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  • dacer-0270926 August 2018
    The dumb pregnant women was the only one that can act
  • This movie was absolutely horrid. There isn't a way to rate this movie any lower than a one so I have to give it one star. My friend who I've been friends with since we were kids recommended this movie to me and now I will never talk to that man again because of this movie. Everyone involved in this movie should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. I don't know who funded this but whoever it is should just not be allowed to have anymore money cause they can't responsibly handle it. I am running out of words to describe this terrible movie. I didn't enjoy a single moment of this film and had to turn it off halfway through and watched the $4 I spent to rent this appalling piece of work go down the drain. I would feel better if someone just punched me in the face and stole $4 out of my wallet I would feel like that would be a better use of my money and time.
  • It is embarrassing that this is labeled as a comedy. To anyone who appreciates comedy or watches a lot of comedy this is atrocious and just an embarrassment to the genre. This was clearly a watered down version of Rough Night which was already a terrible movie that came out a year earlier. Lame attempt at comedy this movie is about as good as most student films I have watched. I was looking for a way to get my money back but I can't find one if you are thinking about renting this movie just stare at a wall for an hour and a half cause that is the level of entertainment this provides. This is a small budget movie and should've been a no budget movie. I can't believe anyone hates money enough to give anyone money to make this garbage. DUMPSTER FIRE!!!
  • Absolutely not a comedy I don't know who let anyone classify this movie as a comedy but it is the worst classification I've ever heard. I wish that I was the guy who got murdered in this movie so that I didn't have to watch this movie. The premise is very lazy and was obviously stolen from multiple other movies. I feel bad for the first-grader who got his plot stolen for this movie. The "comedy" in this movie is insulting. I usually don't leave terrible reviews if I don't like a movie I usually just move on and don't take the time to review but this was a waste of an hour and a half of my life so I felt I wanted to try and save other humans from the same pain and suffering I went through watching this student film. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF AND DON'T WATCH!!!
  • I loved this movie. It was just pure fun and a little goofiness. It's meant to be fun. The girls had great chemistry and I loved the mob boss and his goons. It almost reminded of just a screwball comedy.
  • I rarely laugh out loud in a movie but this one did it. There is one musical joke in particular that would make Monty Python proud. The story revolves around three good friends, one of whom is running for public office, who must overcome comical situations to dispose of the body of an incompetent hit man who dies on the job. The script is tightly written and the cast, who works beautifully together, delivers their lines with a snappy slapstick timing. The movie was shot in a small town in upstate New York and the filmmakers have used the location to maximum advantage as a setting for the three small town friends who have shared a lifetime of adventures. The script is snappy, the direction spot on and the cinematography first rate. The supporting cast is just as strong as the leads and the editing is seamless. This is not a big studio picture but rather a lovingly made independent feature that captures the best of independent filming.
  • This is quite simply a fun movie to watch that will occasionally make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. The three female leads are so good they immediately sweep you up in to their story and don't let go of your funny bone until the End Credits roll. Even the smallest of supporting roles are all good (Nick the Cop was kind of blah, but Nicole Burch steals every scene she's in, so that makes up for his acting). You can't help but smile as you watch these girls stumble from one hapless mistake to another. Very nice script very nicely directed with just the right amount of subtle touches... until a surprising moment flips your 'laugh out loud' switch. Visually it is a beautiful movie to watch - the lake town is quite picturesque. And I loved the ending. A 'final surprise' in a film filled with surprises (the filmmakers are obviously setting up a sequel).

    Billed as an indie film, this is an excellent adventure that I would recommend to anyone. Get some popcorn, sit back, and be amazed at how fast the next 1 1/2 hours fly by. You'll walk out of the theater grinning and wanting to see the movie again.
  • BigD-417 November 2016
    I saw "How To Get Rid Of A Body (and still be friends)" last night and had a blast! It's a simple but oh-so-clever comedy filled with laughs. Three best friends – politician Maddie (Kristen Dattilo), ditzy-but-lovable Amy (Nicole Burch), and the mother hen Laura (Kristen Lynn) – reunite for a weekend in their hometown. Unfortunately for them, a mob hit man also comes to the town looking to whack somebody and… "Weekend At Bernie's" anyone? This is a comedy theme we've seen before, but the filmmakers delivered a fresh, smart, well-constructed variation of the theme that makes you laugh out loud even when you're trying not to. The true magic of the movie centers on the on-camera chemistry between the three lead actors Dattilo, Burch, and Lynn. Dattilo is a veteran ("The Chris Isaac Show", lots of movies) who knows how to carry a scene; Burch has all the makings of a rising star; and Lynn is exemplary as the grounded 'normal' girl of the trio, though she's hiding a BIG secret (sorry, can't say anymore without a Spoiler Alert). The supporting cast is solid. Pete (Angelo Bua), Mr. Dibble (Michael Dempsey, another Hollywood veteran), and Tamara Zook all deliver performances that keep you engaged and laughing. And James Sutorius is dead-on as Frank, the menacing and somewhat disturbed mob boss. Hats off to the writers Nevada Grey and Russell Gannon. This is a clever and smooth story that seems simple at first blush, and that's what makes it truly funny from beginning to end. Grey and Gannon crafted a comedic plot line that is often times surprising, sometimes outrageous, and just plain politically incorrect once in a while (the restaurant scene is sure to be a classic). Russell Gannon was also the Director, so here is a talented filmmaker who knows how to deliver. The movie flows seamlessly from start to finish, and the scenes are tight and well-paced. The cinematography is outstanding. The movie was shot in a beautiful lake town in New York, and it's a hidden jewel. The aerial shots alone remind us that there are still little places in America we haven't visited yet, but probably should. This is an indie film made without the money and marketing campaign of a large studio production, but it deserves to be seen. I truly enjoyed myself. And, even more importantly… the rest of the theater audience did to, because they were laughing right along with me.
  • My girlfriend wanted to watch the movie, I thought a chick flick... but wow, what a real surprise! This was really a lot of fun to watch. There's no explosions or bloody shootouts or stupid Hollywood dialogue, just a couple hours of funny stuff. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and these girls are hilarious! If you want to just kick back for awhile and smile alot and laugh out loud a bunch of times, this is the movie for you. It gets two thumbs up from me!
  • wl-2219723 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw the premier of How to Get Rid of a Body (and still be friends) the other night and I gotta say it's surprising what a group of clever and talented people can do with a small budget. The premise isn't new, but the execution (excuse the reference) puts a new spin on dealing with a dead guy, with more than enough laugh out loud moments to go around. The film was beautifully shot in a charming upstate New York town and the production values are first class. (There are some awesome aerial shots that really help establish the location) The cast is up to the comedy and the three girls have great chemistry. It appeared that there was a some improv going on and and they're good at it. There are some genuinely "snot flying out of your nose" induced gags with the dead guy (spoiler alert) especially on the golf course! Director Russell Gannon had a lot of moving parts to deal with and he's handled himself well. My only disappointments are that some of the scenes go on too long which slows the action down, and I didn't like the ending. Instead of action it was solved with a flash forward and used dialogue to explain what happened beforehand. Other than that, it's a good time.