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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tiger Zinda Hai had a lot of expectations because of the teams prior movies. But, this movie is a total disaster. I really don't know what Kabir Khan was thinking. Right from the start the movie goes in one direction, down. It just doesn't pick up from there at any time during the film. The worst thing about the movie is lack of logic throughout the movie. The terrorists, for some reason, only fought with knifes. All the fight sequences where Salman or Kat would fight 10 at once, would make me wonder if only these terrorist would have had a gun - the movie would have ended in 30 mins. The sequence near the end where Salman comes of the door with a big ass machine gun to fight with an army of terrorist just made me laugh out loud. All these trained militants could not hit there target sitting like a duck in front of them, but Salman managed to hit all of them! Wait, the stupidity doesn't end here. There is also a sequence were terrorist have leaked poisonous gas, but it doesn't effect Salman because he has wrapped a cloth around his face!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    These are a few scenes which killed my neurons: 1) Salman's entry scene with wolves is funny and his kid is irritating. 2) As the number of terrorist soldiers increased, Salman switched to bigger guns. At one point, there were 200 soldiers and our hero picked the biggest gun he can find, stood at one place and kept shooting. FYI these 200 soldiers were also shooting back but surprisingly they all missed. 3) They portrayed a big villain in the movie, which of course required a big plot for him to go down. Throughout the movie he was seen with hundreds of soldiers at his disposal but as the movie came to an end and it was high time the villain was killed, they showed him roaming around Salman with just a knife. 4) To kill salman (who was tied to a chair), the villian didn't shoot him. He put him in a room full of toxic gas, asked his men to wear gas mask and then go inside and shoot him. 5) Salman and Katrina escaped a whole city under airstrike, within 3 SECONDS. 6) Dialogues were written by a kid. Villain: Tu mujhe rokk ke dikha. Salman: Dum hai toh tu mujhe rokk ke dikha. 7) Salman's colleague tells him that it was impossible to diffuse the bomb (tells him twice). Salman tells him, its a matter of country's pride and his colleague diffuses it within seconds. 8) Action scenes had several explosions, most of them happened in empty cars with no enemy around. Didn't understand the director's obsession with exploding empty cars. 9) Whole movie was formula based: Take what work's best for Indian audience (fuck logic/acting/talent).

    This list can go on. In simple words, whole movie was bleh. To many of the body builders, single guys/one sided lovers, Muslim youths and others.... please stop being a blind fan.
  • 3 *** movie! Where did it lose it stars?! It's a Salman movie, and yet it made me go to sleep in the end sequences!! Unbelievable, 'coz I don't remember the last time I slept while watching a movie. To give it the benefit of doubt, it had been a really long day for me and I had gone for a 11 p.m. show. But still....I love movies, and I have a capacity to watch them well into the wee hours of the morning. I guess what made me sleep was the endless fight and action sequences, which was about the only thing in the whole movie. A one line story, and then just showing off the 'mastery' of Hollywood style explosive, bazooking, rocket launching, staccato of bullets and action sequences. Overkill kills! And How! That's probably 1 star lost. Now the other... The Phantom's Eden that the movie tries to sell you. A world where the RAW and ISI work together on a common mission. For Aman in the world! Well, it's the season of Santa Claus and it's lovely to believe that Santa does exist But puhhlease!! Do not bend backwards to give a proxy message on behalf of the neighbouring country that they stand for PEACE! That's a little too much to digest for the patriot in me. Given, that it's a bold and tricky movie to make, stoking the coals of Islam terrorism in a masala Bollywood film, and all...But for insurance sake, the director covered his back by almost glorifying the terror head by long scenes justifying his birth as a terrorist. And then of course, in the name of humour, RAW agents use code words like Tu Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara - Aa Gaya dost Hamara. I almost died by the flippancy of the whole thing. But, well it's a Salman movie and anything goes. So what do we give the stars for? My first star, for the opening sequence of Salman Khan!! It was an entry worthy of his stature. It gives the audience something that Hindi movies don't. An awesome fight with a pack of wolves in the snow peaks of Austria. An edge of the seat drama with gnarling wolves salivating for the Tiger's cub, Junior. The cool sledding and the chase on the snow slopes with a challenge to not kill the wild wolves was really something. Of course, it was over the top too. But I can happily grant Salman any Supermangiri. The next star would be for the H2So4 that Salman and Kat brew up! All said and done, I love seeing the two of them together. And to see them as husband and wife, that was rich! Katrina looks stunning, and she can pack quite a punch with her action sequences. If I say she looked more lithe and killer than Salman, I would not be stretching it too far. Salman on the flip side looks all bloated up and beefed up and meaty. But he still is Salman and not Shahrukh. Ouch! That was mean. And the next star for the overall movie. It's really not a bad movie. It has stunning visuals, a thrilling plot, a very predictable story and some great action. Too much action though. And too much trivialization of covert operations by our defense services. Watch it in the Christmas cheer! You may forgive it its follies. Hey! Who knows, you may even love it.

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  • I watched this movie on Christmas eve with packed house expecting something unique this time from Salman's movie. The movie did begin with the potential of 'not another' typical bollywood movie, with good cinematography, and perfectly laid out setup main plot to save hostages from the biggest terrorist of the world. The entry of 'Bhai' was also very good, with good dialogues and I started expecting something out of the box. But as the movie start progressing, it also started getting loud and chaotic. Too much action and no soul. It more started felt like fantasy movie, with nothing could happen in reality. All the action scenes were looking childish, with same kind of action getting redundant all over the place. Later, you want the movie to end somehow to help yourself recover from headache.

    The villain was a pure waste of the movie. He was looking for like a puppet, rather than the "number one terrorist of the world". As the movie described him. He also had very little time on screen. Salman was looking like "superman". He frighted the troops of terrorist without receiving even a single bullet.

    The movie plot was predictable from the beginning with little twist of India Pakistan agents getting together to save hostages. and it finished without any surprises. I lost all the faith in Salman's movie. Most of his movies are mindless with the exception of some. I recommend everyone to stay from this garbage. I wish I could get refund. The best while watching this movie was looking at the exit gate getting opened. That was indeed a sigh of relief.
  • sritigers25 February 2018
    Again and Again Bhai proves how un-evlolved he is! Same load of BS plot!
  • Today, one is so much familiar with the type of films that Salman Khan stars in and sometimes produces that there is nothing original anymore. Tiger Zinda Hai is no different as the actor returns to do what he often does in these action-packed potboilers that are popular for a complete lack of logic.

    After having fled India with his Pakistani girlfriend in Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Tiger (Khan) now leaves in peace somewhere in Austria. Although he is away from his covert operations and is no more attached to India's Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), he keeps track of his former immediate senior like a freelancer. So, when a hostage situation concerning few Indian nurses arises in Syria, the government tracks down their best man for an operation considered suicide. It is obvious from the title itself that this is going to be a variation of convenient storytelling where everything happens with an advantage to the protagonists. And that's exactly what happens in Ali Abbas Zafar's latest feature, right from the very point Tiger makes his entry. However, considering that that is the default template of the film, there is enough entertainment value for one to consume and rejoice.

    The plot tries to educate its audience which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing because it makes the narrative look amateur, which the film suffers with at the beginning. The action sequences are very good, albeit without logic, as Tiger tries to balance his life and work in a war-torn Syria. There are cheesy dialogs to bring in the fun factor, supported by Paresh Rawal and Kumud Mishra, who both put up a refreshing show. There's definitely style in the film as you watch Tiger riding a horse and doing some other daredevil stuff to fight off the bad guys. Surprisingly, for a Salman Khan film, there are intelligent tidbits that elevate the film's intellectual factor. For instance, a young suicide bomber is shown carving his name incorrectly on a wooden table. It, among other brief sequences, shows what terrorism and war can do to people. Lack of education, reverse development, inhibition, and societal oppression are a few stark themes that the film touches upon, and which makes it a lot different than the prequel. So, it's not just about how Tiger can save his country from embarrassing itself. The connection between India and Pakistan that is not associated with terrorism or political tension is another welcome arc that Tiger Zinda Hai succeeds in portraying.

    The biggest problem, however, is the lack of vindictiveness and weight in the antagonist. Played rather brilliantly by Sajjad Delafrooz, this head of a terrorist organization similar to the real ISIL is a meek personality who gives enough leeway to his enemies. You don't expect the head of an unforgiving terror outfit to give people a second chance. But it happens all the time in Tiger Zinda Hai, making the viewing experience a tad uncomfortable for the learned audience. Moreover, I personally was not impressed by the "Indian nurses as hostages" as there cannot be a better portrayal of this plot element than in Mahesh Narayan's incredible Malayalam war film, Tale Off, that released earlier this year.

    Khan shines throughout the film, as the score pushes his performance to a level unmatched by any other Bollywood action actor. He graces each sequence with equal panache and delivers a powerful performance as the man who fears nothing. Katrina Kaif is surprisingly not a puppet here and slits few throats as her on-screen husband strategizes the operation. Supporting cast is largely good with decent performances by Angad Bedi and others, but I still had issues with a few actors who were not developed well. The blame is both on Zafar and the writers for not giving enough attention to these characters. The romantic song at the start is the only one that gels well with the film, as others look out of place when there is a war brewing in the world.

    Tiger Zinda Hai is a film that has its flaws but is still a well-made action thriller that can give you goosebumps without pushing you into boredom. The patriotism factor should keep eager Indians occupied, as Khan fans dance their way out of the halls. TN.
  • vikaskakwani25 December 2017
    The whole idea of watching a movie is to get entertained, forgetting one's daily grind and getting immersed in a fairy tale created using light and sound while blissfully munching on a tub of popcorn. Not sure when this changed to some of us wanting to see 'realistic' films... travails of a bar dancer, coping with erectile dysfunction, making toilets or biographies of sportsmen, some of which dramatically overdoing the realism. Hey, we know enough of what goes around. When we walk into a dark cinema hall and wait expectantly for the film to start after getting disgusted looking at the realistic shorts made on cigarettes / chewing tobacco, we are transported to the dream world created by Salman Khan which only he can make and no one else.

    Sequence after sequence you get convinced of his invincibility (and stupidity) but all is well that ends well. We are not here to watch the lovers either getting killed or committing suicide at the end. Casting director would have really worked hard to find a spineless villain who would seem like a puppy in front of the Tiger and who just couldn't shoot the hero on at least a dozen chances that he had. The production values, cinematography and background score were superb. It was like a 80s movie embezzled with today's technology. The three actors who deserve mention are Salman, Salman and Salman (Was there anyone else in the moview?). And yes, Salman has taken up single-handedly the responsibility of bringing peace between India and Pakistan (first it was Bajrangi Bhaijaan and now this)... So now you understood the title of this review? Fiction Zinda Hai...

    Enjoy it !!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched 100 of movies in theatres but this is the first time I got out from the cinema hall. Could't bear this garbage after interval. No storyline , only melodramatic drama and music. Today I thought that I should watch this movie so I booked tickets for the movie. The show was at 12:00 PM. When it was the time for intervals I was regretting my decision.Salman does not know how to act and he was annoying. I suggest you not to watch this movie and waste your money. I think it's enough for now Bollywood is intolerable
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Waste of time , money and emotions.

    Saw this movie on Yesterday for some entertainment but was really upset to find it irritating.

    Stupid plots and boresome acting with no interconnection . CGI was childish not acceptable at such a stage where films like AVATAR can blow your mind.

    Avoid at any cost if you want to feel normal .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this film with constant smile and laughter, just thinking how can anyone come up with such a piece of nonsense.

    Two worst things were the music, and was like 38 songs I think(!), and the almost three-hour long length of the film. Both of these should be logged as criminal offences in my view. Damn, when will we ever learn? Well even before asking this, I knew the sad answer. I could not bear to watch more than half an hour of this worthless piece of trash. The abundantly used & reused script, the all good pauper, the unnecessary songs, the out of sync pathetic & outdated soundtrack, the forced upon villains of the film & Salman's usual overacting were too much for me to handle.
  • Salman Khan never dissappoints at the box office. So is this a complete recipe for success?

    So Tiger and Zoya has been absconded from their respective agenices. They fall in love and get married and settle in a cottage in the Austrian Alps. Unfortuantely their peaceful life goes into turmoil when they find out about 25 Indian nurses who were kidnapped by a terrorist organization in Iraq and are held hostage. How the Indian and Pakistani spy travel to Iraq and engage in the mission of rescuing the nurses is basically what this film is about.

    The prequel despite its low rating, the film still became a hit minitng over 300+ crores. Honestly I did like the film for its entertaining masala flick but the sotry was something that made me cringe for some time. Quite to my surprise, this film is far better in terms of masala than Ek Tha Tiger which was the prequel.

    Ali Abbas Zafar brought in Tom Struthers who used to design stunts for Nolan's films like Incpetion and Dark Knight Rises. His stunts in TZH were exactly the same and executed the way Nolan would want it to be. The editing was crisp and the looks of the Austrian Alps and Iraq made it watchable.

    The writing is the weakest link in the movie and the reason behind that would be the way the trailer was released. I felt 60-70% of the film was already shown and mentioned in the trailer. The plot was too far fetched and the gripping elements were a bit too low. But the dialogues had some pizzaz and some humor was relatively funny.

    As far as acting goes, Salman Khan hasn't dissappointed his fans and luckily for this film, his roar was even louder as Tiger. He was watchable thoughout the film and his charm and charisma really suited the audience. Kumud Mishra as the hacker was pretty decent. Angad Bedi plays Tiger's right hand man and seeing him in an action film really shocked me. Paresh Rawal was humorous throughout the film and he made me chuckle quite a bit in some parts. Girish Karnad as Shenoy is the usual so nothing there. Sajjad Delfarooz was outstanding as a baddie and his un-stoical mentality really adjusted the depth of the film. Katrina Kaif's acting was overacted of course. Her dialogues were too cheesy and bleak which made some scenes a snoozer. Only Struthers outdid her performance.

    The music was composed by Vishal-Shekhar. The hughlight of the album has to be Dil Diyan Gallan if you're in a romantic mood. Feeling groovy, Swag se Swagat is a treat. Irshad Bhai has done a remarkable job with the lyrics and Vaibhavi's choreography is a treat.

    The apcing is also a minor issue because I felt that the film finished too quicky and that is what the story did. The pace kept tripping and then after 2nd half the pace kept tripping even more hich resulted in the quick climax.

    Overall, this film is decent but the writing and pacing takes it away but it is a mass masala entertainer prefect for a good weekend. Definitely a cinema watch but critics would defintiely save their money and watch the piece of the action on cable tv.

    3/5- Bhai did it again!!!!
  • syedsafwaan27 January 2018
    I Expected a lot...There is no Creativity in scenes..Can Be More Tactics to use in Pak agents Easily Joined ISC..In Petroleum Plant Can Call To Anybody..etc.., Many More Scenes Can Be improvised..Overall I Got from Film ..Humanity , ISIS is Fake Operate By Politically , Dialogues between Indo-pak of Peace etc..,
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am Huge Salman Fan & I was very excited to watch this movie.I watched it today.I think it's one of the worst film I have ever seen in my life. It's over the top,It's unrealistic.It's like leave your brain home when u r going to watch this movie. Salman looked like a cartoon in the film. .It's totally a crap film. Now,I take a vow that I will never watch a salman film in theater. It's utter nonsense. It's a slow paced movie. duration is long. Cheap dialogues r there . It's not worth of ur money.I hope after reading this review u r not surely watching this movie and waste your Money.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Background music to some extent is good. Salmans acting is the worst part of the movie........If you liked Bajrangi bhaijaan you will hate this movie....... The movie is in a way or the other trying to please Pakistani audience by praising the ISI of pakistan and showing the Pakistani officials in good light. The way salman has tried to please the audience of Pakistan by letting their flag be raised is an insult to the martyrs of Indian army who have sacrificed their lives fighting against the Pakistani army and have fallen prey to the tactics to ISI and lost lives.... I wish Salman and the director abbas ali had considered themselves as Indians for just a second while trying to equalize indian RAW agency with Pakistani ISI agency........ Dialogues are loads of rhetocis...
  • Yash Raj banner disappointed us again. Cheap movie ever. It has worst storyline, crap acting and you just laugh at the action scenes. I wonder why do people watch these kind of movies?? A big question mark on us that why we spend our money on this trash just to make profit for their makers.
  • benny22048131 December 2017
    Not much as expected, but what was expected the movie didnt to the expected.. Apart from final arnorld machine gun move everything was boring.. Katrina did some.good.moves.. But salman again did and average
  • dadameranaam14 February 2018
    Movie was good for first 10 minutes and after salman khan entry it became boring.
  • So when you go to watch Salman khan movie you don't expect good acting or even a good script or a script at all (Bajrangi bhaijaan being an exception in script department)

    This movie does not disappoint you since u go inside expecting bad acting and bad script. However, if you are an action movie lover, you would like it. Making this movie required a wafer thin plot to add action sequences in it to make all his fans happy.

    Watch it only if u have nothing to do or if you are a Salman fan or you want to see a bad copy of Schwerzenegger / Stallone 80's movies.
  • ajay-9267222 December 2017
    This movie has no connection with the incident or with how rescue operation is carried out,dont expect some sensible it is a typical bhai kind of movie where everything is possible and others are helpless because tiger is still alive,the only saving grace is the action
  • This film is a disaster from start to end. It has so many mistakes that i don't know where to start from. It's just a khangasm for khan's fans nothing special about it.
  • bisworanjan3 February 2018
    This is one of the worst bollywood movie I've ever seen.this movie has some of the worst action sequences.on the contrary salman and katrina are at their level worst,i think katrina kaif is the worst actress in bollywood.her expessions were same throughout the movie.even she cannot deliver the hindi dialogues properly.the film has no story at all.This movie is as same as typical bollywood action movies where some weird music are being played during the pathetic action sequences.I would say you should not waste your valuable 150 Minutes.
  • roshan_simon15 February 2018
    2 stars just for action. I liked the wolf-chase at the start of the movie. Everything else was downhill from there.

    There is no realism. 1. In 10 minutes, he defeats a villain, save hostages, saves his wife and escapes the premises unnoticed. 2. A missile is fired, but no one in the vicinity are harmed. 3. A C4 is thrown at the bad guys. Their bodies are still intact with no blood-spill. 4. Hero is invisible against bombs, bullets, knife stabs. 5. A oil-gas explosion happens, but the hero and his team have no bruises, even though they were few feet away from the bomb. 6. Cheesy dialogues

    A real B-class movie. Will not recommend. In this day and age, Bollywood needs to be make better movies. Salman needs to retire from making hero movies. Katrina needs to stop acting and go for fashion catwalk instead.

    Watch the original malayalam movie - "Take off" instead. Well made movie with human emotions, and clearly describes the string of events.
  • rahulkala-866483 January 2018
    Appeasement and glorification of real life criminals at its cringiest. Watch on TV if you like to kill time. If you like to kill money give to some vegetable vendor.
  • I am telling you again, save your time, and money. This movie is a typical bhai kind of movie ,with noc attachment to reality.
  • While the film is largely testosterone-laced, the vision of Kaif executing deadly stunts is a bloody sight to behold. While she's stone-faced in emotional scenes, she seems to revel in pummelling people to the ground.Watch this if you are in the mood to see a stoic, stone-faced swashbuckling superhero, aka Salman Khan, and some supremely well-executed action sequences. Don't go looking for soul, though.

    A sequel to the record-breaking blockbuster 'Ek Tha Tiger', 'Tiger Zinda Hai' continues the story of two super spies Tiger and Zoya eight years later. Indian agent Tiger joins forces with Pakistani agent Zoya to battle a ruthless militant.

    TZH is based on a real incident that shook the nation a few years ago - that of nurses being taken hostage in Iraq. In this case, the writer/director mixes them up into Indian and Pakistani nurses that thus allow both RAW and ISI scope to work together. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif head operations of RAW and ISI respectively to rescue the nurses and bring them to safety from terrorist Abu Usman played by the gorgeous UAE-based Iranian actor Sajjad Delfarooz.Well scripted, well shot and engaging TZH is a good watch and a very entertaining film.
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