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  • uvcoach4 November 2017
    My take on viewing any show, is it worth my precious time? This is one hell of a series. Well written line's, and the cast is well chosen and know their craft. I enjoy the over the top sarcasm especially the common life experience that's portrayed with each character. Love the tempo of each line with it's quick humor, and response banter between each character is hilarious..
  • junket-4060726 February 2018
    I can't believe some of the reviews - people complaining about the language. It's supposed to be a portrayal of real life and the serious challenges people face, and guess what - they're not nice, and pretty.

    Gritty, edgey humour reflecting life, excellent acting, and dialogue to boot. Superior to the usual bland programmes on TV.
  • Just finished the last episode and came on here expecting to see a high rating. Was shocked to see some of the negative reviews. I loved the show from start to finish and can't wait for a second series. Acting is first rate and the humour is spot on. I always liked the Farrely's and now I remember why. Ignore the naysayers and give the show a chance. You'll be glad you did.
  • This review of Loudermilk is basically a up to date review of IMDb. As you can see by the chronological order on here, reviewers seem to need to trash great things in order to feel like they are being heard/respected. In reality, quick to the punch reviewers have dropped the critical level of IMDb down to barrel scrapping. What they need here, just like everywhere else, is a block button to fully block some people and their garble.

    Yes, the music tracks on Loudermik are greatly on-point. The comedy is brilliantly gritty, the timing is cutting edge. The actors are mostly unknown but very skilled. Its real-time, street-level Vancouver camera work is taken to a whole new level a la Louie. There are many, many levels to the humor and to the story-line. Some might go over your head and if you like prime-time you will hate Loudermilk. In fact, its safe to say that private production has risen head and shoulders above Hollywood sitcoms and its about time. The 12 step scenes make "Mom" look like a Mexican soap opera. And its not coincidental that Ron Livingston's appearance transgresses Search Party's timing. I love that Canada is joining the ranks of the new, high quality, independent production movement. I also love the location choice of Vancouver.

    The only thing I can say to sum up is "I am surprised Hollywood/Networks/Lorre have fallen so far so fast and not attempted to counter its quick demise"... Rest in peace Prime Time. You had a great run. Hard to believe sponsors are still buying that crap.
  • There's not that many comedy-dramas I enjoy. I find that most of them pull their punches and get predictable.

    Loudermilk season 1 is rawer than most. Luckily the acting is great, because if it wasn't the whole thing would have been horrible. It does thread some new ground, mostly in the sense that it's not too afraid to offend.

    Loudermilk is not mainstream and definitely not for everyone. Don't get me wrong, it's not trying to offend or be "edgy". It just seems more hones than most.
  • Caught this on Amazon Prime only recently but I've been pleasantly surprised how good it is. Ron Livingston's performance is superb - complex, tragic, funny and heartfelt. Support is strong too and it often makes me laugh out loud. Not for people who don't like swear words.
  • leon_normand15 May 2018
    And Tom!

    Keep EVERYTHING else!!!

    Oh, that's too short for submission... I guess I have to actually SAY that I really like everything about this series - except for the Cutter/Tom storyline. I hope THAT is long enough...
  • Well cast, superb script, edgy humor. Very entertaining from start to finish, I hope they make a second series.
  • I really liked this one. It was fresh, and different in not pulling any punches or trying to be pc. It had an unlikable main but still managed to be upbeat.

    that is until they introduced the cutter-tom storyline. up to that point I was ok with unlikable Sam, because while he always had a bad attitude, it was honest, and direct and not taking any sh.t kind of way. But with cutter-tom they dived right into psycho territory. it was not fun, it was not honest.. it was just... really really illegal and bonkers.

    I would have rated this a masterpiece if the whole cutter-tom line was handled differently or cut entirely.
  • I'm 4 episodes in and I have to admit it's great. Haven't seen something like this in a while. It has the same feel as Casual and/or Californication (without all the sex and nudity).

    I always liked Livingston. Too bad he mostly doesn't get the credit he deserves. The girl playing Claire is a small revelation. I guess it's a little predictable, but who cares as long as it embodies whit and grit, right?

    One of the better comedic efforts in recent years. 7.5/10
  • Bryan-25 September 2018
    It starts off as a strong comedy and transitions into a weak drama. There are some great characters in here, I particularly like the old guy in group. Even though I think the show got worse as it went, I'll check out season 2.

    Update: I watched 2 episodes of season 2. Ron's character is the only thing good about this show, it's humor is completely gone and I with it.
  • Ron Livingston is a good actor, and the reason I tuned in. Not my favorite topic, and the writing could be better, but Ron does a good job of bringing some redeeming value to the show.

    Depressing story line. Ron is some sort of counselor/recovering alcoholic who takes a laissez-faire approach to his role as counselor, but it seems to work for him. No laughs as on The Bob Newhart Show, guess this is more real, but still it is sort of depressing to learn everyone's problems and what troubles they are having.

    You may or may not like it. Definitely Ron Livingston is the reason to watch, if you do.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked this. It's engaging & funny (at times). The stories are accessible & the characters are well developed & the actors do a good job - especially the lead.

    There's really not that much more to say. It's not going to change the world, nor is it attempting to, nor do I want it to or even want it to attempt to. In fact I don't really want any TV show to attempt to change the world as that is verging on propagandist-megalomania & as such is decidedly creepy - There is nothing more scary than US children's TV shows.
  • There's a fine line here beautifully trodden between harsh realities of life and comedic story driven drama. The cast is spot on, and Ron manages as always to help raise the bar while not being obvious front man material (how it should be where the drama involves the group and not just the individual). Either way, as others here I came expecting to see majority of great reviews and felt like it needed balance from the trolls.

    I've watched the first two seasons and looking forward to more of this.
  • Deux_Vega19 January 2020
    It's a superb series, but how the he'll did they green lighted the cutter story. Aside from the terrible cast that story line is just not funny and pure agony. It's ruining the show. Very big contrast with the rest of the serie.
  • dale095910 July 2019
    Loved every episode. First season was brilliant the second season was even better
  • My Review - Season One. "Loudermilk." A Misanthropic Comedy My Score 8/10. Looking forward to Season 2 and Season 3 has been approved

    " Loudermilk " won't be everybody's "cup of tea "an irony considering it's primarily about a bunch of recovering drunks and addicts who attend "Sober Recovery " meetings and their lives outside of the Group ,so be prepared for some profanity but no more really than any modern authentic movie or series on Television. I had to look up exactly what the meaning of this genre Misanthropic Comedy was and found a few definitions like "A Depressing Comedy " or " Challenging Dark Comedy" or the one I think applies to "Loudermilk " It presents despicable behavior but it's filmed like a normal comedy with bright lighting and a light tone (at times). We empathize with normal people who are unsatisfied in their everyday lives . No spoilers but the plot centres on Sam Loudermilk, a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor with a bad attitude. Although he has his drinking under control, Loudermilk discovers that when your life is a mess, getting clean is the easy part. Sam played brilliantly by Ron Livingston in what I think is an Emmy / Golden Globe winning performance holds the series together with the help of a brilliant ensemble cast of misfits and ordinary heroes. I must have seen Ron Livingston before in supporting roles in shows like "Boardwalk Empire "and "Band of Brothers " but never in a starring role like this. It's interesting to me that Ron Livingston in an interview said "The one that I go back to on this is Walter Matthau in any number of things, but especially The Bad News Bears," Livingston says. "You have a guy that's basically just the worst possible role model, untrustworthy, completely unreliable, and yet-without changing who he is-he becomes this kind of positive force in the lives of these kids. And always in a funny way. There's a long tradition of the misanthrope, which is comical because you hate all people, but you're still a person. You can't ever quite reconcile that." In "Loudermilk" and I've only watched Season One ) the result of this misanthropic comedy is that Sam Loudermilk the misanthropist might be the most well-adjusted of the bunch. The Walter Matthau connection for me while watching "Loudermilk "was the classic 1968 Neil Simon comedy "The Odd Couple" in this Comedy we have another very odd couple Sam Loudermilk,recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counsellor with a bad attitude to life in general living in a Seattle apartment with his dysfunctional " Sponsor" Ben played by Will Sasso they have great chemistry together. Anja Savcic as Clare is also delightful as a recovering addict who Loudermilk rescues and takes under his wing reluctantly at first but Clare becomes a temporary member of the household . Laura Mennell as the "straight "neighbour Allison who Loudermilk sets his romantic interest on chaotically in the beginning but eventually thaws out her resistance is a welcome character among the misfits . There were some plot lines and characters I found a little unnecessary or bizarre but the rewards of the clever script writing by people who seem to know the world of recovery for addicts or alcoholics for me make Loudermilk well worth a look. The Creators Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort have skilfully made what could have been a dark depressing plot into a story of everyday human struggles infused with humour and pathos and created an entertaining series that many will identify with . In 2018, Peter Farrelly directed Green Book, which won the Toronto International Film Festival's People Choice Award. At the 91st Academy Awards, he won the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture. Together with his brother, Bobby Farrelly, he has written, directed, and produced several comedy films including There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, Shallow Hal, Me, Myself & Irene, Stuck on You, and Fever Pitch. They also conceived the Seinfeld episode "The Virgin" Commenting about "Loudermilk " Peter Farrelly said "A lot of comedies are built on the idea that we all have these foibles that we don't know about or aren't aware of that keep surfacing and we keep thinking that we're transcending them and then life kind of drops us on our ass and laughs at us," But in Loudermilk, he adds, the challenge the characters face is much bigger than a "foible": "It's kind of cruelly comic how much these people aren't in control of their lives, and it's also profoundly uplifting the sort of courage and tenacity they put into trying to get back into control of their lives." As a footnote to my review it's a shame but a fact of modern Film and Television marketing now that the exclusivity of productions on Streaming Networks like Amazon Prime, Stan, Netflix and Disney means that good material only gets to a limited viewing audience in other words if you don't subscribe to that network you can't view the program. I don't like the corporatism that's taken over the entertainment industry but it's the new paradigm we live with . I want to see everything that interests me so I do subscribe to most Streaming channels but I miss the days when you'd just go to a Cinema to see a movie or just turn on the television and select the channel that the program you want to view is screening on at least there's no adds on Prime, Netflix Stan etc just a menu and trailers to chose from I guess its progress and the profits must be there like in the old Studio days because these series cost millions of dollars to produce.
  • It started off great. Good pace, interesting characters and funny. But that started to slide down after the first half. Mostly because of cutter initially, but sadly they can't seem to pick it up any more in season 2 either. It's ok, but i've started to lose interest to continue watching. Missed opportunity, because Livingstone is at his best in roles like these and they made it really work for half a season.
  • Because it's honestly a really good show. I was bummed when it aired in 4k the second season so I couldn't watch it until more recently.
  • I like a lot of the aspects of this show and the bones of it. My biggest problems with Loudermilk have to do with the writing and the humor. The idea of the show is pretty good, but if you strip away the grittiness and the rough veneer you are left with a somewhat cookie- cutter situation comedy. This is not terrible but it is not great either. The humor and some of the acting seems really forced and obvious. Especially Loudermilk himself. He speaks and acts like he is drunk, even though he is the cleanest one on the show. I am not saying this show is bad. In fact, I believe that there is a lot of potential to grow and refine the characters and the humor. I will continue to watch it because it is a decent comedy as it is and hopefully it will come into its own by season's end. As of now I give it a 6/10 and reserve the right to raise my rating if the show progresses in the way I believe it can.
  • craigmetke25 January 2019
    Doesn't get any better the further it runs, makes more problems than it solves, and the cursing wears thin.
  • Lots of punching down, making up situations for women to look stupid and incompetent, mocking minorities and belittling addicts. (For example, one episode has an elderly asian man move into Loudermilk's apartment building. He can't speak english well. That's the joke.) Another one of those "watch horrible people doing horrible things" shows that totally misses the mark and doesn't know what it's trying to say. With awful acting to boot! At least the soundtrack is good.
  • I'm a cynic when it comes to comedy series and usually watch them expecting nothing original. However, Loudermilk is pretty original! Despite the lead's grumpy Tarantino-style droning on about music some of the time, the premise is authentic and sound. Loudermilk is a recovered Alcoholic who leads (AA?) meetings with a motley crew of regulars. His straight talking, no BS diatribe usually cuts straight to the bone, but anyone who knows this guy knows he can't do it any other way.

    Throw in a potential love interest who has just moved in nearby (I really don't think she can act btw), a teenage girl coming off smack who needs Loudermilk's help, his AA sponsor roommate who seems to have started to drink again and a host of other characters (potentially too many narratives to be invested in) there's enough to keep variation per episode. I have only seen half of season 1 and it's pretty smart comedy. You don't finish feeling like you've fried your brain after a Paul Rudd film, more like you're pleasantly amused after the awkwardness of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Give it a go!
  • This show shows promise. A little too much cursing, don't mind damn, crap, etc. But f*** should be off the table. Sorry but I'm even trying to cut back so hope you can too. Anyway, both my wife and I liked it enough to record the series, will see how long that will last. You guys are nuts, here you put out a show that has pretty bad language, f*** as an example, but you can't use the same curse word in this review. Crazy people.
  • Nice and funny show,i love it. It shows the reality of world from an other critical perspective view with comedy language alongside considers viewers fun and enjoyment. Excellent cast and great acting . I am really enjoying and always waiting for new episode with more improvement and fun. Thanks to Bobby Mort and Peter Farrelly for their efforts to make this Great Show. I give 10 of 10 and recommend it to watch and enjoy.
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