Nevada Grey originally developed the concept for this movie over ten years ago with her award winning screenplay 'Four Fabulous Friends'. The location of the filming was changed to upstate New York when Producer Guy Violas took a vacation to his hometown - Canandaigua, NY - and began sending photographs of the beautiful locations to the writers.

For the scene where the fake golf ball hits dead Pete (Angelo Bua) in the head, the Director held a lottery among the crew to see who got to throw the ball. Grip Tim Limner won the lottery, and was given three balls. He stood just outside the camera frame - less than two feet away. He missed with all three throws. It took nine takes before the bounce looked authentic.

The breakfast scene was originally scheduled to be filmed on the backyard patio of the Harmon home. Production was forced to move the scene indoors when a freak winter storm hit: in less than an hour three inches of snow fell, wind gusts hit 40 miles an hour, and the wind-chill dropped to 8 degrees above zero. Two days later it was sunny, 75-degrees, and the crew was wearing shorts and t-shirts.

While a teenager, Kristin Dattilo starred as Janie is Aerosmith's iconic music video 'Janie's Got A Gun'.

Kristen Lynn tours the country with her band. She performs two songs in the movie soundtrack: "La La" and "Strangers".