[talking to Merricat]

Charles Blackwood: Now that's a handsome cat. What's his name?

Constance Blackwood: I've never been anywhere.

Charles Blackwood: Too bad. Why is that?

Constance Blackwood: Father said everything that mattered was in America.

[talking Constance throught the door]

Charles Blackwood: There'll never be anyone like me, Connie. Who's gonna love you? Nobody. Nobody's gonna love you. Is that what you want, Connie?

Uncle Julian: [to Charles at the dining table] That chair is my dead brother's chair. That last time I saw him there he was foaming at the mouth.

[first lines]

Merricat Blackwood: [narrating] My name is Mary Katherine Blackwood. I am 18 years old, and I live with my sister, Constance. She is the most precious person in the world. The Blackwoods have always lived in this house. We have never done anything to hurt anyone. We put things back where they belong. And we will never leave here. No matter what they say .. or what they do to us. Never.

Merricat Blackwood: But a change is coming. And nobody knows it .. but me.

Uncle Julian: Your, uh, great, uh, great-grandfather planted those trees over there.

Charles Blackwood: Hmm. They're really nice.

Uncle Julian: A little crooked.

Merricat Blackwood: [about the chanting crowd outside their burning house] The sound of their hate is another kind of fire moving through the bones of our house.

[last lines]

Merricat Blackwood: [after scaring away mean towns kids] What will we have for lunch today?

Constance Blackwood: Rhubarb pie.

Merricat Blackwood: I wonder if I could eat a child if I had the chance.

Constance Blackwood: I doubt that I could cook one. It must be terrible to be so afraid. I love you, Merricat.

[slow instrumental music]