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  • I love the internet so much in the past, but I gotta say, I like Pan Pizza because of his reviews, talkshow and gaming. Similar to Nostalgia Critic or Mr. Enter, He is a biggest fan of every cartoons what he wants on YouTube, Movies and TV shows that are everywhere in public.

    In 2008, he had his own account back in the older days on YouTube, Pan Pizza himself of the user RebelTaxi made a video of SuperMan64 gameplay, in 2010 he started making animated show reviews and he started out as the Pizza Party podcast and his friends

    RebelTaxi is my favorite YouTuber

    thank u Internet
  • Pan Pizza, cartoonist, reviewer and internet personality and host of in my opinion, the most underrated channel on YouTube. Consistently bringing beyond tv-grade editing, insightful commentary on the topics he reviews, including reaching out to actual personnel who have worked on the shows he reviews. I can safely say he goes above and beyond on the topics he talks about, bringing genuine criticism through the lens of a guy who just likes cartoons and not a snob who cares what people think about what he thinks about shows. If he likes a show, he likes it. He doesn't pander or lie, he just gives he thoughts, which is refreshing.

    But one of the most pleasing aspects of his videos are his aesthetics. Everything from his color palette, backgrounds, fonts, music choices and even clips he uses are so well made and visually pleasing. A distinctive style that puts him heads above other reviews who are just content on chucking clips on Windows Movie maker. He even puts little bumpers and commercials in between YouTube ads and on the ends of his videos, which always gave such a homely and nostalgic vibe.

    In summary: Rebeltaxi = Underrated. Though I guess he can upload more often. Welp.
  • Rebeltaxi is one of the most underrated youtube channels in my opinion. Rebeltaxi is a Cartoon channel who's Played by Pan Pizza who talks about cartoons & goes behind the scenes about them. Pan also does these podcasts called the pizza party podcast with some celebrities like C.H. Greenblatt others. My favorite podcast Pan has done is his Podcast on The Emoji Movie which he did last August & that podcast was hilarious. Anyway I love Rebeltaxi. 10/10
  • Man if a guy gooods this cartoon cartoons a good he sure is correct with a definite comedy makes good review. well taste and though cant get past his like of jimmy neutron as that is against my religion and that is a bad