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  • The reviews here are just unbelievable. What an illiterate audience. Over last 12 years and after watching countless movies and shows, this is the first time I am writing a review to defend this absolute beauty of a show.

    It's a genius work of fiction. Only the people who dont really understand fiction will be giving low rating and bad review here..

    This is definitely a must watch. Fictions do allow for plots against thorny ideaologies and infact that's where the power of fiction truly lies.

    It was horror, mystery and thriller at it's best with some great acting. Unique in its approach and feast for any horror lover. Dont go with negative reviews which are triggered more by sentimentality than the actual quality of the show.

    Watch and judge for yourself. But if you cant tolerate or absorb an anti-popular or politically difficult stance, than this isnt for you maybe.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's really a good TV series. I have a little different perspective about this story. It's not just another horror series. It's much more than that. It's a mirror of how our society is functioning. If one can ignore those gory scenes, ugly faces and high pitch sound, there is a background message in the story. Ghoul as a monster is a metaphor representing an idea or ideology (like Jihad, ISIS, religion etc). This monster is created by combination of below two sections of the society:

    1) Radhika's boss represents first section that are in authority and do injustice. They are the trigger to all these horror events. They are very proud of what they are doing but don't consider the long-term impact of their actions. Eventually, there action results in creation of a monster.

    2) Radihika's father represents intellectual's people of society. They are good people but are oppressed by first section. They have knowledge and ability to create an ideology(i.e. Monster i.e. Ghoul)

    Some similarity that I observed:

    a) Like an idea, the Ghoul can continue to exist indefinitely even after its creator's death.

    b) Once Ghoul bites/eat you, it becomes like you. Similarly, once that idea takes over someone, they lose their own identity and becomes a Ghoul themselves.

    c) It's difficult to identify who among us are Ghoul. Similarly, it's difficult to identify the person who sometime can be our friend, relative, colleague and is possessed by that idea.

    Radhika represent people who are intellectual, brave and believe in system. They are real hero and have ability to kill monster. At the end when she kills her boss, she was not sure whether he is converted to monster or is still original human. Still she kills him because she understand that he is the real reason for creation of monster and that way is a monster himself.

    At the end, the cycle begins again, when the people in authority do injustice with Radhika and sends her to jail. So, first section makes mistake again and second section again decides to create another monster.

    One can question, why to show this in such a gory horror way. My answer is that the impacts of these cycles are similar to what is shown in this tv series. They kill and destroy many people lives (in much larger scale) which can be categorized as nothing but pure horror.
  • I will not go into religious elements, which the writers just wanted to showcase with all their heart and soul. But seriously after watching Sacred Games my hopes was high at least I was expecting some good story line, but this series is a big FLOP and didn't portray any horror or thriller which we see in other Hollywood Drama series. My hopes are all shattered after watching this mini series. Better watch something else than wasting your time on this three part non-sense.
  • I was a big fan of Radhika Apte. But this is next level disappointment in every aspect
  • abhg-3348124 August 2018
    Didn't enjoy the series at all .. had high hopes after sacred games but this one was a big let down.

    Some part of the series further polarises the narrative currently doing rounds in some parts of the society...which I didn't like...
  • A promising starcast, crew, a great premise and a gripping background score has collectively delivered and unnecessary rant of fake state intolerance and probable future backlash. This this piece of disastrous work cannot be solely seen as work of fiction or entertainment especially keeping in mind the anti-dispensation/state stand or hatred displayed by one of its capable crew members. What could possibly have been a great horror flick turns out to be a cheap, third grade, monotonous sponsored rant in the garb of a horror show......
  • There is nothing horror in this. Very weak plot. Hopes were high after Sacred Games but the plot had no base. Not sure whether people who are rating it high have actually watched the show.

    So don't waste your time, it will bore you to death.
  • Well well, a British director making an Indian serial showing a highly divided futuristic India where the terrorists are apparently the oppressed and the Oppressors - guess who the majority "Hindus". So sad to see this twisted sense of reality and to know Netflix produces such low level propaganda. The bitter truth is, this is in fact what the West including America and its allies such as Britain and Australia have been practicing since the start of the War on "terror" on their prison camps in Guantanamo Bay and others.
  • Just don't waste time on this, even a ramse brothers horror flicks are better than this. Absolute waste of time. Story, acting, screenplay: all looked hollow and contrived. Nothing new.
  • chatto-6049726 August 2018
    His is a really good effort at breaking boundaries in Indian TV , depicting a dystopian future , good charachters and good storyline. Will look forward to season 2
  • Its just a blatant attempt against the current government,simply shown that state is acting against a specific community. radhika apte is good but the fact that they have chosen a foreigner to direct a indian show,can be found in dialogue delivery as no hinding speaking person will speak in such manner.Also its dragged two long,could have been ended in two episodes only.They presnt it as a horror show but its hardy any scary and role of major das is simply irritating and they hardly worked on other character as well.In short waste of time
  • Don't waste your time.just watched two episodes it was so boring
  • rajpootaman24 August 2018
    Never felt connected to the series Something was like really turnoff It felt like over the top agenda driven Big let down
  • I had some genuine expectations from the show but it turns out to be one terrible propaganda driven mini series instead of content driven. I'm okay with how cleverly it was done with sacred games but here it's more like pushing it down your throat. Netflix should have a liberal spine but that doesn't mean you will rub your back against our face. I was expecting so much from this show as this is one of the weakest genre in the industry that deserves some class movie, serial but turns out to be a big disappointment. I think the shortage of budgets limited the make up, could've done better with better props and uniforms. I don't know but sometimes the acting was just not convincing enough. You can definitely give it a go but don't expect much, yes I'm salted for stupid inclusion of some topics that were not required and seems like forced on viewers unnecessarily but that's just my opinion.
  • I would say read the IGN review of this movie and please don't take the 1 star reviews seriously, those are just BJP IT cell people or bhakts. The movie is a gem.
  • I don't understand the motivation behind this, the story was very weak and just to make it sensational added lot of anti-communal elements.
  • Outrightly insidious... does the creators of this series have no shame... People who are going gaga over the thrills and creative freedoms, do they even realise what it means...And Netflix you have shown true colors.
  • legrandcaelum25 August 2018
    I am very surprised! seriously? what is worth of over 7/10 in this?

    This is just boring and not worth watching at all. There is simply nothing good in this.
  • Poor direction, poor acting, low production value, too preachy. Didn't enjoy it at all.
  • The story falls flat on the face after the first episode trying to justify its propaganda.Even low budget video games have better horror than this series.
  • Daring, because they didn't care about possible oppressions of those so called religion based fanatics, or those groups of so called patriots.

    Eerie, because soon after some 20 mins of the very first episode, you feel the chiller in your spine, and that just keeps on growing.

    Innovative, because mixing of military acts and terrorist conducts with deep horror is almost a new genre.

    The sets are quite befitting, so are the actors. Camera, lighting, editing are just apt. The story is the most powerful weapon of the series. What sometimes draws you back are the dialogs, those could be written in a more matured and legitimate manner - the series could have been top notch.

    This dish is only for those who can digest the darkest and sinister side of human character and the hellish secrets.

    Grand achievement, Netflix. We love you for these.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I ll judge it as per Netflix standards not on Indian Television standards. Ghoul was supposed to be a movie, shooting was almost complete thats when Netflix chipped in asked them to make it a mini series, Netflix means freedom so added some religious hatred element, few gory scenes and bit of extra footage split it into 3 course meal and served it Raw.

    First of all the religion hatred stuff by the govt was totally unnecessary they showed the Indian version of Handmaids Tale geared towards religion. I could not digest why Nida would give up her father Cuz there was no backstory that he was on the verge of becoming a terrorist. Captain Das character was not at all well written completely 2 dimensional her behavior was not of a smart strong cop. Basically none of the story lines were well written the characters were 2 dimensional. Some terrible acting by Soldiers. The existence of Col Dacuna's character not needed. First 2 episodes they tried to build some tension turned out to be boring. Was expecting a good 3rd episode but everything looked so low budget. It is a low budget series but the art is not to make it look like a low budget series.

    Lazy writing, poor art work and direction has created a disaster of a story which had great potential. May be they should hve started from scratch get some more budget. I dont think those 3 episodes would hve cost more than 2 crores to make. Im going with 6/10 for Ghoul no 2nd season needed sorry.
  • The story line is weak, had to struggle to see this .... only saving grace is Radhika Apte and Manish Kaul's acting abilities.
  • dipbal24 August 2018
    I bet someone is getting people to give this series a high rating..the second scene were the soldier puts his hand up to stop the guys behind him..ffs he is wearing thick winter gloves and not tactical gloves...that was all i needed to watch.
  • Great..................................................................................
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