Both Leo Howard (Grover) and Adam Hicks (Diesel) are Disney Channel alumni.

Leo Howard is one year younger than his on screen younger sister, Mary Mouser.

Melvin Gregg, Hayes Grier, and Liza Koshy are all vine famous

Saxon Sharbino's little sister Brighton played Lizzie on The Walking Dead.

Season 2 Ep 2 Leo Howard is putting on his backpack getting ready to go out and find help at around three minutes and 40 seconds into the show. You will see a Nike Check symbol on the strap of his backpack.. as the scene goes on they will show the back of the backpack and again the Nike Check is there but when they show him upfront again the Nike Check is no longer on the strap!!! BLOOPER!

This is the second time Aislinn Paul has played a pregnant teen. The first time was on Degrassi.

Chad L. Coleman (the coach) also stared in The Walking Dead as Tyrese. In both shows he was killed off by the zombie in The Walking Dead and the zombie type monster in Freakish.

This is the second time Aislinn Paul's character hasn't made it past the first season of a television show due to a death. The first was Heroes Reborn, where her character fell off a building.