Hank Voight: Okay, I've been a cop for a lot of years. There's one thing I hate. I hate it when people blame the black kid. I get it all the time. I'll tell you something, please believe me when I tell you that, it's not gonna happen today because you're gonna tell me the truth about what happened.

Hank Voight: Kenny, I brought you here for a reason. You're doing great so far. I expected a little turbulence, but if you ever withhold information from again, I'll bounce your ass right outta here.

Kim Burgess: [to Tillman] Stay down! I said, stay down!

Russell Tillman: She broke my arm!

Alvin Olinsky: I'll break the other one.

Erin Lindsay: Violent step-father, crazy boyfriend, sleazy boss... Zoe sure had some winners in her life.

Kenny Rixton: What are we waiting around for? An angel to whisper in the father's ear?

Hank Voight: I understand you're worried about the boys, but I'm worried that things are going to get real ugly, real fast if you don't open those doors.