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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Mahôtsukai no yome: hoshi matsu hito Part 3" or "The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star Part 3" is a Japanese 24-minuted animated short film, anime obviously, and this one is the final installment for the Ancient Magus' Bride trilogy. As the first two are just as short, you can watch the entire thing easily in one sitting. Even if this is probably not my favorite out of these 3, I still enjoy the watch for the most part. It's not bad or anything, but maybe still good without being as good as the best the trilogy has to offer. The visual looks are just all you can hope for and the characters are interesting too. Part 3 here includes again human characters besides the female protagonist and I think this was a good choice just like the changes of location. The voice actors are doing a fine job too as far as I can tell as obviously I don't speak Japanese and needed subtitles as a consequence. So all in all, I certainly have a positive impression of the entire thing as well as this one here. I am not a huge anime fan, but also not a hater, so if you are somewhere in between the extremes I guess you will enjoy it as much as I did and I would not mind at all more material about the characters here in the future. The ending sure offered it. Lets hope that co-writer and co-director Naganuma and his crew still have a couple tricks up their sleeves. It was not on a level where I would say I have to see it immediately (unless it gets released theatrically here), but I probably will at some point. As for what we have already, namely this final installment to the trilogy, I give it a thumbs up of course. It is a nice mix of fantasy and reality and really atmospheric too. Go see it.