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  • With the exception of cupcake sniffing/eating as a fetish, to me the "women smoking cigarettes" kink is the dumbest in the current porno/pervert roster. It's as if political correctness has seeped into an unlikely receptor -Adult Entertainment.

    Smoking is not weird or aberrant behavior, it is an unhealthy habit and addiction. Even if it turns you on, that in and of itself is not a justification for a morbid interest to develop. And it is morbidness that determines the twin genres of horror and pornography.

    So this DiSanto exercise with five lesser-known Brit porn actresses preceding their humping with a languorous smoking session is weak tea. Loz Lorrimar is always diverting, but hardly enough to justify such a waste of time. Obscure talent like Paris Rocks and Kat Monroe left me unimpressed.

    The only point of interest for me was caused by label Killergram's habit of not listing credits upfront (sometimes not at all). So I had to play a guessing game with the male talent. I managed to instantly recognize 3 of the 4 cocks with guys attached, but Freddie Flavas, whose face was familiar, stumped me until I could squint at the tiny end credits.