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  • For what it is, the movie is pretty good.

    It's a comedy inspired by real events, a talent manager working in Los Angeles in the 1990s. So see it as semi-documentary type of movie with some laughs here and there.

    I don't know anything about the manager but it seems that he is that weird as Adam Sandler portrays him to be, and the audience for some reason mix those two together thinking Adam Sandler is to blame for some parts of the manager's character? Like the voice for example, the manager seems to have that kind of voice..

    Also, some people watching this probably expected more comedy and fiction, and finish it disappointed. I started watching this without any expectations, just that it's some kind of a movie based on real events, and I had a positive experience watching it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved it. Didn't think I was going to but it grew on me. It's corny, absurd and entertaining and kept me watching till the very end.

    I wasn't sure that the film had any basis in fact but it turns out the character that Adam is playing represents his manager Sandy Wernick. What a blast it must have been for Wernick to be lampooned with love by Adam and so many amazing people.

    Check the credits to see who plays Cindy Marvelle's husband Peter.

  • Because I have seen a few Sandler movies that I found to be interesting and well-scripted/acted, I am always willing to view a new entry in his career. I am sorry to report that this is one of his worst. When Woody Allen made this it was titled "Broadway Danny Rose" and it was head and shoulders above this movie. The Sandler character was a low-rent version of Jerry Lewis at his silliest and the plot uninteresting. Disappointing, but I'm not giving up. Sandler has greatness in him and I'm forever hopeful.
  • Sandy Wexler stars Adam Sandler as a talent manager working in Los Angeles in the 1990s. He is representing a group of eccentric clients on the fringes of show business. His devotion is put to the test when he falls in love with his newest client, Courtney Clarke, a tremendously talented singer who he discovers at an amusement park. Over the course of a decade, the two of them play out a star- crossed love story.

    I honestly think Sandy Wexler had potential. Adam Sandler was...actually pretty good. The all around acting was actually pretty great! One of the things that originally turned me off of this movie originally was Sandler's voice. I mean, it worked in one movie, dude! The voice wasn't too can actually get used it after a while. Though, being a movie critic, I did notice this movie was edited terribly. There's this one scene where Sandy is talking to Courtney. He picks up his drink, and in the next shot it disappears. It is also blatantly obvious Sandler did some voice overs on his already completed scenes. There's parts where you can see his lips moving, but words are coming out faster.

    There are actually a few funny parts! It's not painful in the way Jack and Jill was. Wow! I'm shivering just thinking of it!

    Like many of Sandler's movies, there are way too many celebrity appearances. Some of these include Quincy Jones, Paul Blart..I mean...Kevin James, David Spade, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Rock, Quincy Jones, Vanilla Ice, Terry Crews, Rikishi, Weird Al, and Garth himself, Dana Carvey. The movie is full of cameos like these. Though, they all come together in the end. At times, Kevin James' character feels way too forced. Compared to Wexler's other clients, he wins the most on-air time. Sure, the first few scenes with him were funny, but by 2 scenes of James', you think 'How many times are they going to pull the same dumb joke?'

    The movie did benefit from being on Netflix, and not an actual movie. Sandler's past few movies bombed, and this would've, too.

    The movie is set in the 90's, but it didn't need to be. The 90's aspect is so forgettable, when there could've been so much more to it! Though, there is a scene where Courtney falls in love with a coffee chain owner (Starbucks), and Sandy says it will never work. With the inclusion of Weird Al and QUincy Jones, this movie would be better set in the 80's, not 90's. It did have nice use of older footage. For example, Courtney goes to the 1995 Grammy Awards. We see shots from other artists from the original show.

    Sandy Wexler accomplished its job: a forgettable comedy. Sure, it's enjoyable, but at over 2 hours long, you almost want it to end halfway through. The movie really does pick up by the end.

    Is Sandler back to being funny? Well, this was a great start. If Sandler does another Sandy he'll be back. This was an enjoyable movie, which I'd recommend.
  • The movie raises the thought how can someone so uncoordinated have such a successful career. Adam Sandler portrays a talent agent/scout in the 1990's His awkward stance and opinions land him to find and meet Courtney "Jennifer Hudson' while babysitting the kids from another client played By the real life Sandler's Adams Family...There Sandy see's that Courtney has a amazing singing voice and he lays down the spiel which comes as a bit of a reel off and makes Courtney a bit skeptical..She soon realizes that is part of Sandy's charisma and character and begins to take him seriously.

    Sandy Wexler 2017 Is part of Happy Madison Production & Netflix deal with Adam..This movie completes the three movie deal and opens the door for four more movies that Adam is going to make for Netflix. The movie in general is quite humorless at times and a bit depressing. Sandy is a lonely person who truly doesn't have anyone by hes side. All he has is his work and hes dedication to it.. The man will clearly do anything for hes clients but hes comes off as impolitic to the rich & famous. He is mocked, ridiculed, prodded by the industry and even ostracized from a members only golf club...

    It is not a bad movie per-sea being Adams Sandler's first movie I ever saw that ran more than '90 MINUTES' in duration. However with so many comedians making cameos there where plenty of moments the movie could have given us a couple laughs, unfortunately this doesn't happen.. I saw it as poorly wasted opportunity to not have Lorne Micheal's Or Jimmy Kimmel, Or Conan O'Brien, Or Chris Rock, Or David Spade, Or Allen Covert to make the audience laugh.. Over all it was a bit of a left handed monkey wrench in writing department..

    I say if your a Adam Sandler fan like me Its worth nuking some popcorn and watching it, If your expecting this movie to be Adam's comedic comeback...THINK AGAIN!!!
  • Easily the best movie Sandler's made in... well, a long time.

    Sandy Wexler is an utterly abrasive loser, and if there's a problem with the movie at all you spend the first half hour wondering if you can actually stand to hear that nails-on-chalkboard voice for the duration. The movie really IS too long and might have had some time trimmed from the setup, but once you get past that? Well...

    Jennifer Hudson is fantastic. She's funny, and charming, and classy, and the songs she sings in this Hollywood fable are very, very good. There are some funny bits, and some clever twist casting and cameos.

    It's a bit uneven, but fun and totally worthwhile.
  • I don't understand, was this made as some sort of torturing technique? I'm sure anyone will tell you anything you want, as long as you stop the horror of this "video". What exactly was the purpose of this? Some sort of The Office meets 80's scumbag? I suppose it could be some sort of artwork I don't understand. I usually enjoy Adam Sandler movies. But he should look at his past and see what worked for him, because this sort of, whatever this is, doesn't work for him. I find it even more pitiful that so many Hollywood legends took part in this. I would award this movie for being the biggest movie disaster of the year. I would give it all the awards winnable.
  • My sister decided to put this on. If I knew Adam Sandler was in it I would have stopped her. Adam Sandler's character voice is worse than the sound of a dental drill chizzeling teeth. And why is it every role Adam plays he acts the exact same. This movie was defiantly made to torture people. I'll be honest I'm not going to finish this movie. I'm going to clip my toe nails and that would be more fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had been really excited to watch this. A couple of weeks ago, I watched one of the Sandler Netflix movies and really liked it. Then, last week, I watched his other two. Now, they were weird. But, you don't see movies like them anymore. They were fun.

    I started this one last night. First thing I did, was hit the button on my Apple TV remote, to see how long it was. 2 hours and 10 minutes. I said "this movie is way too long." Thought I said that, I felt as if there was not enough time. Let me explain below.

    The first thing, they go back and forth, between the story and actors talking about how they knew the character. I almost stopped the movie, at about fifteen minutes, because of this. It throws the story off. How can you get into a story, when it is constantly stopped?

    Another thing about the people being shown, talking about the character, there were to many stars. Well known ones at that. So many different actors, writers, singers and everything else, your mind started thinking so much about the stuff they had been in or created, that it only further pulled you away from the main story.

    Second, Sandlers voice. My God, I mean, it was so annoying. I thought, I hope to hell, this is not going to go on, the entire movie. Oddly, it did stop for a few minutes. Then, right back to it.

    Not just the voice, but the big glasses he had on. It just felt like I was watching a skit the entire time. Never once, did I feel anything for the character or believe any of the story at all.

    Next, as I said, I liked his other three movies. They were slapstick kind of films. Ones that you knew, would have odd humor and that required very little thinking. That is what I enjoyed about them. But, they tried to do the same thing with this movie. It did not work, at all. Why they didn't just make this into a drama/romance, is beyond me. You realize at the end, that the main story, of the two people, seemed almost like an afterthought.

    On top of that, the two characters, did not have any kind of connection what so ever. The only way that I could tell at all, that they were supposed to really like each other, is by the facial expressions of the female character, when she looked at the male character.

    If they wanted to have "clients," talk about the character, they should have had one, talking at the beginning. Then say, OK, here is his story.

    The thing about two people, playing out a star crossed love story, over a decade, does not happen at all. The problem is, there seems to have been multiple stories in this movie. Different clients. They spent far too much time, with each of those characters.

    The best part of this movie for me, was during the end credits. We hear Sandlers character and another character, talking on the phone. Then we get to see them. That was the only thing I enjoyed from this movie.

    I will say, I looked and I had watched an hour and thirty-three minutes. I started to like it. At first that is. That is because the two main characters, seemed to have time on screen together.
  • The total opposite of FUNNY ! All involved in putting this garbage together should be ashamed of themselves and the little money that this movie may make should be given to charity !! its absolutely awful !!!! Not one laugh or funny moment ! its the type of movie that will irritate you more than a mosquito in your bedroom, A contender for a RASPBERRY no doubt ! ADAM SANDLER needs to give it up he had his day .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You know a movie is bad when the writers are so devoid of creativity they are forced to steal jokes from anchorman 2. Yikes! Lamorne Morris in the role of a record producer who looks like he'd be more at home in the 1980's than 90's has a line that is something along the lines of, "Hey! There's Robert Blake, Phil Spector and OJ Simpson. Good group of guys. Call ourselves the dream team." I was immediately reminded of anchorman and a similar line Paul Rudd delivers saying nearly the exact thing, but with a better punch line, calling their group "the lady killers."

    Besides that it's repetitive in the worst ways. It's boring and unfunny. Better not to call it a comedy. Hate hate hated it
  • Sure, this film is not mean to become a classic. But it's fun for what it is. And it's based on the true story ! I did a few search and it's about real-life talent manager, Sandy Wernick. It is a close friend of Adam Sandler because he work with him on Happy Gilmore, Bulletproof and Wedding Singer... among my top 5 of Sandler's films with Big Daddy and That's my boy. He work as an executive consultant on the popular shows ''Larry Sanders'' and ''ALF''. He also produce the likes of Dana Carvey, most underrated comedian ever.

    The way Adam Sandler portray the guy is an homage to him as he work a couple of times with him, not just in 3 movies but after also, and he is doing a good job. The cameos are the best part. And if you watch it with your kids, they may like it as well, as their's not F word and sexual matter. It is a good family movie with a funny stupid guy that people don't trust but they seems to have pity and then work with him and see he is not a bad person at all...

    feels like a sarcastic movie at times, and serious at others, may be the reason some did not like it. I suggest you watch it with an open mind maybe on an afternoon. It is not bad.


    PS: The forums are closed for this very reason, you watch 10 minutes of a film and b**tch on forums after that, when you will have a real opinion, the forums may be back... maybe not in this life !
  • ... Adam Sandler has turned from one of the funniest guys on screen to the exact opposite. Sandy Wexler is Sandler's latest Netflix effort and it's even worse than his previous two Netflix productions. Wexler is supposed to be an inside look into Hollywood of the early 1990s. Why? I didn't get it. Is it funny? Not at all. Wexler somehow wants to draw us into this time period and fails miserably.

    Worst, Sandler acts with some idiotic Jerry Lewis like nasal voice which clearly is only annoying. (and Jerry Lewis was great in doing the nasal voice BTW). I can no recommend this film. I wish Sandler would go back and make some smart and actually funny comedy. But it sure doesn't look like it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jesus! This film is awful. Seriously! How does this shite get made? - Obviously because of the names involved but does anyone in charge actually read the script?

    I would have given this dag of a film 1 star, but that would be unfair as some effort must have gone into the making of it, at least by support staff, technicians & the like - It's simply bad, devoid of any merit whatsoever.

    I have never made a film, I have no background in film making, nevertheless, if someone from the production/creative team of Sandy Wexler challenged me to do better I'd take that challenge & I'm absolutely certain I could make a better film - I don't know, I'd make it about flying pi$$ plants.
  • Unquestionably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. We watched it and persisted with it hoping that it might get funny. Fail. Sandler's character was almost unintelligible and who ever allowed this film ever to get to air, should be sacked. Avoid. Avoid

    Never ever watch it, even if you get a chance to watch it for free. Or even if someone pays you!
  • pithawg-114 April 2017
    Not really getting the joke yet? Is it a new form of making money via the taxman or some hidden payoff from some mystery scheme. As for making everyone look bad, both cast and crew, i imagine it was a 24/7 party on set as no one sober could make such offensive and unkind garbage/crap. Nothing sweet nor genuine in this pile of insults to my funnychip. I think Netflix should sue. Last on my rant of a review is how not only this flic but the majority of cinema is really starting to stink. Pretty sure there are many great scripts but nobody wants greatness. I've seen better flics about sewage treatment. Charm someone said.. nope,none. How many awful movies left on the Netflix joke contract?
  • I tried my best to enjoy the movie but it turned out to be another Adam Sandler movie where he plays a ignorant doofus with a weird voice. The acting was terrible and the script was too. I didn't find any more than ten seconds funny. I just can't watch the same shtick over and over again. Eventually an actor must reinvent himself and cast off the old style of acting. However I think Sandler has lost that ability. He did it in a few movies, but not this one.
  • Sandy Wrexler is another one of Adam Sandler Netflix film's, and out of his three Netflix film (The Ridiculous Six, and The Do-Over being the others), this is most definitely the best one. Sandler is seeing himself as a talent manager and his attire and mannerisms of his portrayal of this character is what works in this film. At first his blatant speech impediment may be slightly distracting but it becomes more natural as the film progresses.

    The comedy in this film is quite funny at times, with typical occasional Sandler film. Also with many of them coming from Sandler's chemistry with his supporting cast, as well as his blatant gimmicky personality. There isn't much silly gags and stale jokes which makes this film much better. At a running time of over two hours, it doesn't drag as much, which is quite interesting since the film is quite entertaining.

    As with other Sandler films, there are much criticism which is odd since people (non critics) continue to complain about his films yet are always content and appear to be eager with watching his material as soon as they are released. Overall, Sandy Wexler is a surprising watch, an improvement from his previous Netflix film, and most definitely a recommend. After a rewatch 08/25/18' Sandy Wexler is better on a second watch. There are more key elements having noticed this time around. Overall, the film is quite underrated and isn't nearly as bad as its current 5.1 IMDB rating is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There was a time when I found Adam Sandler very entertaining. Unfortunately, in recent years (since signing his contract with Netflix) it appears as if he is mailing it in just to cash a check. This movie had the potential to be funny. He even managed to get a few more people other than the normal cast of regulars who appear in all of his films to show up. Unfortunately Adam is a one trick pony when asked to character act, and I've seen this trick several times before. It was so bad that he couldn't hold character from scene to scene. In one scene with Arsenio Hall I literally flashed back to a line from Tropic Thunder when Robert Downey Jr. tells Ben Stiller "you don't go full retard." I really wanted to say that to Adam when I saw this scene. But wait two scenes later he was someone else completely.

    These Netflix movies are so weak and lack any depth or creativity even for slap stick funny. I stopped watching this 30 minutes in. Couldn't handle watching Adam Sandler mailing it in. the comedy is very predictable because it has all been done by him before. The Character, the cast and the punch lines are just recycled from his other movies.
  • joeyc-1185918 April 2017
    I have been a fan on Adam Sandler and probably always will be. I wont let a few bad movies change what I think about him, but come on man this was terrible. I got bored and lost interest and actually turned this movie off. Your come back movie is yet to be seen. As I said though, will always be fan.
  • This movie is a reflection on Adam Sandler's career. It's very boring and I think every one would find watching paint dry more entertaining. Sadly Adam has done great work in the past. However it seems all of his movies now are cheap fart joke b rated like Sharknado. Save your self the time and watch anything else.
  • I kind of lost interest in Adam Sandler's movies after he made "...The Zohan", but after reading recent reviews of his newer material, I was curious to see how bad his movies had really gotten. Boy was I disappointed. Thought this movie would at least be mildly tolerable, however I found myself continuously checking to see how much longer I had until the movie ended. It didn't make sense from the very beginning and the plot was hard to follow. That annoying "ha-HA" laugh that Sandler makes throughout the film gets annoying fast. Most of the acting seemed too forced and stale. I chuckled out of confusion at the start of the film but quickly got sick of the repetitive old jokes recycled from the past. Didn't laugh at all after the first half hour. Although I am a fan of Sandler's older films from the 90's, this has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Adam Sandler has completely lost his creative mojo.
  • Adam Sandler makes the third film of the partnership with Netflix, the first was The Ridiculous 6 (which I'm still going to watch), and The Do-Over (which, although very weak, I even had fun in a few moments), he comes back With Sandy Wexler, which I had hoped would be at the least helpful, unfortunately the film is very bad, Adam Sandler never made any masterpiece, more in the late 90's and a little of the early 2000's he made some fun movies, Little Nicky and Click, but in the last 10 years or so, he's only making bad and bad films, 1 or 2 are saved, Sandy Wexler has a bad script, weak dialogues, the plot is very uninteresting and nothing original, many elements Already seen in the very films that have Adam Sandler, the way that explains who is Sandy Wexler is also nothing original, and the film is not funny, I did not laugh, and I wanted the film to finish as fast as possible, Sandy Wexler Everything he does, the film has a The special scenes, which perhaps amused you, but I found the film very bad. Note 1.0
  • What's with Adam Sandler insisting on using the same voice for every character? You're an actor, so act! The voice is really irritating and his character is an aged "Waterboy." I told myself I would try and sit through this one, but I just couldn't do it. Instead, I opted to scrape my fingernails on a chalkboard. It was more entertaining,
  • First things first - I really hated the fake speech impediment of Sandler. This was not necessary and annoyed me for the first few minutes. Then you get used to it, but still, why?! But then it was just pure viewer satisfaction. 2 hours of "I know her/him!" interlaced with lots of happy jokes.

    I would give this 4/10 for Sandler's speaking, 8/10 for all the other guys making all the actual jokes + all the 90s guys playing themselves.

    So why I gave this a 10/10? Just last scene, Stanley Spadowski appeared and I almost stood up. And then for the closing credits... I won't spoil it, but if you watched MTV as a teen before it got encoded (on satellite TV in Europe, YMMV), you will absolutely lose your...
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