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  • From the very beginning, this movie will try to buy you out with its lavish sets, costumes and visual effects but as it proceeds futher it only seems like a show-off; how they have spent so much money. This movie is one dimensional like its characters and the writing is too lazy: both for the character developement and screenplay. The dialogues were pathetic, self-glorifying and at places they were quite absurd. Its quite funny actually when you see the close-ups come after a dialogue and these are apparently meant for you to clap or shout or blow whistles in the theatre. Amongst the lead trio, Shahid was pretty convincing but Ranveer's role was seemingly over stretched and Deepika had literaaly the same expression on her face throughout the movie. This movie was long and filled with shots showing the shallow depth of the background to make you notice its vastness. And don't forget some really good plot holes, and these are many in number too.

    However, the cinematography was good. Some visuals were great but the dance nubers were the ones to rescue. They were very well choreographed and the music was great( These reminded me me of watching a Bhansali movie).

    If you sum the movie all up, then its nothing more than a mediocre treatment to an epic tale and you will feel that showing great pieces of art on screen doesn't make it a great art itself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER: What do you get when you have Bhansali, Ranveer, Deepika and Shahid in a movie? Well, I can't believe I'm saying this but sometimes you just get a shitty movie! Shahid is utterly miscast as a warrior king. He looks like a puffed up frog next to Ranveer and just doesn't cut it in this world. But the movie itself is honestly....terrible. The plot mechanics, basic story elements are just filled with illogical scenes. The CGI is horrendous! People are offended by this movie for various reasons but here I was offended by the bad CGI. The songs are just plain bad, two of them are so sudden and misplaced that you just end up laughing out loud. Never does it reach the level of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Bajirao Mastani either visually or musically.

    Now, Ranveer as Khilji is committed, looks great but the character is hollow because the film maker is in love with the actor. Never do we see Khijli's savagery or rumoured bisexuality. There is this idea that he's in search of LOVE but let's be honest, he was going to rape a queen...he wasn't some misunderstood bad boy. The violence, the sexual themes, religious differences in this war...everything is just disneyfied for prettiness and that's just bad cause it's not a Disney movie, it's a warrior movie and Bhansali should have make it like one. The slow-motion scenes are another minus point in this movie, the turban-tying and holi-rubbing are taking such a long-ass time. Shahid and Deepika have no chemistry, whatsoever. Why Padmawati falls in love with this symbol of hollow masculinity that is Raja Ratan Singh? No reason is given. The entire Rajput's strategy has dug a big hole and get captured.

    The final fight should have been like Troy, but Shahid and Ranveer are mismatched. It's doesn't seem Shahid is interested at all. There is supposed to be a scheme and escape ending in a tragic sacrifice but we have terrible CGI instead taking all the air out. What also annoyed me is the lack of world building. Where is Mewar? What is Chittor? Is Khijli's throne in Delhi? And how does it take to get from one place to the other? How did Ratan Singh get kidnapped with all his guards outside the tent? Is Ratan Singh a good king, we should root for? Is he a warrior? Never is this established so all the showdowns with Khijli mean nothing. Also the betrayal that kicks off the war is never explained? Why was the priest watching???? Like I've said before, this movie is just filled with illogical loopholes and the movie is sooooo long like almost 3 hours.

    Padmavat fails to establish emotional connect as the writing is pale and withdrawn. Despite all its opulence and grandeur that is a given in a SLB film it still does not have the "heart" that is associated in such films. Battle-scenes wise, sadly there is more action in the streets than in the film.
  • Very boring and slow, focus of the movie seems to be just few models playing dressing up, swooning and lots and lots of slow motion staring.

    Stupid to have so much slow motion scenes if you are not intending to emphasize something.

    People who watch movies to check out dresses and jewelry will be able to see this
  • Director Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is magician when it comes to emotions but this time his magic is missing. Ironically he succeeds to evoke laughter in few scenes which are supposed to be dramatic or emotional. I am not aware of historical facts so I am putting my point as a fictional film as disclaimer states too. I am quite unable to understand which factor intrigued director to make a movie on this story. What I received from its screen version that it is not a story about sacrifice or valour but it is story about obsession of a barbarian savage. Story is typical simple. A king , his divinely beautiful second wife, whom he weds even without informing his first wife, then a treacherous Raj Purohit and an infernal tyrant, who is obsessed with queen even without getting a glimpse of her. Let me explain few things so why I got feeling of director confused mind state. Female lead is introduced while hunting a stag but mistakenly shot arrow just an inch above of heart of a king, which gravely hurt him too but due to above incident rather than being angry of even remain neutral, he falls for her!? I could not find a pinch of love in this scene. Director deliberately chose a war subject but when it comes to showcase war scene, he preferred to tone down it's violence by showing dust storm engulfing the fight,(Villain first war with Mangol), ok fine but then he show cased severed head being being showing off on the point of spear or served on plate in few scenes! First half of film is very slow. You just watch it like a documentary, getting information but not emotions. Second half offers something average but as expected pre climax comes with heavy dose of pathos. Dialogues are lengthy in most of the scene, like when Queen first time got introduced to Raj Purohit. Most of the songs are unnecessarily stuffed. They slow down the pace. When Villain is being bathe by his male companion, who starts singing abruptly, is irritating. Even there is subdued gay angle between both. Performance wise Ranveer Singh as Khilji is first rate. Aditi Rao Hydari as Mehrunissa, looks innocent and performed well in her brief role. Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor are fine. Rest are just ok.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Padmavat is being shown as 3D but actually this is 2D converted into 3D, which makes actions unclear and dull. So the photography part of the film becomes very poor. Story is heavy and slow. To present it in a better way, 3D shows should be immediately stopped
  • This film is a perfect example of self indulgence n distorting history to appease the fringe elements. It is a perfect example of over glorification of so called patriarchal men who made their females commit sati n banished the widows to Vrindavan in Benares. All ye pathetic bhakts, keep on reporting morons. God bless the Britishers for abolishing sati n giving education. Whenever these bhakts aka dumb products of flaccid assets report my reviews, i feel happy as i really succeeded in making them angry.

    The film purposely potrayed the muslim rulers in very bad light contradicting historical facts which was to please the fringe bhakts. But why did the film showed the Brahmins as sexual perverts n traitors?

    There is a clear pattern to colour Islamic rulers as villains with no reference to any facts based on authentic sources of information," said Heeram Chaturvedi, head of department of history at Allahabad University.
  • Watching a Bhansali movie is always a treat. Padmaavat promised to leave a mark on Bollywood with its lavish set, gorgeous costume, breath-taking visuals, larger than life characters and a mesmerising music but if you remove all that Padmaavat is your mediocre Bollywood movie with foot tapping dance number.

    This movie didn't live up to its potential, a total waste of such fine actors and acting. When I say acting I mean brooding, delivering punch lines, looking gorgeous, flexing biceps and wielding swords. I started respecting Deepika as an actor after Ramleela, paired with Ranveer, this couple proved they are here to rule Bollywood but Padmaavat is going to disappoint fans of this couple.

    That being said, why didn't I rate this movie as low as possible? Like I said earlier, Bhansali's movies are a visual treat. You can hate them or you can love them but cannot deny that his movies are a class apart and he nobody can beat him in his own game. He is one of a kind filmmaker this industry needs who deserves appreciation for his work.

    I'm reviewing this movie after 12 hrs and even now I can't stop the background score playing in my head on a loop. That ending had me on the edge of my seat, it was the only saving grace of this sinking ship.
  • tharun-4643925 January 2018
    I have watched this movie in tamil on the premiers .first of all im shocked seeing so much hate in the publc review section.the movie is beautiful just like is a drama movie and people expect it to be like bahubali 2 where heroes suddenly transfer into superhero when it comes to action sequences son t expect those shit here. i accept the movie is little slow paced but that s what i liked in the movie,it s not over the top. VFX in the movie was very well done that this will be the first indian movie to compete with hollywood in was neither good nor bad.i must appreciate the dialoguewriter who has written tamil dubbing ,it was like a straight movie. SLB s direction was so good. the man who steals the show is surely Ranveer Singh he is crazy,a damn good actor he is.whenever he comes on screen he gets claps mostly in second half.

    Oveall A pretty good movie which is worth watching intheatres for the brilliant acting and fairy tale in 3D ,it gives you a new experience
  • Bhansali n Ranveer for hypocrisy n illiteracy. The historical inaccuracies in portraying Khilji is height of ignorance n illiteracy. The depiction of Khilji is so wildly wrong, it renders the entire story incoherent. Saw this pathetic film in a theatre last nite. The tickets were awfully high priced. I wud advise all ye fellas to hav patience n watch this either on a dvd or tv. This movie aint worth ur money n time. It is not at all engaging n nowhere entertaining. The editing was lousy, the CGI was awfully bad, the war sequences is badly plagiarised from Kingdom of heaven n Troy, the dialogues were cheesy, there is tons of overacting n the screenplay was simply bad. The direction was a major blunder as the director didnt know how to create moments of tension n suspense. He jus filled it up with awful CGI, too much of melodrama n jus plain over glorification n cheesy unscientific dialogues. The director n the actors are pathetic morons promoting falsehood.
  • This movie aims to surpass the likes of Baahubali but falls way too short. Nothing works in it's favour. Better to catch this when it comes on Amazon Prime. Absolutely nothing to root for the movie, sadly this will be remembered in history only for controversies and not for story telling.
  • Duration : 164 minutes Genre : Period Drama

    Shahid Kapoor... As Ratan Singh, the last Rajput ruler. Shahid looks kingly and worthy for his role, he shows immense power and bravery as a Rajput emperor. Deepika Padukone... As Padmaavati, the legendary Rajput queen. Deepika as known to be an artist who is beautiful and equally talented, she mesmerizes with her beauty, brains and emotions. Ranveer Singh... As Alauddin Khilji, the Afghan ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. Ranveer unveils his monstrous and vicious character; he immediately makes you hate him in his first few scenes, Definitely his best performance till date! Absolutely applause worthy... Both Jim Sarbh as Malik Kafur, the general slave of Alauddin and Aditi Rao Hydari as Mehrunisa, the wife of Alauddin blend in their characters well.

    Story : Based on the epic poem Padmaavat (1540), the journey of a Rajput queen who performs Jauhar (self immolation) to protect herself from Khilji. The mastermind Sanjay Leela Bhansali turns poetry into motion in a very majestic way. His vision on the locations, props, lighting, battle scenes, costumes, background score is admirable.

    Music : Unlike the much celebrated music of Bajirao Mastani, the music of Padmaavat is weak and unpromising. However the track Ek Dil Ek Jaan is beautiful and Ghoomar's choreography is worth a praise.

    Overall Padmaavat is history of the Rajputs unveiled, and undoubtedly a Must Watch!
  • Ok then! After a long controversy Padmavati finally releases and that too with a slight name change.

    What I really loved about this movie is that along with the performances it is actually a very rare piece of beauty even in the technical aspect.It is never easy to get the audience a feel as if they are actually living in the same time as shown in the movie and Padmaavat achieves it very well.

    Surely one of the best from Sanjay Leela Bhansali.Background score is very intriguing.Climax fight very short.However the last scene does feel a little rushed.

    Shahid shines even though many may say he was under used , but that was his role and he performed like a seasoned guy.Deepika shines in the lead. Ranveer is seriously very awesome and his villainous act will go down along with list of Gabbars and the Mogambos.Jim Sarbh plays his part well as a side kick to Ranveer and yes, his entry scene is the best one.

    All in all, it is a movie to be experienced in the cinema hall. Go for it.
  • Ayush Sinha28 January 2018
    Great cinematography, awesome acting and the background music is just mesmerizing. The initial course of the movie skims through a lot of the events and you would feel like its fast paced. But Bhansali sticks to the main crux of the movie (which is Rajputana pride) and that is very detailed. Padmaavat presents a very glorified version of the Rajput pride, and one would definitely look at the brighter side of it. Ranveer's acting sets the stage and Shahid's character as one who is calm as well as jittery at times, suits him. Deepika, once again stands out as the best character in a Bhansali film. There's this small part in the end, with the music tempo rising and action going forward at a faster pace which will really give you goosebumps. Definitely worth the money and time.
  • Despite all this Controversy this movie lacks potential all these fuss for nothing .Just an another typical bollywood trash . Don't waste your time and money for this 3rd class bollywood trash .
  • Neither Ranveer's performance nor movie itself were entertaining enough to keep people in theaters. Good things were Deepika did it with grace and music.of the film. Apart from that there is nothing in the movie. Ranveer spoiled it with his overacting. Only this controversy could have saved this movie otherwise simply boring.
  • Plain and simple. If you haven't yet watched this movie and were planning to, please save your time (2:44) and money.

    I was really looking forward to this after the grandeur and cinematic treat of Bajirao Mastani but I hope this movie gets the recognition it deserves - in memes.

    Semi-decent performances do little to negate the pretentiously garbage storyline. Absolutely zero plot, no depth to either character and zero chemistry.

    I'm rather amused with the irony of the controversy surrounding the movie. Instead of the Rajput community, it should be the Muslims taking offense - portrayed as nothing but lying, cheating, backstabbing, conniving, vile disgraceful creatures on planet Earth, with no hint of a moral compass. FFS.

    This movie just brings to mind the eternal dialogue from Gangs of Wasseypur:

    "Jab tak is desh mein cinema rahega, public ch***a banti rahegi".

    This is why, we will never progress as a nation. We keep getting tangled in garbage issues and squabble and fight over absolute nonsense.

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali, I pity you.
  • Bhansali is known for his visual direction, spellbinding music and triumphant, passionate productions, and Padmaavat will sure not disappoint.

    Set in Medieval Rajistan, the film sets the story on Rani Padmavati,a gorgeous, rich Queen of Rajput who is married to the great warrior, Mehwar. However, the Afghani, villainous king sends threats to Rajput and wants to earn Padmavati's love. The film has fun, foot tapping songs, especially 'Ghoomar', the beautifully shot sequence and show stealer of the movie. The music from start to finish will undoubtedly keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Aside from its music, there are great, epic battles that change the narrative from a light to dark effect which is seen throughout the movie.

    One of the best things about Padmaavat are the performances of these talented, well-known stars. Deepika Padoukne leads as Padmavati, looking stunning as usual in spectacular costumes which spin so fast during incredible, fast-paced dance sequences. Shahid Kapoor plays Mehwar the King of Rajput alongside Ranveer Singh, Aluddin, who is the real actor out of all.

    But the best thing of Padmaavat is the cinematography, this is the main heart of the movie, from the magical palace to the incredible battle sequences , the narrative is developed through astonishing visual goodness.

    Sounds great, acts great , looks great but is it actually great?, the story of Padmaavat is based on the epic poem of the same name, so they sharpened the creative work for a very unpredictable ending...

    Padmavaat is a Bollywood hit and opens up the year with enchantment and boldness. This is Bhansali's best work and is definitely worth the watch.
  • Okay kind of a movie not a masterpiece.I have watched in 3D but not a single scene where you can find the real 3D effects. Its a one time watch better to book 2D tickets .
  • amanmanit126 January 2018
    I dont understand what slb tried to show in the movie ,the cast was unappropriated ,direction was worst than even a B grade movie ,they modified the history which is questionable and i think because of that only its controversial ,its better to watch episode 26 of Bharat Ek Khoj ,director was very confused with the character he did not know what he wanted to show,last scene was so bad even local videos are better than this.
  • Very boring movie. Too much hype. An advice is that please carry some head ache pills. Its a Lousy movie. Waste of money and time.
  • kartik7526 January 2018
    Over streched, Uninspiring story telling, Silly dialogues, Over dressed characters and extremely slow paced movie. It is so boring that i have to leave the theater twice....

    Agreed its visually stunning but how much stunningness can cure the boredom.... (Not very much... )

    IMHO... Just avoid this movie.... Not worth your time and money!
  • roy-0905525 January 2018
    The film lives upto its hype. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has moved the benchmark for Indian Cinema higher with this stunning film. I was skeptical about it before I viewed it but I am pleasantly surprised & frankly still in awe of its beauty.
  • Wonderful acting by Deepika Padukone, Ranveer singh and Shahid Kapoor. Movie has glorified Rajputs to the core. Padmaavat is a Masterpiece and a visual brilliance created by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. A Must watch movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    PADMAAVAT STORY: Rani Padmavati (Deepika Padukone) - the wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor), is known for her beauty and valour in 13th century India. She captures the fancy of the reigning Sultan of Delhi, the tyrant Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), who becomes obsessed with her and goes to great lengths to fulfill his greed.

    PADMAAVAT REVIEW: Based on a Sufi poem of the same name written in 1540 by Malik Muhammad Jayasi, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has added his own flair and interpretation to 'Padmaavat', giving it a fairy-tale sheen. This makes all the controversy pointless, and pale in comparison to the spectacle that unfolds. Bhansali reunites with two of his favourite leads in recent times - Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, but adds Shahid Kapoor to complete this trio of commendable acting talent. Shahid is steadfast and unflappable as Maharawal Ratan Singh - the ruler of Mewar, brimming with Rajput pride. He brings a regal aura to the character that warrants him winning the confidence and loyalty of the Mewar kingdom and more importantly, Rani Padmavati's heart. Deepika is radiant as the Rajput Queen whose beauty, brains and valour moves the entire plot along once Alauddin Khilji becomes obsessed with her. Padmavati's allure beyond the superficial is prominent post-interval, when her character comes to life and she gets to showcase her acting range. Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji is seen as an unhinged, barbaric Sultan, who is consumed with a ravenous libido for power and flesh. He unleashes an animal magnetism on screen with a scarred face, kohl-lined eyes and a greased torso. The scenes between him and Shahid are some of the most engrossing, as both flex their acting muscles at opposite ends of the moral spectrum. Besides them, Aditi Rao Hydari stands her ground as the naive Mehrunissa who gets a rude awakening when she discovers her husband Alauddin's true nature. Jim Sarbh is somewhat misplaced as the Sultan's slave-general, unable to generate enough menace to overshadow his master's own. Nonetheless, the ensemble moves well in tune with Bhansali's vision of this larger-than-life retelling. The director's expertise in heightening opulence and grandeur is well-known, further distinguishable in 3D. Cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee compliments him by beautifully capturing some jaw-dropping scenery. Lastly, watch it for it's cinematic brilliance and you will be proud of your culture...
  • Padmavat is a famous epic of Sufi tradition under Hindi literature. Its creators are Malik Mohammad Jaisi. But many things not actual. This story very good myth or It created according to his thoughts.

    In it Rajputana Thaath Baath doing very Impressive.
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