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  • Jill Kelly's production unit plus veteran director Skye Blue ordinarily deliver invigorating and sensual porn, but the pilot light went out when this one was shot. Despite the casting of some superstars and other beauties, strictly generic porn footage was marketed for no good reason, certainly nothing to be proud of.

    Even the title is a misnomer: these gals are wearing bikini bathing suits with all but one scene at the end taking place outside by the pool. Five pairs of lovelies (with some gals reappearing, in fickle fashion, with a new lesbian lover) admire each other and then grope, finger and lick their way to orgasmic happiness.

    Of course girls will be girls, but what's the point? Both Skye and Jill have considerable experience creating characterizations and filling in the blanks with all sorts of arousal content, so why churn out drivel like this. Nadir probably occurs in vignette #4, where two Jenna Jameson clones with big upfront secondary sexual characteristics have at it in the most fake of manners.

    I'm watching approximately a hundred Skye Blue features currently, and this has to be the dinkiest so far, one that could have arguably gone into release unsigned so folks like me (including fans) wouldn't get on her case. Jill's career and company ended a decade ago, and this is one of her lamest releases.