conviction, teen parent, and honestly just was an interesting watch.
  • This is a great show. It has horror and suspense elements but unlike many shows alike, it is still somewhat believable but doesn't take itself too seriously. The cast does their job well and the effects work.
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