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  • pensman13 March 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Brackenreid and Pendrick are in Cuba looking for their herbs that will hopefully improve human intelligence and endurance, while back in Toronto we are soon to be involved in changes as Murdoch has been appointed as acting inspector. Unfortunately, Detective Watts has returned so station-house 4 as he has been "tossed" from station-house 1; and he finds that Brackenreid's office is vacant, so he has moved back and has moved himself up.

    But a murder has been reported. A very pampered Horace is found dead by the side of the pool and the dispatched constables discover the deceased Horace is a dog. Murdoch doesn't believe this is a case for the constabulary; but the mayor believes otherwise, the owner Edith Frizzel is his sister in law. Julia does discover the dog has been poisoned; and no doubt Murdoch will pounce, sniff out the culprit, and be given a treat as a reward.

    Murdoch believes dogs are dogs. Having them pampered by the rich and being fed filet mignon is just ridiculous. More or less forced to attend the funeral of Horace, Murdoch is "introduced" to dog society by Constable Crabtree who identifies the important members: Sebastien Melrose, Buck Christopher, Beaumont Stoddard, and Ruth Newsome.

    Edith herself suspect Stoddard and her trainer, Michael Dubois. Murdoch starts interviewing the "suspects" beginning with Stoddard; but as the trainer is sampling the dog's food (you read that correctly), he falls over—poisoned. And in turn Stoddard blames Edith for attempting to kill his dog.

    George and Henry are given temporary charge of Stoddard's dog, and promptly lose her while were drinking in a pub. The dog, Pistachio, finds Murdoch and brings him to the site of her master's murder. And now Murdoch is forced to bring the dog "home" with him, much to the pleasure of Julia. And also we begin the "dogmestication" of Murdoch.

    While watching Murdoch bond with the dog is fun; it isn't difficult to puzzle out the villain. All in all, it seems that this episode is sort of an intercalary chapter meant to introduce future crimes.

    And Detective Watts has decided to carve out a crime niche for himself. He believes that there is some sort of conspiracy that is involved with either kidnapping or murdering women. Using Constable Jackson as his Watson, he starts door to door interviews.

    Watts' case is to be continued; and a character of sorts has been introduced as the "Historian"; but what involvement he has is also left open.

    But at least Murdoch has a dog.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Murdoch telling Julia that "under no circumstances is that dog sleeping I that bed" followed by a panning view of Julia, William and Pistacho spooning in the bed made me laugh out loud!